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6 Myths And Facts About Tires

The most underrated topic always gets misplaced like tires. It’s not talked about much, that’s why we tend to ignore the subject. However, just because it’s an underrated issue, it’s not free from myths. Myths that people have believed for a long time about tires. To come clean from this false information, you must contact a tires supplier to get the facts.

tire supplier philippines

Also, you can read this 6 myths and facts about tires and expand your knowledge about tires.

Myth 1. Front Tires Are Important:

Fact- All tires are important. When you go for a service, you must change all four tires for a more safe and comfortable ride.

Myth 2. New Tires For The Front:

Fact- Rear tires gives stability to the vehicle. So while you’re changing two tires into new ones, it’s not necessary to change the front ones. Take care of the rear ones, because the stability it provides keeps wheels from spinning.

Myth 3. Follow The Number For Air Pumping:

Fact- If you don’t know how much air to pump into the tires, it’s not right to check the numbers on tires. Check the tire manual, or ask a mechanic for proper advice.

Myth 4. Air Pressure At The Tire Sidewall:

Fact- It’s fine for some specific tires, not necessarily for your car tires. Take help from the guide listed on the driver’s side door, or follow the manual.

Myth 5. Vehicle Vibration:

Fact- It’s not entirely true. It might happen because of a damaged brake, an old wheel bearing, and so many other reasons can be responsible for it.

Myth 6. Too Much Air Pressure:

Fact- Too much air pressure will never make the tires burst. It can only happen when you are driving your car over a bumpy and potholes filled road.

All of these myths are best to ignore while you are all set to keep a good care of your vehicle. Also, buying tires from a good tires supplier will let you do that.

tire supplier philippines

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