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9 Weird And Strange Driving Laws All Around The World

Are you thinking of going on a world tour? Or in general, going anywhere outside the country? Well, it is fun to visit all those tourist spots, taking in the culture of the country, its history, and a lot of fun tidbits. Many people when going to other countries, they plan to drive around there by renting a car. But if you are going to drive around in unknown places you should know the laws and rules of driving in that country. Sailun tires, a passenger car tires supplier of Philippines is going to tell you some weird and strange driving laws from all around the world.

1. In the Philippines, it’s illegal to drive on Mondays if your number plate ends in a 1 or 2. If that means not getting to work on a Monday morning, we’re all for it.

2. It’s illegal to eat or drink anything while driving, in Cyprus. Eating even a snack could cost you an €85 fine, and that includes sipping water.

3. A dirty car warrants a fine up to 2,000 roubles in Russia.

4. It is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while operating a vehicle in Alabama. Just in case you needed a reminder.

5. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been unfairly cut off or nearly side-swiped by the vehicle next to you. In Rockville, Maryland you will need to keep your temper cool and your harsh words to yourself because publicly cursing is illegal there. If you’re caught swearing out your window, you could be fined up to $100. Well, can’t really blame the law for this one. They are just trying to keep the peace.

6. In Scandinavia, it is a legal requirement that headlights are on at all times. But this one is not at all strange. The visibility and lack of daylight hours are very poor even in June.

7. In Costa Rica, drinking and driving are perfectly legal. You can enjoy a cold drink while driving so long as you do not become too intoxicated.

8. In Alabama, it is acceptable for you to drive the wrong way down a one-way street as long as you have a lantern attached to the front of your car.

9. In Denmark, the law states that you must check for children that may be hiding underneath your car before setting off on your journey.

So, when next time you go somewhere in anywhere in the world make sure your passenger car tires are in good condition and you know all sorts of driving laws of that place.

Repair or Replace
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Tires To Be Repaired Or Replaced: Ask Your Van Tires Supplier

Does your tire get a lot of flats? Do you need to keep fixing them every two months? It’s quite possible to get frustrated if you have to keep fixing your tire every now and then. Your van tire supplier is here to tell you whether you need to repair your tire or replace your tire even if it’s new.

Most of the time we are required to repair a tire when it gets punctured. But whether you can repair it or you need to replace it depends on the degree of your tire puncture, where the puncture is located, and how quickly you spotted the damage. Of course, repairing the tire is always the easiest and cost-effective way option. But that shouldn’t outvote the safety of you and your passengers. First, ensure that it is okay to only repair your tire and not replace it.

The first thing you should consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your tire is to measure how long you drove on the tire before noticing and responding to the puncture. If you haven’t noticed a low or flat tire and have yet kept driving can result in severely damaged sidewalls. Not only that it can also hidden damage within the tire. The tire should be thoroughly inspected by completely dismounting it before attempting any repair. Consider replacing only if the damage is irreparable.

The size, location, and type of the puncture are the next factors you need to consider. A tire cannot be repaired if the puncture is on the sidewall or the shoulder of the tire. Also if the puncture is long and straight and large in in diameter, it can’t be repaired too.

Also, if this is not the first time you have to repair your tire then it is best to replace them. Sometimes when a tire is repaired a lot of times in a row with the help of sealant and other things, while your tire might be working good for a few months but it also means it has been worn out a lot. This can increase the risk of tire bursting too.

As a good van tire supplier would know tires are the most important as they are the only parts of a car that come in direct contact with the road. So, if you are unable to decide whether to repair them or replace them call a professional tire supplier. Safety is of highest priority. So if your tires need to be replaced then don’t think about the cost. Otherwise you will end up paying more for the hospital bills.

evolution of tires
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A Brief Introduction To The Evolution Of Tires

Starting from cycle tires to truck tires, and race car tires, tires got a huge history. We buy tires from Tire Suppliers, we use it and when it loses its longevity, we replace it. All of this is normal for us. But at the first making of tires wasn’t normal. We are not going to write a history paper, we are just pointing out the facts, how tires had come.

Before tires came into our life, the wheel was first invented. Let’s take a look-


The wheel was first invented in 3500BC before the bronze age in the Neolithic era. Who came up with the idea first? Okay, we can never know that. We know, it Started from stone, then came wooden ones and then came metal wheels.

The First Tire As Vulcanized Rubber:

At the very first, without any strong support, wheels were uneasy and uncomfortable to roll on the street because of the metal base. A man named Charles Goodyear invented the first vulcanized tire in 1839. It’s made of rubber and sulfur. The vulcanized rubber was very strong, durable and easily formed into different shapes. There were also cons of the vulcanized tire. The tires were very heavy and hard to roll on the street. But it contributed towards the future models of tires.

Pneumatic Tires:

In 1888, a man named John Dunlop first invented the air-holding tires called Pneumatic tires. He did this for his young son, who particularly loved his bicycle. Around the 1880s, European started to progress with the bike tires, which gained popularity. But the bike wheels were made of wood and it wasn’t good for a smoother ride. However, there were solid rubber tires in mid-1860, which also wasn’t smooth because of the rubber material.

Radial Tires:

Edouard Michelin created a huge development in the tire industry by inventing his first patented radial tires after WW2. Around 1948 the Michelin company first produced steel-belted radial tires, which was commercially popular. The tire cords were placed radially (90-degree angle) to the wheel, that’s why it’s named radial tires.

Retreads Tire:

Retread tires were very popular and dominated the tire industry until the modern tires came. In 1912 Marion Oliver first developed retread tire. It followed almost the modern retreads method. Between 1942 and 1944, retreads tire industry developed greatly. Retread is getting better and safer with the growing technology and method.

No one will ever deny each of this model’s contribution, throughout history. Nowadays, the tires are being manufactured and produced with modern technology and supervision. It is important to visit the best Tire Supplier in town to get the best tire for your vehicle.

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Why Most Quality Tires Stores Avoid Discounts

As a vehicle owner, you must have witnessed a strange phenomenon at the service center. There happen to be two broad segments where tires are kept. The first segment shows your car tires with big discounts and the second segment shows car tires with no discount or lucrative offers. This creates a doubt in the mind of car owners as to how is it possible that one company is offering big discounts and the other is sticking to its printed price. This is where quality tires of sales come into the picture.

As an end-product user, you need to decide on the objective of purchase. Buying tires implies that you would be using them for your car. Therefore, it has to be of good quality along that can serve for a long period of time. Tires that are usually piled up for a long period in the store often come under the discount section because with time, the material starts to degrade. Tires with white spots are an indication that the quality of the material is no longer at its peak. A car with such tires run at a greater risk of facing punctures.

Tires stores in Philippines

There are numerous brands in the Philippines market that try to draw a buyer’s attention by offering big discounts, but the real impact is made by a tire’s quality. As a car owner, nothing will be more satisfying than having the luxury to use the same tire for a long period of time. Moreover, good tires also enhance a car’s mileage up to a certain extent. Professionals such as mechanics often inspect a tire’s condition by measuring its aid pressure and retention rate.

So, the next time you visit a tire store, make sure that it is not the discount that is attracting you. Inspect the quality of the tire, make it go through a series of tests right in front of you and consult a professional before making a deal. Tires for sales in Philippines are easily available, nonetheless, finding the best one need implementation of right knowledge at the right time.

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Public Transport Vs Personal Vehicle Face Off- Which One Is The Best For You

No matter what, always move on! The vehicle around us probably was the inspiration behind this positive attitude. When we think about vehicles, two kinds of them comes to our mind, the public transport and personal vehicles. Let’s have a face-off between the two and see which one wins the race.

Public Transport | Tires supplier in Philippines

1. Cost

Travelling via a transport vehicle cost very less as compared to travelling by a personal vehicle. Even if light trucks tires do a pretty good job and acts as a luggage carrier, not every individual travels with huge items of baggage. Thus, for everyday commute, public transport is a more cost-effective option.

2. Availability

Availability of transportation depends upon where you want to go to. The Philippines has a pretty good network of public transportation to every major, busy spot around the nation. But if you have to go somewhere which is somewhat away from the grid, having a personal car helps a lot.

3. Convenience

As already mentioned, the Philippines has a pretty good network of public transportation throughout the day. However, you might need to travel or reach somewhere at odd hours, due to personal and emergency reasons, and public transport is of little help. Having a personal vehicle ensures you can use it 24/7.

4. Transporting Extra Luggage

As mentioned earlier, transporting extra luggage in personal vehicles is a lot more convenient. You can rely on the mighty light truck tires to carry heavy items of baggage around the city, with a personal vehicle. As a surplus, you can even carry your pet comfortably to their vets or at a picnic spot, which is often not possible in a mode of public transport.

5. Safety

Safety has its own aspects in both these vehicle options. Traveling in public transport is a lot safer when you are returning from a party and happen to be a little tipsy. But if you own a private car, you are in-charge of its maintenance and the overall condition and as a result can be sure of the safety standard.

Personal Transport | Tires Supplier Philippines

In a nutshell, personal vehicle surpasses public transport in many aspects, but both have some features that make them special. No matter what transport you are using make sure they are all set with safety features and standards.

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4 Car Mistakes You Need To Drop Of This New Year

Having a personal vehicle has many advantages attached to it. Convenience, extra leg space, 24/7 commute availability, are just a few to name! However, while enjoying these benefits, we should also pay attention to its needs, which often we don’t. This new year get rid off all these car mistakes you have been making for so long. Let’s check them out one by one-

1. You Are Looking For Cheap Fuel

Cheap Car Fuel | Tires Store Philippines

Buying a car itself is a big investment, but it is not an excuse to look for cheap fuel. It has often been found that people go for the cheaper alternative fuel, assuming them all to be the same. However, it is not the case. The cheaper fuel options are often adulterated with some poor quality substitute. Not only can they hamper the overall riding experience, but in a rare case, it can also lead to an explosion, particularly in harsh terrains vehicles, no matter how good off-road tires you have got.

2. You Are Falling For Cheap Tires Sales

Cheap Tires Sale | Tires Stores Philippines

Just like the previous point, it is also very common to find trends of cheap tire sales. These tires are either second hand, or comprised of poor quality rubber, or made with no standard guidelines. No matter what the case is, going for cheap tires is an unwise decision that can end up pretty badly.

3. You Are NOT Analysing Your Car’s Need

Tires Store Philippines

For driving in different terrains, cars have its special needs, especially the tires. For instance, using light truck tires as a substitute for off-road tires is a bad idea. Changing the normal tires frequently is not an option, the only feasible solution is to change into suitable tires.

4. You Are NOT Hearing Your Car Out

Car analysing | Tires Store Philippines

Yes, you read it right! Cars do speak to us. Your rides in a perfectly well car will be soundless as it would not be complaining about it. As it would start to have any trouble, like a loose gear or a faulty brake system, you are ought to hear some malfunctioning sound while riding it. So, turn off your favourite tune at stereo for a while, and hear the health of your car.

In case you are not making any such silly mistake, kudos to you. In case you have been making any or more of these, shoo them out this new year.

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Five Features Of Best Quality Heavy Duty Tires

It is a known fact that tires, which are developed for light travel or city travels will not function properly when it comes to long travels as well as heavy workloads. For these purposes, the best options are heavy duty tires, which are engineered with the objective of providing smooth road trips which are long and difficult and are smarter across any road. Here are five major features to consider before choosing the best quality heavy duty tires.

Heavy Duty Tires Philippines

Better Road Handling

One of the biggest benefits provided by heavy duty tires is better handling of roads. The increased diameter of wheels, the overall tire height, and a decrease in tire sidewalls help in less roll or sway of tires, helping in difficult or uneven roads. The overall stability is increased.

Carrying Capacity

One of the biggest advantages of having these tires is increasing the overall carrying capacity of the tires without changing the wheel size. Heavy-duty tires have thicker thread-wheels which can carry 25 percent more capacity than normal tires. Thus, one can expect more capacity which is needed for long adventures

Greater Wearability & Durability

Another feature which makes these tires more preferable for long journeys and higher weight vehicles is their greater wearability and durability. These are high-profile tires which have a low heat-generation curve and therefore less failure

Sound Deadening

One of the biggest issues which many customers face is the sound of the tires, especially after a while. This issue is reduced when using heavy-duty tires as there is lesser deadening. The raw materials utilized in these types of tires help in decreasing the noise significantly.

Better Traction & Adhesion Properties

The tire has a greater rigidity which ensures stability and better transmission of vehicle’s power across the road surface. It also helps in better handling of corners as well as faster and more efficient reaction to stiff turns. The overall resistance towards additional forces and loads is also greater.

Heavy Duty Tires Philippines

While an understanding the above features is essential when purchasing heavy duty tires in Philippines, it is also necessary to have knowledge of other features. For instance, a little research on the brands available and their online or offline reviews will throw light on their quality and durability. Similarly, it is essential to have knowledge of the prices and the corresponding quality of these tires. While a customer is ready to negotiate on prices, negotiating on quality of heavy duty tires should never be an option because of the safety and security concerns.

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Get The Best Deals On Tires For Sales In Philippines

It is well-known fact that a vehicle without a tire is useless. For every vehicle owner, may it be a car or a bus or a tractor, it is mandatory to check the quality of tire from time to time. This is why our tire for sales in Philippines captures a big share of the market. An exclusive knowledge in the type of tires with a blend of competitive pricing allows us to be one of the best in the industry. For getting the best deals on tires, make sure that you take a note of the following:

Tire for Sales in Philippines

Not Everything Is Cheap

One of the most common perceptions that exist within vehicle owners is that the cheapest price gets you the best deal. However, in reality, cheaper deals can prove to be costlier for you. Random punctures, poor road grip, and frequent servicing requirement are some of the most common problems faced by vehicle owners who bet everything on price. So, the next time you go to purchase a set of tires for your vehicle, remember that cheaper products have greater consequences.

Quality Over Quantity

The impact of tires is also felt on the life of a vehicle. Tires that are well-built may cost you a little more than the market price, but its performance keeps your vehicle in good shape. There is no point saving a buck on your tires and then spending heavily on your vehicle’s engine and suspension. Rather prefer to spend some extra bucks on your tires to keep your vehicle in good condition.

Used Tires Are A Gamble

Some of your friends may have also advised you to go for used tires as they are cheaper. Even branded tires are available for almost half of their original price, but the gamble you play is within the condition of the tire and its past. No dealer is going to tell you whether the tire was from a car that met an accident, or the tire had a series of punctures in the past. You have to trust your luck under such condition. Worst case scenario: you go in for a long drive and find one of your second-hand tires to be punctured within the first few miles.

Tire sale in Philippines

Considering the above-mentioned factors, one can easily find a guide towards availing the best deals on tires for sales in Philippines. Always remember, not all that shine is gold and go for quality over everything else.