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6 Steps On How To Prepare For Off-Road Adventure

Running your vehicle on the trail is not very easy unless you are an adventurous person. It can be easy when you have the proper equipment for off-road adventure. One of the important parts is off-road tires. Today we are going to discuss how you will prepare for your off-road adventure.

1. Plan Everything Beforehand:

Set a certain journey point, from where you will start your journey. Research about the place, know the weather condition and collect the roadmap. Let someone know about the adventure for your safety and invite your friends to join you.

2. Check Your Vehicle Thoroughly:

Here comes the important part before your adventure. Visit a good tire store and buy off-road tires. Remember off-road tires are more expensive than regular tires. Consult with the tire sellers and know everything about the tires. Also follow few more steps, such as

(a) Check the air-pressure.
(b) Check your vehicle contains sufficient oil, fluids as 4×4 wheeler puts a lot of pressure on the engine and check the radiator coolant level
(c) Check the bearings, ball joints and rods end are in good condition.
(d) Check the battery power and fuel level.
(e) Make sure the windshield wiper fluid is full.
(f) Repair immediately if you found any leaks, spill or oil spot.

3. Modify The Vehicle With Off-Road Essentials:

Upgrade your vehicle with off-road accessories-

(a) Select Off-road tires, as it has the deeper treads and the best traction to the ground in any off-road condition.
(b) Select Off-road lights for the best visibility. Off-road lights will help you to see the faraway objects and blind corners.
(c) Don’t forget to attach winches and tow straps. Keep extra long nylon ropes in case if you stuck in deep mud and need to tow.
(d) Install rock-sliders as it will give your vehicle protection from rocks, logs or any unwanted objects on the trail.
(e) Make sure your vehicle has roof racks. You can load essential items such as surfboards, bags, canoes and so on.

4. Keep a shovel, seat belts cutter, glass breaker, flares, flashlight and jumper cables in the vehicle. It will help you to cope up unwanted situation.

5. Bring water bottles, GPS device, map, first-aid kit along with you.

6. Invite your friends to the adventure. Do not go alone and make sure you are familiar with the trail. If you want to try a new trail, get to know the place before starting your journey.

Always wear seat belts wherever you go. Do not speed up while driving on the trail and stay in a safe position.

Have fun!

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