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4 Myths On Car Maintenance That You Shouldn’t Believe

Our life is filled with so many myths. Without even knowing we tend to believe a lot of things that people say. Similarly, there are some myths regarding car maintenance too. Today, Sailun Tires, a renowned supplier for tires for sale in the Philippines is going to bust some of those myths.

Myth 1: You Need To Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles

Earlier it used to be the case when technology wasn’t that advanced and people had to take a lot more care for their car. Nowadays, the new cars that are manufactured are required to change oil every 5000 to 7500 miles. Superior engine design along with better chemical composition and extensive use of synthetic oils have been improved enough which allow a driver to have longer intervals between oil changes.

Myth 2: You Should Replace All Four Tires At The Same Time

There is no hardbound rule that you will have to change all the tires at the same time. You can change any tire whenever it is necessary. Don’t certainly wait for all tires to get worn. If you do that you will have a huge road accident on your hand. On the other hand, if you change the other tires beforehand, it’s just money down the drain. So, whether you buy brand new tire or from tires for sale you can change any of your tires any time you want as long as they are the same size, model, and brand as all the tires.

Myth 3: Wash Your Car With Dish Or Laundry Soap

While this may sound like a nice way to save money, washing your car with dish soap or laundry detergent actually damages the car’s wax finish. Pay a little more for car-wash liquid if you don’t want the car’s paint chipping off and rust marks. The quality of the car-wash liquid prevents the stripping away of the protective wax.

Myth 4: Use Windows Instead Of The Air Conditioner For Better Fuel Economy

Whether you roll down the windows or switch on the AC, neither of them makes any difference toward fuel efficiency. Turning on the air conditioning indeed consumes fuel more quickly but rolling down the windows also increases wind resistance. The car will need to burn slightly more fuel to compensate for its disrupted aerodynamic design.

So, whether you have a new car or second-hand car, new tires or using tires for sale, maintaining them takes some work. But before you do that knowing these myths will certainly make your work easier.

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Tire Pressure: Reasons And Ways To Check It For Your Car

Maintaining your car can seem like a lot of work, but it is also vital. But you do it anyway, especially if you are a regular car user. Similarly keeping your tire in peak conditions is also equally important. For some people visiting a tire store within regular intervals is as important as giving the car to a car service provider. Keeping a check on the tire pressure is vital too. There are several reasons why you should do that.

Tire Pressure


With not enough tire pressure, your tire may have handling and traction issues. Also, over-inflated and under-inflated tires are more prone to un-predicted flats, which can cause you to lose control of your car or leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Saves Money

If your tire pressure is perfect, then it will save your money as well. With improper tire pressure, it can wear your tire treads more quickly. If your tire is over-inflated, less of the tread of the tire is touching the road which wears those parts quickly. With under-inflated tires, all parts of tires are pressured unequally, resulting in accelerated tread wear of tires. Either way, if a tire is not wearing properly, it can result in blown tires and more frequent tire replacement.

Smooth Ride

Tires with too much pressure can lead to a bumpy ride. Under inflated tires give you a softer ride, but can cause handling and traction problems. Needless to say, proper tires only will give you smooth rides.

Gas Mileage

Without proper tire pressure, it can cost more than your car’s life. Over inflated and under inflated tires can decrease your gas mileage, making you refill them very frequently.

Check Your Tire Pressure Yourself

Tire Pressure Compressor

It’s difficult to check tire pressure just by looking at them. The best way to check your tire pressure is when you use a tire pressure gauge. If you can’t do it yourself, you can ask your mechanic to check your tire pressure with a tire pressure gauge. Don’t forget to check your spare tire, along with all four tires.

  • You can definitely check the tire pressure yourself. All you need is a tire pressure gauge. Tire pressure gauges are very cheap, depending on the type you buy.
  • Remove the cap from the tire stem, which is a small rubber piece sticking up from your tire.
  • Insert it into the tire stem. You will see that the gauge will fit in there correctly.
  • In case you have a gauge with a knob for deflation and you don’t hear air escaping, you will know if you are using the right end.
  • Depending on the type of tire pressure gauge you have it will register the number electronically and show the tire pressure.

So, follow these tips to have the right tire pressure and ensure you have smooth rides from now on.

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Top 4 Car Movies Every Car Lover Must Watch

While enjoying exotic rides, backed up by off-road tires, did you ever notice that the car has been an integrated part of our on-screen entertainment as well?

Car movies have won our hearts since the ’70s. Especially for car lovers, they will never hesitate to watch the same movie many times. Whether it’s only a cool car related movie or an action and racing packed movie with a great high speed case, these movies will always inspire the youth to love their four-wheeler!

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite car movies-

1. The Fast And The Furious:

The most popular action-based car movie all time, where Paul Walker (Brian) played a cop and got involved with the underground street race to the bottom of the crime. He stayed loyal to his new friend, an honest cop Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto). Paul has been sent as an undercover to destroy the street racing. Will his loyalty ever win? This movie taught us about how to have a real race on the street!

2. Gone In 60 Seconds:

Automobile lover will love this movie! As the movie features many vintage cars (Mustang, Ferraris, Lamborghinis). The movie is about a retired car thief (Nicholas Cage) who need to steal 48 luxury cars to pay off his brother’s debt. It includes an epic car race with the cops across Southern California.h

3. The Transporter Series:

Pure action based and much like the The Fast And The Furious one, this series features Jason Statham. The car chases, in the beginning, left our heart racing like cars! We are sure all car lover internally screamed when Jason entered with his ‘black E38 735i’h

4. Drive:

It’s recently released film and much more independent film. Starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, and Christina Hendricks. Ryan played a mysterious Hollywood stunt driver and mechanic moonlights as a getaway driver, who found himself in trouble with his neighbour Irene (Carey) as he starts to fall for her. The movie features an exciting car race between Ford Mustang 5.0 and Chrysler 300 SRT8. Guess who was in the Mustang? The movie is worth watching if you haven’t watched it before. We are sure mysterious Ryan will take your heart forever!h

Before the movies take over you, we will notify you not to imitate the movies in real life, because you and your car tires are much more worthy than the movie tickets. For any inquiry related to tires, visit our tires store today.

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Gift Your Cars ‘Sailun Tire’ This Festive Season

Another brand New Year is on its way! Hopefully, it was a great journey for you this year of 2018. If you have been a car owner, surely many of your ‘trips’ were great because of your vehicle. So, this festive season, it’s time to give them something to cherish too. No, not a new stereo set, something that is more crucial. When was the last time you considered getting new tires? Probably when a local dealer claimed to give a give an incredible discount! Don’t fall for cheap tires this time, particularly because we are offering tires for sales for you.

Tires on sale Philippines

Tires are one of the most crucial things in a car. It provides stability, movement, and balance. It is crucial that you pay attention to its condition while purchasing and also while driving it later on. It has often been found that most car owner does not routinely check their tires and sadly, sometimes they come across unpleasant incidents in the future. We urge every car owner to inspect your tires thoroughly and feel free to take the advice of a mechanic or expert, if you must and consider getting new tires for a safe driving next year.

Sailun Tire comes to your rescue for the same. At Sailun Tire we offer you a range of tires, which is as follows-

Commercial Truck Tires

Light Truck Tire

Light Truck Tires

Passenger Car Tires

Commercial Light Truck Tire

All-Season Luxury Crossover & SUV Tire

All-Terrain Light Truck & SUV Tire

Highway-Terrain Light Truck & SUV Tire

Mud-Terrain Light Truck & SUV Tire

All-Season Performance Tire

High-Performance Tire

Special Trailer Tire

Ultra High-Performance Tire

Ultra High-Performance SUV Tire

View our products from our tires stores at

Feel free to speak to our team, in case of any doubt or clarification.

All our tires are engineered accordingly, to make sure they serve its purpose functionally. We calibrate each of the tires for quality standards and offer these tires for sales only when we find the results satisfactory.

Tires on sale philippines

So why risk your life by making stupid, naive mistakes, like driving when you are tipsy in a hangout or drive cars with poorly installed tires? Give your cars amazing gifts from the Sailun Tire store and in turn, your car will gift you safety and stability in rides.

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5 Must-Visit Place In The Philippines ‘This Christmas’

Christmas season is knocking on the door. To celebrate the season, you can either roam around the city and local hangouts or you can see these amazing places that look extra appealing during this time of the year. So, take out your car, inspect it properly, change into a new set from Sailun Tire store and drive as many as you can.

Check out the 5 most amazing Christmas destination for this year

1. Manila For Shopping

Christmas in Philippines

The Philippines is full of amazing places, but Manila is its capital for a reason. You can roam around the city, even at late night as Manila never sleeps during the time of Christmas. You will find this cosmopolitan city filled with attractive malls and other lively places. It is the perfect time for making money out of those lucrative discount offers.

2. Pampanga For Lightening Sky

Christmas in Philippines

This region of San Fernando is well celebrated by locals with handmade lanterns. The annual lantern festival is remarkable. It is a perfect place to see the magic of light floating around the sky. It is also a perfect spot for road trips with family or friends.

3. Tagum City For The Tallest Christmas Tree

Christmas in Philippines

If you are a lover of extravagant Christmas spirit, it is the ideal destination for you. Tagum city is known for its gigantic Christmas tree, that often reaches around 15 storey building. The locals are full of enthusiasm and it can be clearly seen as they managed to get a record of the tallest tree last year, reaching 172.5 feet.

4. Zambales For Camping

Christmas in Philippines

If you are tired of the extravagant, crowded Christmas parties every year, you should consider a timeout. A trip to Zambales is a nice way of spending some peaceful, quality time with your family or loved ones. It is the perfect gateway from routine life and also a key to rejuvenating you for an upcoming busy schedule.

5. Cebu For Spiritual Christmas

Christmas in Philippines

In case you are more inclined to finding a spiritual connection during this time of the year, Cebu is the place for you. You can stroll around the rich ambiance of churches and local food joints. It helps you have some great moments here.

Which one are you planning on visiting this Christmas season? Make sure to let us know. Wherever you go, we wish you have a great time, in advance. Gear up with Sailun tires to make your trips safe and hassle-free.

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How Much Should You Ideally Spend On Car Tires

Vehicles, when they were invented and improvised, they are for ease of transportation that still holds true today, but now it is also for ease of convenience, and serve as a style statement. Thus, it comes as no surprise that people usually spend a lot on their personal vehicles, especially their cars. Often cars are considered as a one-time investment, which is a matter of debate, and thus, it is not uncommon to find people investing quite a lot for it. Following the same trend, they spend accordingly on their AC and other car accessories. But while struggling whether or not to seek tire for sales in Phillippines, do you consider how much you should ideally spend on tires.

car tires

Here we present a brief idea about the same.

Before deciding the budget, it is crucial to classify how crucial tires are. Tires are one of the most crucial elements of the car. Without functioning tires, no vehicle can move, no matter how pricey the engine is. The tires provide motion to the vehicles while moving, also, while standing, it offers support and balance to the overall structure. Thus, it is important that the tires are of good quality, particularly in terms of functionality.

But not every ‘store offering’ tires are the market is equally good in serving their purposes. In fact, manufacturing tires are all about ensuring its performance. They must be made with superior quality rubber, following standard guidelines and several qualities and performance checks. The details of the threading and alignment are quite crucial that many rookie tires manufacturers forget to pay attention to, and sadly the mistakes are not noticed by common people. It is highly advised against it as a poor quality tire can end up causing deadly consequences.

car tires

So, as you can clearly see, getting poor quality tires due to a cheaper price is an unwise decision that is likely to cause all harm and no good. Thus, in a nutshell, you should spend generously on the. But it does not mean, you have to invest very highly for some spare tires. If you know the right place, you can crack many pocket-friendly deals and get tires for sale from time to time. The house of Sailun Tires offers such high performance, authentic tires at an affordable range. So, make it your one-stop destination for all your tires for your vehicle.

Tires for sales Philippines

Passenger Car Tires and Light Truck Tires: A Difference Explained

Passenger car tires and light truck tires are different from each other. Both the vehicles are differently constructed from each other and have a distinguished design as per the purpose and use. It is important to know all about LT and PT vehicles before differentiating between their turns.

Light Truck tires (LT-metric) are built for heavy vehicles, heavy loads and harsh roads. They are tough with rigid sidewalls. Large vehicles such as ¾ ton or larger trucks or vans that regularly carry heavy loads or pull heavy trailers require Light Truck (LT) tires. These tires are designed and constructed in a way so that they can easily carry such load including the vehicle’s weight. They can easily control the vehicle even under heavy load. They are considered as commercial tires and serve the same purpose. They are highly durable and stronger than P tires because they are made of more aggressive treads. It may have 20/32nds of tread or more. They have a load range of 10 ply and comes with maximum inflation and stiffness.

tires for sales philippines

Passenger tires (P-metric) are designed for a personal use and are meant to give the passengers a quiet, safe, comfortable and an enjoyable ride. The best examples are a family sedan, SUV, minivan etc. Many vehicles under ¾ ton can use a passenger rated tires. They are built with more material and have sturdier sidewalls to handle the weight of the vehicle. It is strictly not meant to carry heavy loads. It is best suitable if you just want to ride on highways without carrying much load. These tires are more flexible in comparison to LT tires. They have a load range of 4 ply. Therefore, they are lighter with lower pressure and maximize handling and fuel economy. LT tires cannot be used for P tires under any condition as it will give a harsh vehicle ride.

tires for sales philippines

Therefore, it is absolutely clear that the two tires are different from each other. Contact Sailun Tires to find out more about the different tire types. Check out a wide range of variety of both LT and P tires. You never know that you can get a good variety of tire for sale Philippines. Whether you are planning a family trip or a professional trucker, we have all the variety to offer. Make your ride smoother with the best quality tires available with us.

Tires for sales Philippines

Know The Different Types Of Truck Tires For Different Terrains

No vehicle including a truck can do without tires. A trucker should always be prepared with the right kind of tire before getting started. The road conditions and the terrain is not the same everywhere. It becomes very important to understand the different types of tires for a smooth and safe drive in different situations. Let’s get started.

Summer Tires:

tires store philippines

Summer tires as the name says is meant for the summer season. This type works best in both dry and wet weather conditions during the summer season. Some of its main features include high durability, fantastic grip with a good balance of water channeling grooves and road hugging rubber.

Winter Tires:

tires store philippines

Driving in snowy regions is the most difficult task. Winter tires ease up this task of driving in snow and ice for the truckers. These tires are made with special tread compounds that are apt for cold weather and guard them against snow, ice, slush, or freezing rain. They work best in dry climatic conditions too.

All-Season Tires:

tires store philippines

This type is considered as the jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Its full depth tread siping and material endurance will offer the trucker a smooth and stable long ride all around the year. They are quite comfortable in changing temperatures, whether weathered or plain road.

Mud Terrain Tires:

tires store philippines

These tires fit perfectly for truckers who have to regularly pass through mud, sand, and rocks. An addition of silica stiffens the block and reduces the noise while driving. It works best for the soiled and muddy path.

All Terrain Tires:

tires store philippines

This type is the most popular one amongst all. They provide the perfect balance on an uneven or tangential surface or skimpy roads. The sidewalls are extra strong that prevent punctures. The increased tread and SUV fittings keep the mud and sand out of it.

Sports Truck Tires:

tires store philippines

Sports truck tire is perfect for hilly or zigzag roads. They save you from experiencing the roller coaster ride and help to climb tricky rocks with ease. They provide a perfect road grip, street handling, and traction throughout the year.

We are sure all truckers would now pay extra attention while selecting the tire. Ask for the most suitable one as per the road and weather conditions you are heading to. Do check the tire at Sailun Tires, a tire store in Philippines. Get Set Go!

Tires for sales Philippines

Take a Note Of This Checklist Before Considering Second-hand Tires For Sales in Philippines

One would have definitely realized that the cost of vehicle maintenance certainly makes a big hole in the pocket. With this feeling comes the need for adjustments. Though vehicle owners cannot cut down all the expenses, they sometimes tend to compromise on some areas – tires are the most common. Not all vehicle owners look for brand new tires, instead they prefer a second-hand tire that is in decent condition and comes with a verbal warranty from the seller. However, if you are looking for second-hand tires for sales in Philippines, then you must consider this checklist.


1. Condition Of The Tire –

tires for sales philippines

Firstly take a look at the condition of the tire. Make sure that the rim doesn’t have rust on it and the overall appearance looks fresh. Tires that look old may not have been used in a while and with time the quality of rubber could have worsened. Press the surface of the tire slightly to get a feel of the rubber’s freshness.

2. Check For Punctures And Damages, If Any –

tires for sales in philippines

Take a close look at the surface of the tire and look for any cuts or damages that have been repaired previously. If you find any punctures or major cuts, then it is advised to avoid the tire as the surface has already been tampered once. Cars with repaired tires are more prone to punctures than in case of a new one.

3. Past Record –

tires for sales in philippines

Ask the seller about the previous record of the tire. The model of the vehicle is important as it determines the amount of wear and tear the tire has already faced. Tires from SUV vehicles are subject to severe wear and tear.

4. Consult A Mechanic –

tires for sales in philippines

Mechanics are the best people to tell you about a tire. Since they deal with different types of vehicles throughout the day, they have can offer the best advice. Any shortcoming or defect in the tire will be easily detected by them.

5. Price –

tires for sales in philippines

Last, but the most important factor is the price. Used tires are usually priced around 40% to 60% of the cost of new tires. Any seller who wants more than the market rate should be avoided.

So, the next time one goes for second-hand tires for sales in Philippines the above-mentioned checklist can help get the best deals and avoid getting trapped in fake offers.