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6 Best Apps Will Keep You Safe While Driving

Does your friends or family refer you as a distracted driver? You need to pay a lot of attention while driving from now on. Safety while driving is very important for all drivers out there. A great tire supplier can assure you of the safety of your vehicle. But what about your safety?

We are living with the upgrading technology and it keeps us alive day by day. Though using a mobile phone can distract anybody on the road and put them into danger, It can also contribute towards ensuring safety while driving. That’s why we are suggesting you some apps, which are made for keeping you safe on the road while driving-

1. Drive

Best Features: When you activate this app, will read your texts and emails loudly in real time and will eliminate your ‘need’ to text while driving, without touching your phone
It Can read the shorthand text (lol, ttyl)

Support Device: Android, Blackberry
Price: Free

2. Zoomsafer:

Best Feature: Will eliminate your texting, emailing, browsing and calling while driving.
#This is the best application for teenagers. It restricts the teenager’s activity on the phone while driving.

Compatible Device: Blackberry, Android, Ios.

3. True Motion Family:

Best Feature: This is the most helpful app made for every family member to see where your family member is and how they got there.
# It Will detect where your teen driver is.
# It Will see how they are driving and if they are using their mobile or not.

Compatible device: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone.

4. Drive Smart :

Best Feature: It allows the incoming calls into voice mails and automatic response that you are unavailable at the moment.
# It automatically turn on while your vehicle is on go. (Available on the Paid version)

Price: Free and paid.

5. Text Arrest:

Feature: #Eliminates Texting and emailing while driving.
#Locks the screen automatically to stop the driver from sending text and emails.

Platform: Android
Price: Free and for the advanced feature it starts from $7.99/month.

6. Safe Driver:

Best Feature: The app stops the teenagers from reckless driving, speeding and lets the parents keep track of the same via text and emails.

Platform: iPhone, iPod, iPad.
Price: Free. For the premium version, you need to pay $4.99.

These apps are helpful when it comes to driving safety. But you need to be careful too while driving. Do not drink and drive. Sometimes accidents can happen due to the car faults as well. Make sure your car is perfectly okay before preparing yourself for a drive. Visit us for more information about your car safety.

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