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A Brief Introduction To The Evolution Of Tires

Starting from cycle tires to truck tires, and race car tires, tires got a huge history. We buy tires from Tire Suppliers, we use it and when it loses its longevity, we replace it. All of this is normal for us. But at the first making of tires wasn’t normal. We are not going to write a history paper, we are just pointing out the facts, how tires had come.

Before tires came into our life, the wheel was first invented. Let’s take a look-


The wheel was first invented in 3500BC before the bronze age in the Neolithic era. Who came up with the idea first? Okay, we can never know that. We know, it Started from stone, then came wooden ones and then came metal wheels.

The First Tire As Vulcanized Rubber:

At the very first, without any strong support, wheels were uneasy and uncomfortable to roll on the street because of the metal base. A man named Charles Goodyear invented the first vulcanized tire in 1839. It’s made of rubber and sulfur. The vulcanized rubber was very strong, durable and easily formed into different shapes. There were also cons of the vulcanized tire. The tires were very heavy and hard to roll on the street. But it contributed towards the future models of tires.

Pneumatic Tires:

In 1888, a man named John Dunlop first invented the air-holding tires called Pneumatic tires. He did this for his young son, who particularly loved his bicycle. Around the 1880s, European started to progress with the bike tires, which gained popularity. But the bike wheels were made of wood and it wasn’t good for a smoother ride. However, there were solid rubber tires in mid-1860, which also wasn’t smooth because of the rubber material.

Radial Tires:

Edouard Michelin created a huge development in the tire industry by inventing his first patented radial tires after WW2. Around 1948 the Michelin company first produced steel-belted radial tires, which was commercially popular. The tire cords were placed radially (90-degree angle) to the wheel, that’s why it’s named radial tires.

Retreads Tire:

Retread tires were very popular and dominated the tire industry until the modern tires came. In 1912 Marion Oliver first developed retread tire. It followed almost the modern retreads method. Between 1942 and 1944, retreads tire industry developed greatly. Retread is getting better and safer with the growing technology and method.

No one will ever deny each of this model’s contribution, throughout history. Nowadays, the tires are being manufactured and produced with modern technology and supervision. It is important to visit the best Tire Supplier in town to get the best tire for your vehicle.

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