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5 Best Places To Visit In The Philippines This Christmas

Christmas is on its way and during the holidays we all feel like going for a short trip. While living in the Philippines there are a lot of short distance places which you can visit for small getaways. So, check your car for maintenance, make sure you have off-road tires, pack your bags, and be on your way.


Baguio is a quintessential evergreen favourite. It is said to be the Philippines’ winter wonderland, as the temperatures often drop to as low as 8 degrees in December. It’s the closest you can get to experiencing a chilly Christmas in the Philippines, even if there is no snow. So, make sure your car has off-road tires when you start your drive from home. Baguio also knows how to truly capture the Christmas spirit. Session Road, the city’s main thoroughfare, is decked out with Christmas lanterns and a giant Christmas tree.


Boracay is big of a hit in all season but it is more popular during the Christmas holiday season. Part of the reason is that religious Christmas traditions are vibrantly celebrated on the island. For Christmas Eve’s dinner, resorts and restaurants set up candlelit tables on the beach and offer special festive menus. Kids are also in for a treat. You can bring your children to the Happy Dreamland theme park which they will enjoy a lot.


It may be a small quiet city, but Dumaguete has a lot in store for those looking for a fascinating getaway. For one, it’s a great site for watching all kinds of dolphins and whales. You can also take your family on boat rides to the lovely Apo and Sumilon islands, which happen to be excellent diving spots too. You can also bring the kids to the Christmas Carnival in Freedom Park.


There is no better place to celebrate the festive season than in the Queen City of the South. With a lineup of fascinating events and a mishmash of attractions, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun exploring one of the world’s best islands. Cebu City is only a few hours away from other islands in the Philippines, such as Bohol, Bantayan Island, Carnaza Island, etc.


Looking for a sure-fire way to enjoy Christmas? Your Christmas adventure in Palawan will be surely filled with mesmerizing sights and unforgettable experiences including your travel to Coron, Puerto Princesa, or El Nido.

These are the five best places that you can go to this Christmas season. Whether you go to an island or a city in the Philippines, if you are driving do have off-road tires for your car to have a hassle-free holiday.

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Why December is the best time to buy a new car in the Philippines?

A new year is going to be here soon and everyone wants to buy something new for themselves or their family. Buying a car is both a huge expenditure and an investment. So, you would need to give a lot of thought about which car you are going to buy. But did you know along with that you should also give thought to when you are going to buy the car? We, at Sailun Tires, a tire store in the Philippines is going to tell you why buying a car in December is the best decision for you.

Excess Inventory

In the month of October new models of cars start coming into the market. During this time there is a pressure on sales staff to sell both the new and the old models. So during the festive season in order to sell the old models first, their prices start dropping. If you are comfortable buying only a year-old model, you should have plenty of bargaining power.

It’s Bonus Time

The salespeople mainly work based on commission. But during the holidays everyone mostly gets bonuses from their bosses which can work as an added incentive for the salespeople to sell a car. It is done based on how much inventory has been sold off before the new year. This means the sales people would want to sale more cars as soon as possible. So, you would able to get a better bargain in the month of December as they will be willing to sell in order to increase their bonus.

Competition From Other Retailers

Throughout the year, different car sellers compete with each other. But in the holidays, they tend to compete with other retailers in deals, sales, discounts, etc. Car sellers also offer the lowest price in December for those people who are more attracted to the advertisements and get pulled in many different directions during the holidays in December during the festive season.

January And February Are Slow Sales Months

After Christmas, most people are broke and trying to pay off their credit cards. This, along with the cold winter climate, prevents people from going to car dealers in January and February. This makes the start of the year the slowest season in terms of car sales which in turn can increase the price of cars.

Keep these facts in mind when buying a car, truck, or SUV this December. Having this knowledge will help you in the negotiation while buying a new car. Also, make sure you buy good tires from a tire store for your new car.

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9 Weird And Strange Driving Laws All Around The World

Are you thinking of going on a world tour? Or in general, going anywhere outside the country? Well, it is fun to visit all those tourist spots, taking in the culture of the country, its history, and a lot of fun tidbits. Many people when going to other countries, they plan to drive around there by renting a car. But if you are going to drive around in unknown places you should know the laws and rules of driving in that country. Sailun tires, a passenger car tires supplier of Philippines is going to tell you some weird and strange driving laws from all around the world.

1. In the Philippines, it’s illegal to drive on Mondays if your number plate ends in a 1 or 2. If that means not getting to work on a Monday morning, we’re all for it.

2. It’s illegal to eat or drink anything while driving, in Cyprus. Eating even a snack could cost you an €85 fine, and that includes sipping water.

3. A dirty car warrants a fine up to 2,000 roubles in Russia.

4. It is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while operating a vehicle in Alabama. Just in case you needed a reminder.

5. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been unfairly cut off or nearly side-swiped by the vehicle next to you. In Rockville, Maryland you will need to keep your temper cool and your harsh words to yourself because publicly cursing is illegal there. If you’re caught swearing out your window, you could be fined up to $100. Well, can’t really blame the law for this one. They are just trying to keep the peace.

6. In Scandinavia, it is a legal requirement that headlights are on at all times. But this one is not at all strange. The visibility and lack of daylight hours are very poor even in June.

7. In Costa Rica, drinking and driving are perfectly legal. You can enjoy a cold drink while driving so long as you do not become too intoxicated.

8. In Alabama, it is acceptable for you to drive the wrong way down a one-way street as long as you have a lantern attached to the front of your car.

9. In Denmark, the law states that you must check for children that may be hiding underneath your car before setting off on your journey.

So, when next time you go somewhere in anywhere in the world make sure your passenger car tires are in good condition and you know all sorts of driving laws of that place.

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5 Signs Your Car Brakes Are Trying To Tell You Something

Your car’s braking system is one of the most important parts of your car. Every year so many accidents occur due to brake failure, yet we tend to ignore them mostly. Whether you go to a mechanic or a cheap tire shop, they would tell you that are as important as the tires or engine of the car. Here are 5 signs that say your brakes are not in good condition and you must take note of them.

If You Hear A Squealing Or Clicking Noise

If you hear a faint scraping, squealing, or buzzing sound whenever your foot comes off the brake pad. These brake pads are manufactured with built-in wear indicators. The sole purpose behind these things is to emit an unpleasant screech if needed. Also, the brake pads fit snugly into a special holding device. If they become loosened somehow they tend to begin to rattle. This, in turn, results in a clicking sound that rings out whenever the brake pedal is pushed or released.

If Your Car Pulls When You Use The Brakes

Sometimes it may happen that your brake pads aren’t wearing evenly. The car may pull slightly to the left or right once you hit the brakes if that happens. If you leave them unchecked, the problem will likely grow worse. So it would be best to get all of your brake pads checked and if needed replaced altogether.

If You Feel The Brakes Vibrating

It probably means your brake pads are worn out completely if you ever feel a vibration or grinding from them. This will most likely cause long-term damage to your rotors or even ruin them. So try not to let your brakes get to the point of no return.

If It Takes More Time To Stop The Car

There is a term for this problem and it is known as “brake fade”. It basically occurs due to intentionally applying the brakes over a vast distance without bringing the car to a full stop regularly. This can cause the wearing of brakes.

If It Stops Responding

This is the last thing you would want to happen to your brakes, especially if you are on the road. If your brakes stop responding it could indicate a problem with your hydraulic system. You should feel an immediate reduction in your vehicle’s speed when you press your foot to the brake pedal. Even an extra fraction of a second could cost you significant stopping distance and it could be a sign of braking system failure.

These are the 5 signs that you should look for in your brake pads as advised by Sailun tires, a cheap tire shop, in the Philippines.


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Common Winter Car And Tire Problems You Need To Be Aware Of

Winter is here and everyone is making different types of preparation. Whether it is in their home or workplace. But one thing you shouldn’t ignore is your car. Your car needs to be checked out too before winter fully sets in. Here are some car and tire problems that you must take care of in the winter.


Even in winter season tire are the first thing you should check out. If needed you can get tires for sale and replace your old tires. If they are worn out tires with lack of tread, it is not suitable to drive them in the winter as you might need more traction during winter. Also, when the temperature drops your car’s tire pressure is going to drop too. So, make sure to check them every other day before you take out your car in the morning.


Car batteries often break down in the winter months. The amperage required to start things up on a warm day is usually cut in half. An under-performing battery may start up with no problems on a summer morning, but may not accomplish that same when temperatures fall. The only viable solution to this particular problem is, of course, preventive maintenance. Batteries need regular servicing, but to avoid injury from battery acid, you may want to let a qualified mechanic do the job. A simple routine check-up may save you from the unpleasant and possibly dangerous situation when your car is stranded in the cold. So, it is always worth getting your battery checked ahead of the winter season so that you are certain it will stand up to the cold season ahead.


Even though the battery gets the most blame when the car will not start at all on a winter morning, the alternator can just as easily break down and cause the car to stall or not start altogether. Also, because alternators charge the battery with the power and energy from the engine, if they break down, then the battery’s charge will dip significantly. This means that your car may fail to start, even if you have got a new battery installed.

Unless and until it snows in the place you live in you don’t need to change your tires in winter. But if it does, try to find winter tires for sale to avoid too much spending. Check all the other problems mentions and get your car serviced at the beginning of the winter.

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Things You Can Do When Your Car Overheats And To Prevent It

Overheating of the car is a very frequent problem faced by many car owners. It happens when your engine gets overheated for some reason. Your engine getting heated up is not a good thing, so much so, that it can become a life-hazard situation. Sailun tires, a good quality tire store in the Philippines is going to tell you what to do if your car overheats and how you can prevent it from happening.

Things You Can Do When Your Car Overheats

  • Stop driving, pull over safely at the side of the road, and turn off the engine.
  • Do not open the hood until the car has completely cooled or the temperature gauge has moved from hot to cool.
  • Check the coolant level which is also known as antifreeze in the radiator.
  • The radiator cap needs to cool down before you open it. Beware of any hot steam and slowly twist it off with a towel. If needed, fill to the top of the radiator with coolant. Put the radiator cap back on.
  • Check hoses for leaks. You can tell the system is still working by squeezing the hose with your hand. You will feel the pressure from the liquid in the hose. If not, you have a problem.

Things You Can Do To Prevent Overheating Of The Car

Keep Your Eye On The Car Temperature Gauge

It is located on the dashboard which has a needle that should always be pointing toward the centre. If it points toward hot, pull over, turn off the engine, and let the car cool down.

Turn On The Heat To Cool The Engine

Turning on the heat may be the last thing you want to do especially if it on a hot summer day, but it can pull hot air from the engine compartment and cool the engine. It won’t fix the main problem in the engine, but it’s a good measure for long drives.

Add Engine Coolant

This is especially important during the summer. There is an indicator line on the reservoir that shows the level of coolant. If the level is too low, simply add the appropriate amount of coolant and reattach the cap.

Consider Replacing Your Car Battery

Normally if a car battery becomes older than three it may not provide the same power as before which can, in turn, lead to overheating of the engine. Ask your mechanic whether you may need a new battery or not.

Now that you know what to do if you ever find out that your car is getting overheated when you are on the road, simply follow the steps before you start driving again. Take professional advice from your favourite tire store and try to prevent it from ever happening.

Tire Buying Checklist
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5 Guidelines To Follow When Buying New Passenger Car Tires

If you are an owner of a passenger car then, you might know how much care and maintenance one needs to take, and that includes buying new passenger car tires when needed. But you should follow some guidelines when you are buying new tires. See what those guidelines are.

Read Reviews

Reading reviews beforehand should be one of the things on your to-do list before buying these tires. Look on the internet, newspapers, etc to find out what other people using passenger car tires have to say about them. Take into account the reviews of people who have driven less than 25% of the tire’s lifespan. A new tire will always perform well and up to the mark. The real test comes when it has been used for some years and whether they are still performing well or not. For that look for reviews of people who have already used the tires for a couple of years.

Be on the Lookout for Tires for Sale

When you know the life of your tires is coming to an end and it is time to change your tires start looking for manufacturer providing tires for sales. There are some manufacturers that frequently offer significant discounts on their tires, and it pays to exchange your tires when you find a good deal.

Make Sure You Have The Right Tire For Your Car

Choosing the correct tire is very important. When replacing your passenger car tires, if you don’t pick the exact model and exact size, it will be damaging for your car. Check the sidewall of your tire, where you will find a code telling you the tire’s size and capabilities.

Make Sure Your Tires Are Actually New

Sometimes even new tires might not be technically new. They could be sitting in the back of a warehouse for a few months. If it has been exposed to extreme heat and cold, it can take the life out of tires before they ever hit the asphalt. So, remember to check the four-digit number on the side of the tire to see when the tires were manufactured.

Buy the Best You Can Afford

Once you have determined which type of tires you will need, buy the highest quality tire you can afford in that category. Don’t compromise on quality in order to save money. Instead, if you buy higher-quality tires it will save your money in the long run because they will last longer and perform better for longer.

Keep these guidelines in mind the next time you are in the market for new passenger car tires, and you will get the perfect tires.

Repair or Replace
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Tires To Be Repaired Or Replaced: Ask Your Van Tires Supplier

Does your tire get a lot of flats? Do you need to keep fixing them every two months? It’s quite possible to get frustrated if you have to keep fixing your tire every now and then. Your van tire supplier is here to tell you whether you need to repair your tire or replace your tire even if it’s new.

Most of the time we are required to repair a tire when it gets punctured. But whether you can repair it or you need to replace it depends on the degree of your tire puncture, where the puncture is located, and how quickly you spotted the damage. Of course, repairing the tire is always the easiest and cost-effective way option. But that shouldn’t outvote the safety of you and your passengers. First, ensure that it is okay to only repair your tire and not replace it.

The first thing you should consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your tire is to measure how long you drove on the tire before noticing and responding to the puncture. If you haven’t noticed a low or flat tire and have yet kept driving can result in severely damaged sidewalls. Not only that it can also hidden damage within the tire. The tire should be thoroughly inspected by completely dismounting it before attempting any repair. Consider replacing only if the damage is irreparable.

The size, location, and type of the puncture are the next factors you need to consider. A tire cannot be repaired if the puncture is on the sidewall or the shoulder of the tire. Also if the puncture is long and straight and large in in diameter, it can’t be repaired too.

Also, if this is not the first time you have to repair your tire then it is best to replace them. Sometimes when a tire is repaired a lot of times in a row with the help of sealant and other things, while your tire might be working good for a few months but it also means it has been worn out a lot. This can increase the risk of tire bursting too.

As a good van tire supplier would know tires are the most important as they are the only parts of a car that come in direct contact with the road. So, if you are unable to decide whether to repair them or replace them call a professional tire supplier. Safety is of highest priority. So if your tires need to be replaced then don’t think about the cost. Otherwise you will end up paying more for the hospital bills.

Flat Tire Common Reasons
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4 Common Reasons That Can Cause A Flat Tire

A flat tire on your way to work or an important event is the most inconvenient thing to happen. No one ever wants it to happen, but people get a flat tire and find themselves stranded a lot of times for various reasons. We, at Sailun Tires, a reputed provider of tires for sales in the Philippines, are giving you some of those reasons on why a flat tire is caused.

Extreme Temperature

A steep drop in temperature overnight can lower the pressure of your car tires. You might notice the low-pressure light on your dash the morning after. Your tires gain or lose 1 pound of pressure per square inch, for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit the temperature changes. When the temperature escalates quickly, your tire pressure increases whereas when the temperature suddenly drops, your tires lose pressure. Sometimes, when the heat is extreme, your tire pressure will expand beyond what your tires can handle, causing a flat.

Leaking Valve Stem

The valve opening through which you can fill your tires with air is called the valve stem. Its job is to automatically seal itself to keep the pressure in your tire intact. But it may happen that the valve stem can become dirty or damaged. In such cases, it won’t seal itself automatically and cause the loss of pressure in the tire. But the good news is that this is an easy fix, and any mechanic or tire store can replace or repair the valve stem easily.

Tire Bead Leak

The tire bead is the edge of the tire which rests on the rim. Sometimes this tire bead might leak. In order to find out whether your tire bead is losing air, spray your wheels and valve system with soapy water. You probably have a tire bead leak, if you see bubbles emerging.

Road Hazards and Debris

The most common and the most aggravating cause for a flat tire is hazardous road conditions or debris. Whether it’s a piece of scrap metal or a pothole to damage your tire, it’s not always possible to see or avoid them. But you can easily fix it with a patch if the damage is not too much. You can also buy tires for sale if you want to save money when buying new tires.

You can’t avoid a flat tire situation, but you can definitely take some steps to prevent flats. Keep your tires well maintained and regularly check them for pressure and unusual wear and tear. But sometimes even staying prepared might not be enough to prevent a flat tire. In such a case you should always have a spare tire with you and learn how to change a flat tire.

Winter Season Tire
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How Different Temperature Affect Tires In Different Ways

The Philippines mainly has two type of climates. In general, the weather conditions are dry or rainy all year long. Apart from the rainy season there is hot summer and cold winter. But did you know even in these weather conditions it can affect your tires in different ways? Tire Experts recommend people to use different type of tires in different weather condition. For example, you should drive with off-road tires in order to cope in the rainy season and its various road conditions that comes with the heavy rain.

Your car’s tires get affected by the outside temperature. If there is a change in the outside temperature, there will also be change in the pressure of your tire. A higher temperature will increase the pressure of your tire whereas a lower temperature will decrease the pressure of your tire. So try and keep your car tires inflated as recommended. We all know that tires are made up of rubber and synthetic. These two compounds oils that helps with elasticity. Due to the heat from the sun in summer season and the friction from the road, it tears and wear out the tires. This in turn causes the tires to split, crack, or become brittle. This is one of the main reasons of unfortunate accidents during the summer season.

As mentioned earlier the more low the temperatures the more low is the tire pressure. So, during the winter season we experience the cold weather conditions in Philippines especially during January, tires become under-inflated which also makes it dangerous for drivers. Some days even the rainy season can have cold days that can affect the tires in a similar manner. These under-inflated tires increase your fuel usage, create more wear and tear on your tires, and may lead to big blowouts. All cars nowadays have a TPMS i.e. a Tire Pressure Monitoring System which indicate the drivers that their tire pressure needs to be checked.

There are so many reasons your tire can start acting out suddenly and weather temperature is one of them. Even if they look like they are in good condition, it might not be true. Check your tire pressure on a monthly basis regardless to the temperature outside. Use off road tires if needed in such weather conditions. When needed do not delay or ignore if you have to change your tire or if the tire pressure has lessened over time.