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5 Major Causes Of Road Accidents To Watch Out For

Dean Winchester said “accidents happen accidentally” in the famous supernatural fantasy drama named supernatural. It is true in many aspects when it comes to road accidents, but it is not often true to the core. Mechanical engineers associated with car and tire stores point out several mechanically faulty parts that cause many accidents around the year. Here we list them out one by one-

1. Tires


About 4 in 10 car crashes is due to faulty tires. Tires ideally need to be manufactured as per standard guidelines and after the point of purchase, its proper maintenance plays a crucial role as well. Having the proper threads, right pressure, correct alignment and regular maintenance are crucial to avoid mishaps on the road. Using second hand or worn out tires are two worst tires mistake one can make.

Needless to say, purchasing a good quality product from a reliable tires store is a crucial step to ensure its overall safety.

2. Brakes

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It is no surprise that the ability to control the motion of the vehicle is as crucial as its brakes. A malfunctioning brake can have a catastrophic result, often worse than faulty tires. Having a hand-brake somewhat comes handy in case pedal brake fails. It is important to look for worn out pads, leakage in the brake line or other trouble with the brake mechanism from time to time. Letting a mechanic do the same is an even wiser decision.

3. Accelerator Gear Mechanism

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The accelerator gears come in 4-6 slots, each for a specific range of speed of the vehicle. In case the gear mechanism fails to engage the right groove in time, it can lead to accidents. Both type of changes, as in Sudden enhancing of speed or even decreasing can lead to a car crash in respectively front and rear side.

4. Steering

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Even though the steering is often overlooked, a malfunctioning steering can also prompt many accidents, as it can cause clashing into any nearby vehicle and other obstrucles. Regular maintenance can often ensure it stays in good shape.

5. Indicators

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Having malfunctioning lights can also cause accidents, particularly during changing lanes on highways. However, statistically, the counts are not very concerning. Timely checking usually can resolve the same.

Faulty wipers have been found to cause few accidents, but that happens only during heavy rains and stormy weathers. In a nutshell, it is safe to conclude that getting good tires from authenticated tire stores and keeping a regular check on brakes itself can reduce the risks of road accidents by more than 60 percent. So, make wise choices to ensure a safer ride.

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