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4 Tips To Choose Off-Road Tires

Off road is an open challenge to tire manufacturers across the world. No matter how big a company is, it is always concerned about the quality of its tires and carries out necessary wear and tear tests before presenting it to the customers. Off-road tires are ideal for people who love adventure or have a business situation at remote locations. Here are 4 exclusive tips that will help to handpick the best off-road tires in Philippines.

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Tip 1 – Check For Durability

Tires are meant to last through tough situations. As a purchaser, make sure that the tire is highly durable. If required, seek assistance from peer, friends, and colleagues to get an overview of the brand. Many companies also execute tire durability test right in front of their customers.

Tip 2 – Tire Should Not Too Soft Or Too Hard

Often it has been witnessed that customers prefer soft tires as they assume that it will have better flexibility. However, if the tire is too soft, then it may not be ideal for off-road as mud can have the tire trapped. A tire, which is too hard can easily get punctured, so it is better to avoid the extreme cases and choose something which is in between them – neither too hard, nor too soft.

Tip 3 – Warranty & Guarantee

With a view to enhancing customer experience, many off-road tire companies in Philippines offer warranty and guarantee on their products. Even if a certain product is defective and has been unintentionally passed on to the customer, they can always have the same replaced or repaired through warranty.

Tip 4 – Brand

Branded products always have a greater value. Given the brand name, the company puts in every bit of extra effort to ensure that their products stand out from the rest. Buying an off-road tire from a local tire dealer can result in disappointment as they don’t promise on quality. However, with branded products, there is always an assurance of quality.

Thus, we find that selecting the right off-road tires is all about making a choice based on various aspects such as durability of the product, quality of the product, after-sale service of the product and most importantly, a brand of the product. As a customer, never compromise on quality over a small difference in price. Think from the perspective of utility rather than monetary value.

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