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Get The Best Deals On Tires For Sales In Philippines

It is well-known fact that a vehicle without a tire is useless. For every vehicle owner, may it be a car or a bus or a tractor, it is mandatory to check the quality of tire from time to time. This is why our tire for sales in Philippines captures a big share of the market. An exclusive knowledge in the type of tires with a blend of competitive pricing allows us to be one of the best in the industry. For getting the best deals on tires, make sure that you take a note of the following:

Tire for Sales in Philippines

Not Everything Is Cheap

One of the most common perceptions that exist within vehicle owners is that the cheapest price gets you the best deal. However, in reality, cheaper deals can prove to be costlier for you. Random punctures, poor road grip, and frequent servicing requirement are some of the most common problems faced by vehicle owners who bet everything on price. So, the next time you go to purchase a set of tires for your vehicle, remember that cheaper products have greater consequences.

Quality Over Quantity

The impact of tires is also felt on the life of a vehicle. Tires that are well-built may cost you a little more than the market price, but its performance keeps your vehicle in good shape. There is no point saving a buck on your tires and then spending heavily on your vehicle’s engine and suspension. Rather prefer to spend some extra bucks on your tires to keep your vehicle in good condition.

Used Tires Are A Gamble

Some of your friends may have also advised you to go for used tires as they are cheaper. Even branded tires are available for almost half of their original price, but the gamble you play is within the condition of the tire and its past. No dealer is going to tell you whether the tire was from a car that met an accident, or the tire had a series of punctures in the past. You have to trust your luck under such condition. Worst case scenario: you go in for a long drive and find one of your second-hand tires to be punctured within the first few miles.

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Considering the above-mentioned factors, one can easily find a guide towards availing the best deals on tires for sales in Philippines. Always remember, not all that shine is gold and go for quality over everything else.

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4 Tips To Choose Off-Road Tires

Off road is an open challenge to tire manufacturers across the world. No matter how big a company is, it is always concerned about the quality of its tires and carries out necessary wear and tear tests before presenting it to the customers. Off-road tires are ideal for people who love adventure or have a business situation at remote locations. Here are 4 exclusive tips that will help to handpick the best off-road tires in Philippines.

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Tip 1 – Check For Durability

Tires are meant to last through tough situations. As a purchaser, make sure that the tire is highly durable. If required, seek assistance from peer, friends, and colleagues to get an overview of the brand. Many companies also execute tire durability test right in front of their customers.

Tip 2 – Tire Should Not Too Soft Or Too Hard

Often it has been witnessed that customers prefer soft tires as they assume that it will have better flexibility. However, if the tire is too soft, then it may not be ideal for off-road as mud can have the tire trapped. A tire, which is too hard can easily get punctured, so it is better to avoid the extreme cases and choose something which is in between them – neither too hard, nor too soft.

Tip 3 – Warranty & Guarantee

With a view to enhancing customer experience, many off-road tire companies in Philippines offer warranty and guarantee on their products. Even if a certain product is defective and has been unintentionally passed on to the customer, they can always have the same replaced or repaired through warranty.

Tip 4 – Brand

Branded products always have a greater value. Given the brand name, the company puts in every bit of extra effort to ensure that their products stand out from the rest. Buying an off-road tire from a local tire dealer can result in disappointment as they don’t promise on quality. However, with branded products, there is always an assurance of quality.

Thus, we find that selecting the right off-road tires is all about making a choice based on various aspects such as durability of the product, quality of the product, after-sale service of the product and most importantly, a brand of the product. As a customer, never compromise on quality over a small difference in price. Think from the perspective of utility rather than monetary value.

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The Step-By-Step Manufacturing Process Of Tires

Tires are the important part of a vehicle. These are the only parts that literally touches the road, and goes over the bumps and potholes on the road. While buying tires from a tires store, have you ever thought how these are made? Or, how the makers ensure that the tires will give us the comfort we want when we ride the vehicles?

The answer might be no. So here, we quench your thirst and provide the step by step process of tire making.

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The Ingredients:

About 200 materials are needed to make a single tire. These ensure the environmental safety, performance, and efficiency of it. However, out of 200, there are main ingredients as they are:

Carbon black and silica, synthetic rubber, natural rubber, several chemicals, metal and textile cables.

The Blend:

30 kinds of rubbers are used to make tires. These are blended into a huge blender, which forms a black gummy substance. The colour black is for the carbon black. After the blending, it’s sent to the mill.

The Mill:

In here the hot melted rubber is cooled and is cut into the shape of the tires. Here some other parts are also separated from it, these are later coated with a different type of rubber.

The Build:

After the blending and milling, it’s time to build the tire. Tread, steel belts, ply, beads with other ingredients are finally placed in a tire builder. The colour it shows is green.

The Cure:

In a curing machine, these tires are vulcanized. It compresses all the parts together to give it the final shape. It also includes the manufacturer’s markings and tread pattern.

Final Touch:

Tire experts then check the tires for any fault or blemish in them, and after the test is done, it gets packed and becomes ready for shipping. The experts check the tires thoroughly to avoid any mistakes. Because one mistake can become fatal.

Tires ensure a safe ride in vehicles. That’s why it’s always important to buy the best tires from tires store.

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6 Myths And Facts About Tires

The most underrated topic always gets misplaced like tires. It’s not talked about much, that’s why we tend to ignore the subject. However, just because it’s an underrated issue, it’s not free from myths. Myths that people have believed for a long time about tires. To come clean from this false information, you must contact a tires supplier to get the facts.

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Also, you can read this 6 myths and facts about tires and expand your knowledge about tires.

Myth 1. Front Tires Are Important:

Fact- All tires are important. When you go for a service, you must change all four tires for a more safe and comfortable ride.

Myth 2. New Tires For The Front:

Fact- Rear tires gives stability to the vehicle. So while you’re changing two tires into new ones, it’s not necessary to change the front ones. Take care of the rear ones, because the stability it provides keeps wheels from spinning.

Myth 3. Follow The Number For Air Pumping:

Fact- If you don’t know how much air to pump into the tires, it’s not right to check the numbers on tires. Check the tire manual, or ask a mechanic for proper advice.

Myth 4. Air Pressure At The Tire Sidewall:

Fact- It’s fine for some specific tires, not necessarily for your car tires. Take help from the guide listed on the driver’s side door, or follow the manual.

Myth 5. Vehicle Vibration:

Fact- It’s not entirely true. It might happen because of a damaged brake, an old wheel bearing, and so many other reasons can be responsible for it.

Myth 6. Too Much Air Pressure:

Fact- Too much air pressure will never make the tires burst. It can only happen when you are driving your car over a bumpy and potholes filled road.

All of these myths are best to ignore while you are all set to keep a good care of your vehicle. Also, buying tires from a good tires supplier will let you do that.

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History Of Tires Till Date

Daenerys Targaryen: Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon, Stark, Tyrell they’re all just spokes on a wheel. This ones on top, then that ones on top and on and on it spins crushing those on the ground.

Tyrion Lannister: It’s a beautiful dream, stopping the wheel. You’re not the first person who’s ever dreamt it.

Daenerys Targaryen: I’m not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel.” – As stated in The Game of Thrones.

If you have watched this famous TV series you must know that this whole conversation of Game of Thrones, is a remarkable example of wheels. Also, proves that wheels are not just historic but maybe prehistoric!

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After all this time, the wheels have come to such fashion, that isn’t secluded with pottery or water fetching from a well. It’s much more active and are capable of giving people the smoothest rides ever, and is available at best tires store.

As we must know, the first wheel was simple and made of wood. After that, leather was added to that wood to make a smooth and soft ride. Starting from that, rubber has taken its place, which is used in today’s world.

The wood and metal as the ingredient of tire didn’t make it very strong or long-lasting, nor it made riding comfortable. The invention of the metal hoop was closer in the making of the first tire.

The making of actual passenger tire started with vulcanized rubber. Here, we present the brief history of the tire to date.

Vulcanized rubber:

Rubber is a very useful ingredient. However, it wasn’t this used before. It was sticky and unmanageable in summer, cold and stiff in winter. Charles Goodyear in the year of 1839, made a way out of rubber, by inventing the vulcanization process. It was then possible to turn sticky, unmanagable rubber into flexible and a workable material.

Although Charles Goodyear invented all these, he couldn’t make much money out of it. Unfortunately, he became bankrupt and died. 40 years after his death, a rubber company took his work to honor his name and opened a tire company.

Solid rubber:

After the company started to work with vulcanized rubber. The tire business got a hike. More inventions were made, and the tires were made of solid rubber. This solid rubber was strong, durable and hard to cut. It might be a good invention, but it wasn’t best for a comfortable ride, and they were heavy.

Passenger Car Tires Philippines

After all these types of tires, more inventions were made like, bias ply, pneumatic tires, and radial tires. Today’s tires are capable of giving comfortable rides, and utter safety to the passengers. With that, tires store are filled with so many options, it’s recommended to buy the best one.

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5 Tips To Keep Your Tire Safe And Running

I had to stop driving my car for a while. The tires got dizzy.”- Steven Wright

A tire is what gives a definition to any car. Without it, no vehicle would do their main job. If your tire gets dizzy, whether it’s meant metaphorically or not, you must be attentive towards it. Taking care of the tires also means, you make sure when you buy the best ones from a tire store.

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You must take precautions and put attention towards your car tires because you never know when on the road it might give up on you. The worst case scenario can be, you are left with no extra ones! May this fatal situation never onsets on you. For the same reason, here we present the 5 useful tips to keep your tire healthy and running anytime anywhere.

Check With An Expert:

Have a periodical check of the tire. The alignment check is necessary. As you’re out in the road, and if you’re not the expert, it’s better to check it in a car repair center.

The Pressure Is Important:

Always check the tire pressure. You go out or not, it’s for safe side, that you always check the pressure. Tires can get damaged if not checked properly on an almost daily basis.

Choose Wisely:

Choose tires wisely enough to not become a fool later on. Good tires will give you an elongated service, and you can stay worried free too. If you had to spend a bit more on the tires, do not hesitate, because you are getting best ones.

Rotation Check:

The recommended rotation is 10,000 miles. Some tires are based on positions, and they must not be rotated. The different vehicle needs different tires. To check them, tires are sometimes dismounted. Checking of it is crucial enough, at least when you are buying or about to repair them.

Spare Tire:

Always keep a spare tire. Check the pressure, and the overall condition of the tires, and carry them in your car for extra support. It will save you from tire specific hassles.

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Keep track of these useful tips on tires, and buy the best ones from tire stores. That way you will not find yourself in any false position while driving.