Car Parts You Should Check Before You Drive In Monsoon

Most people like the season monsoon, and the cool and comfortable weather that comes with it. But nobody likes it if their car gets broken down in the rain, especially in the waterlogged area. Sailun tires, a leading tire supplier, in the Philippines is providing you a checklist for all the car parts that you should check or change before driving in the monsoon.


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This is a must-do when you check your car. Check to see the condition of your tires and whether they are worn out or not. Make sure there is enough tread on the tires to drive through the water and provide you the necessary grip. During the monsoons, the tire pressure becomes critical. If there is water on the road and the tire pressure is less than normal, it can lead to aquaplaning. The tire’s surface caves in after hitting the water on the road at high speed leading to skidding on the road. It helps if you have an appropriate type of tire. For example, off-road tires for driving in the rough roads.


Driving in monsoon can lead to water seeping into your brakes. When this happens, a small layer of water gets deposited on your brake pads which can lead to the braking performance of your car decreasing drastically. Wet brake pads have to work harder due to lower friction. You should check the brake pads and the brake fluid to ensure that the vehicle offers the best braking. Get your pads cleaned at least once in two weeks when driving in monsoon.


Wiper blades may become useless if not used for a few months. Due to the heat and weather, they tend to lose their water-removal efficiency over time. It is important to check the wiper blades and replace them if necessary before the monsoon. Proper removal of the water is very important for a clear vision of the road. Always keep your wiper blades clean. Ensure that there is enough wiper fluid in the fluid storage. Always check the wiper fluid chamber and refill with regular water, if needed.

Mud Guard

Some people think that the mudguard is not of much use. But it is all the more necessary in the monsoon season. It helps to keep mud away from coming up onto the vehicle or the person and also to protect the engine from the mud.



If you are driving while it’s raining, the visibility on the road becomes poor. So driving with your headlight on becomes important. So, make sure that the headlamps, tail lamp, high-stop lamp, and the fog lamps are functioning properly.


You do not want to get electrocuted somehow during driving in the rain, do you! If you see any loose, or malfunctioning electrical connections, patch them up immediately. Make sure exposed wires, if any, are insulated. Fuses are very important to check if they are fine and always carry extra ones.

These are the car parts that are most important when you are driving in the rain or during the whole monsoon.

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