World Renowned Manufacturer

From humble beginnings as a manufacturing testing platform to becoming the 18th largest manufacturer in the world in less than just over 10 years, Sailun pushes the limit of tire production research and development to ensure we stay customers centric. Our goal is always to provide customers and end users with the best value tire products and services. Therefore, we have established local distribution and sales support staff in key areas and ensured we partner with quality distributors who fall in line with the Sailun Tire vision.


Research & Development

The roots of Sailun dig deep and have close connections with one of the premiere schools focusing on rubber and tire technology – Qingdao School of Science and Technology. The cooperation between the school and Sailun continues to this day and together we are defining what it means to be a quality tire manufacturer. Sailun stays committed to this level of development by consistently investing 30% of our total revenue into our R&D programs.


Our Passion

Out passion is our customers – we push our own capabilities every day to ensure you receive the best quality products and services to boost your business.

Our Vision

We look to create a product for end-users worldwide that provide comparable quality and safety, but at a value price.

Global Sales and Service Network

We are dedicated to working with our partners closely. This is the driving force that pushed us to establish local workforces in key markets who provide localized services, products, and support. This strong relationship ensures that customers are receiving the best quality-value products possible.


2002 – In November, Qingdao Sailun Tire Co., LTD. was established.

2003 – In April, the Sailun Industrial Park was completed.

The first Sailun tire comes off the line in December. From the beginning of construction to the first tire product, it took
only 231 days to complete. An industry record.


2004 – In September, the company obtained the DOT product certification from the transportation authority in the United States
of America.

2006 – In November, the first all steel OTR tire product was successfully produced.

2007 – In July, PCR tire factory is put into use. Company is renamed to “Sailun Tire Co., LTD.”


2008 – In August, the company began renovations on the tire demonstration production line. This major technical project started
with the support of the National Development and Reform Commission of China.

2009 – In April, the company was awarded the honor of being named the tire technology research demonstration base of China.

In September, the first Giant OTR tire finishes production.

2011 – Sailun becomes the first private tire manufacturer to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.



2012 – In April, Sailun Vietnam factory starts construction.

In June, the research and development center was put into use.

Sailun obtains majority stake in Shenyang Peace Dove Tire Co., LTD.

2013 – In June, the Sailun Vietnam factory was successfully put into production, and the new OTR product size of 40.00R57
was approved.


2014 – In January, the company acquired a 100% stake in KRT Group. In April, Sailun acquired a 52% stake in Goma Group. Jinyu Industrial and Sailun Tire merged to form “Sailun Jinyu Group Co., LTD”.

2015 – In November, the first all steel OTR tire product was successfully produced.



2016 – In August, the world’s largest sized OTR tire (63-inches) successfully rolls off the line.


Sailun Tire is proud to announce their new partnership with the World Child Cancer Charity (WCC), an organization dedicated to the treatment of children with cancer in developing countries.

The inequality of diagnosing and treating children diagnosed with cancer between high and middle/low income countries is astounding. 200,000 children develop cancer worldwide each year with 80% of those children being located in low or middle income countries with only a
5% survival rate, compared to the 80% in high income countries. These low survival rates are attributed to shortage of specifically trained doctors and nurses, poor diagnosis and mistaken belief that child cancer is too difficult to cure. The work that WCC does is to treat children with cancer in the areas where treatments are not easily available or affordable.

WCC’s mission is to bring greater awareness to cancer, cancer diagnosis, treatment and palliative care. Their vision is to raise survival rates to between 50-60% by treating children with relatively simple protocols and inexpensive drugs. Projects such as Malawi, started in 2009, are already seeing such progress. They fund international twinning partnerships which link experienced pediatric oncologists, nurses and healthcare workers from world renowned child cancer units in developed countries to projects in South America, Cameroon, Malawi, Ghana, Bangladesh, Philippines and Myanmar.
In 2014 alone, WCC trained 850 healthcare workers, funded nine projects in 16 different countries and set up a new project, Wilms’ Tumour Collaboration across six African countries. They also opened a new project in Myanmar after a successful partnership with the Financial Times and received their first government funding projects in Ghana and Bangladesh.
“We are small but ambitious and, with Sailun’s help, we will be able to achieve our plans for 2015 and beyond. These plans include extending our project in the Philippines by creating more satellite centers; expanding our newest project in Myanmar; and continuing to work with the Department of International Development to invest further in our Ghana and Bangladesh projects. We are extremely grateful for this support from Sailun and its network, and look forward to working with you this year to improve the chances of survival for
children with cancer in the developing world.”