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4 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Car Environment Friendly

The environment is the most concerning problem right now. From the government themselves to even your neighbors everyone seems to be taking some kind of steps to preserve the environment. But what step are you taking? If you are wondering what can you even do. You are just an individual. Well, every single person doing anything to preserve the environment will have a good effect. For example, are you a car owner? If you are, then you can take some steps to make your car eco-friendly. After all, cars have a major role in increasing pollution in the world.

Find Out A Good Tire Store

Buying good quality tires from a renowned tire store should be your first step to make your car eco-friendly. How are tires going to help? Well, if you buy tires that are not equipped to endure dry cold winter or harsh summer, your tires will start to wear very quickly and rot, which is not good for the environment. These rotten tires start to emit harmful gases. So, instead, find a good quality tire store and buy tires from them.

Regular Tune-Ups For Your Car

If your car is always well-maintained, it will remain eco-friendly as much as possible. It will need less gas, which in turn will create less pollution and will also operate very efficiently. Not only that, if you get regular tune-ups for your car, it will boost your gas mileage by 4 per cent.

Fix The Fuel System

You might be well aware of the components of the fuel system consisting of a fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel injectors etc. If any of them becomes faulty, it will reduce in reduced fuel efficiency. This, in turn, will become harmful for the environment. So, unless you smell fuel in the car which can mean you have a faulty system, make sure to get the fuel system checked after every 30,000 miles of driving.

Check The Emissions System

This is the most responsible part of a car for increasing pollution. If this goes bad all the greenhouse gases will start multiplying. Emission system mainly reduces the amount of exhaust fumes coming from the tailpipe. Get it checked immediately when such a situation arises.

Make sure to check every part of your car every once in a while so it doesn’t create much pollution and good quality tires from your tire store when necessary.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Rims Of Your Car Wheels

Do you want to buy a new car? You must be doing a lot of research before you decide on a particular model. There are so many features in a car that most of the time people tend to not give much thought to some of the smaller features. But every little part of a car is important and contributes something towards the safety and comfort of driving a car. Just like a tire store gives a lot of care and attention while making a tire, a lot of attention is given to rims too by the manufacturers. You might not have given any thought to the rims of your car wheels but you should know about them too.

Cleaning Your Rims Is Essential

Brake dust and metal shavings from the rotor can accumulate on your rims. These materials can damage the metal of your rims, leading to a costly replacement or expensive repair. Frequently cleaning them with a sponge and rim cleaner will help protect them and remove all of the nasty materials that choose to gather there.

Rims Can Go Bad, But They Can Be Repaired

The lifespan of a rim is entirely dependent on how carefully you drive. You should have the rims checked every so often to check for damage or extended corrosion. If a rim is bent or scratched you can go to a repair shop or get new tires from a tire store, if necessary.

The Bigger The Rims, The More Gas You Will Burn

The larger the rims, the more friction the tires will have with the ground, and the higher the amount of friction, the more energy the vehicle will need to get itself moving. This phenomenon is called rolling resistance and it is another aspect to consider before you go out and buy new rims.

Smaller Rims Are Quieter

The smaller rims make less noise when you increase your speed on the road. This is because more tire rubber rests between you and the cabin of your car. Many people prefer the look of a larger tire, but when these smaller tires provide more comfort and less noise it is better to buy those. If you want to minimize you should choose the right tire from the right tire store for your rims in terms of the type of tire rubber used and the number of tire studs.

Alloy Rims Are Better Than The Steel Ones

Alloy rim is light and made for great performance as it allows you to drive well. You will pay less for gas and your car’s suspension will thank you. Steel rims, on the other hand, might be less expensive, but they are heavier, which makes it harder to start and stop.

So, before you buy new rims or tires from a good tire store, make sure to use this knowledge about rims.


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Did You Check Your Car’s Tire Alignment? Know Why You Should

Tires are one of the most vital parts of a car. If anything happens to any one of the tires of a vehicle, it can just stop moving or even affect our safety. There are a lot of factors that can affect a tire’s function. Inadequate air pressure in the tire, regular wearing out of your tire, and sometimes even the quality of the tire. One such of the most common concern is is tire alignment. Before buying your tire from a cheap tire shop, you need to beware of it.

What is tire alignment?

Tire alignment or wheel arrangement can enable your tires to perform efficiently and help them last more. It can prevent your vehicle from pulling one side or vibrating strangely on the road. Alignment means a change of a vehicle’s suspension – the framework that connects the vehicle to its wheels. The way to appropriate alignment is modifying the points of the tires, which influences how they drive on the street.

How to know if you need to check tire alignment?

Unfortunately, your car won’t blink any sign when you will need a tire alignment. You will have to use your senses and keep a regular check on your tires. Also, when the tires’ alignment becomes worse, you might get some signs while driving like:
• You might notice uneven tire wear.
• Your steering wheel might become crooked while driving straight.
• While driving your vehicle pulls to the left or right.
• Your steer wheel keeps vibrating.
So, if even your cheap tire shop gave you tires in good condition, look out for the signs of trouble as stated earlier.

What are the factors that can affect wheel alignment?

There are basically three factors that can affect a tire’s alignment, and they are called toe, Camber, and caster.



Imagine both of your feet pointed inward towards your body or outward away from your body. Sounds abnormal right because you never stand like that. Well, the same is abnormal for your car too. These are called toe-in and toe-out alignment. If your car stays in these positions too much while driving, then tire tread can tend to wear more both from outside and inside edges.


It is the angle of the lean of the tire when checked from the front of the vehicle. If the angle is too far away from the center, it can cause uneven wear in the tire. If the top of the wheel is leaning away too much from the car, it is called positive camber. If the top of the wheel is leaning towards the car too much then, it is known as negative camber. If there is too much difference in the angles of the front wheels the car tends to pull to one side.


It is the angle of your steering axis when checked from the side of the vehicle. If the steering axis tilts towards the driver, it is known as a positive caster. If the steering axis tilts towards the front of the vehicle, it is called a negative caster. Your caster point helps balancing, strength, and cornering of the car.

If you feel your tires are not in alignment and you are facing problems while driving, it is time to give your car for servicing.

Disclaimer- All the pictures used in the blog are the exclusive property of their original owner or publisher. we claim no right on them.

Valentine's Day | Sailun Tire
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Valentine’s day is in the air!

Have you decided your plans for valentine’s day? Maybe or maybe not!

Sometimes it’s very confusing how to make plans for this big day. If you want to make it expensive, go for it. Want to make it simple? Depends on you. But after all, make it a successful valentine’s day for you and your loved one.


Choose flower

Be ready with your flower. Make sure you ordered your Rose bouquet in advance.


Couple having breakfast

Start the day with making breakfast. Make her/him favourite dish and surprise her/him with your cooking skills.


short road trip

Get your car ready for a short day road trip. Take a tour with your loved one at any nature park, amusement park or go for any activity (such as swimming, surfing, cycling, rides). Make sure your car tires are ready for the day. Get the best tires from our Tires Store to avoid getting a flat tire during your journey.


Couples exploring

If you want more alone time to choose any unexplored city. Go for train tickets. Book a romantic hotel who’re offering valentine’s day special arrangements.


Couple dance

If you both are outgoing, don’t forget to put activities on your list. Take a hike together, book a dance class or go for a yoga class together.


couple in a library

This will be a perfect plan if you both are art lovers. Go to an art gallery or in a library. Look for some romantic poetry book and read it together.


dinner date

Go for a movie date and a romantic dinner date. If you’re planning on cooking, set a romantic candlelight dinner.



Music concert

Search for your favourite music concert which is coming especially for valentine’s day. Book your tickets in advance. There’s nothing romantic like a live music concert!

Be ready with your valentine’s day plan along with your car. Don’t let the flat tires come between you and your loved one. Don’t worry, Sailun Tires has got your back. Visit our Cheap Tires Shop where you’ll get the best quality tires within your budget.

Wish you a successful Valentine’s day!

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3 Things That Determines Your Choice For Tires Stores In Philippines

With growing market for vehicles, Philippines certainly has a huge demand for tires. Irrespective of whether it is a car or a truck, each vehicle owner needs a tire from time to time. The pressing question that needs to be answered is how to choose the best tires stores in Philippines? From the perspective of a buyer, make sure you check for these three elements:

tires store philippines

1. Range of Tires

Buyers should always look for a complete tire shop. This means irrespective of whether it’s a car or a truck, they should get it under a single roof. Additionally, stores must have a wide range of available options. Buyers should have the liberty to choose from various brands and price range. Visiting a store with limited option will only restrict the choice of buyer and ultimately, will lead to compromise.

2. Post-sale Service

The responsibility of a tire store is not only restricted till the time of sale, but also post-sale. Most of the tire stores often consider after-sale service to be a responsibility of the company. However, in reality it is the duty of the tire store to guide customers toward the respective service centre. Failure to offer after-sale service creates a bitter experience for the customers. Forget about the next purchase, a disappointed customer will never recommend a store with such poor after-sale service.

3. Available Offers

A recent trend in the market is to attract customers with offers. Often many customers gain by purchasing multiple tires. Discounts, free after-sale service, etc., are some of the offers that attract customer. Nonetheless, it is important to ensure that customers are not blinded by offers that are not realistic. One of the common examples is “buy one get one free” offer. It is very difficult for a company to offer two tires at the price of one. Moreover, the tire store will also need to have some profits before selling the tires to the final customer.

Keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind, it becomes easier for people to choose the best tire stores Philippines. Look for range of available options, compare price with other retail stores and on the websites and finally ask your friends for references. To get the best, always make sure that you choose on the basis of facts, rather than on someone’s judgement.

tires store philippines

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Finding The Right Tires Store In Philippines

Tires are the unsung heroes for your car. No matter how good your car looks or performs, it mainly depends on tires for movement. In such a context, it is important for a vehicle owner to locate the right tires store in Philippines. Though there are more than a thousand tire shops in the market, the best need to be distinguished from the ordinary ones.

Tires Store Philippines

Quality tires are not cheap

The foremost concern for any vehicle owner should be the quality of the tire. There is no point investing in a cheap tire and then getting it replaced every alternate month. This will only add hamper your smooth flow of work along with creating a constant expense. A good quality tire may be a little expensive, but then the quality will serve you for a long period of time.

Advice matters

For a new vehicle owner, it is not possible to have in-depth knowledge about tires and its quality. This is where the store owners come in with quality guidance. Right knowledge and guidance from tire shop owners not only save money, but also adds to the life of the vehicle.

On the other hand, research and market analysis is also an important part. Consulting 2-3 shops before buying a tire gives you a basic idea of the market price. For instance, if Tire A from brand XYZ is available in the market, the vehicle owner must consult with 2-3 owners before buying the same. This will give the vehicle owner 2 critical insights – firstly, about the quality and brand value of the tire and secondly, about the prevailing market price of the tire.

Tires store in Philippines also serves additional services such as tire check-up. The condition of the tire should be checked on a regular basis in order to avoid issues such as fire damage. Cases where the vehicle passes through irregular surfaces (bumpy roads), the owners should consider going for off-road tires as they are more durable as compared to the ordinary ones.

Additionally, the air pressure in tires also plays an important role. A tire that has a low pressure will put greater pressure on the fuel, whereas a tire that has been stuffed tight is more likely to get punctured even on the slightest of bumps. Therefore, always keep your tires in good shape and condition.

Tires Store Philippines

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4 Tips To Choose Off-Road Tires

Off road is an open challenge to tire manufacturers across the world. No matter how big a company is, it is always concerned about the quality of its tires and carries out necessary wear and tear tests before presenting it to the customers. Off-road tires are ideal for people who love adventure or have a business situation at remote locations. Here are 4 exclusive tips that will help to handpick the best off-road tires in Philippines.

Tire Supplier Philippines

Tip 1 – Check For Durability

Tires are meant to last through tough situations. As a purchaser, make sure that the tire is highly durable. If required, seek assistance from peer, friends, and colleagues to get an overview of the brand. Many companies also execute tire durability test right in front of their customers.

Tip 2 – Tire Should Not Too Soft Or Too Hard

Often it has been witnessed that customers prefer soft tires as they assume that it will have better flexibility. However, if the tire is too soft, then it may not be ideal for off-road as mud can have the tire trapped. A tire, which is too hard can easily get punctured, so it is better to avoid the extreme cases and choose something which is in between them – neither too hard, nor too soft.

Tip 3 – Warranty & Guarantee

With a view to enhancing customer experience, many off-road tire companies in Philippines offer warranty and guarantee on their products. Even if a certain product is defective and has been unintentionally passed on to the customer, they can always have the same replaced or repaired through warranty.

Tip 4 – Brand

Branded products always have a greater value. Given the brand name, the company puts in every bit of extra effort to ensure that their products stand out from the rest. Buying an off-road tire from a local tire dealer can result in disappointment as they don’t promise on quality. However, with branded products, there is always an assurance of quality.

Thus, we find that selecting the right off-road tires is all about making a choice based on various aspects such as durability of the product, quality of the product, after-sale service of the product and most importantly, a brand of the product. As a customer, never compromise on quality over a small difference in price. Think from the perspective of utility rather than monetary value.

Off-road tire philippines

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The Step-By-Step Manufacturing Process Of Tires

Tires are the important part of a vehicle. These are the only parts that literally touches the road, and goes over the bumps and potholes on the road. While buying tires from a tires store, have you ever thought how these are made? Or, how the makers ensure that the tires will give us the comfort we want when we ride the vehicles?

The answer might be no. So here, we quench your thirst and provide the step by step process of tire making.

tire store philippines

The Ingredients:

About 200 materials are needed to make a single tire. These ensure the environmental safety, performance, and efficiency of it. However, out of 200, there are main ingredients as they are:

Carbon black and silica, synthetic rubber, natural rubber, several chemicals, metal and textile cables.

The Blend:

30 kinds of rubbers are used to make tires. These are blended into a huge blender, which forms a black gummy substance. The colour black is for the carbon black. After the blending, it’s sent to the mill.

The Mill:

In here the hot melted rubber is cooled and is cut into the shape of the tires. Here some other parts are also separated from it, these are later coated with a different type of rubber.

The Build:

After the blending and milling, it’s time to build the tire. Tread, steel belts, ply, beads with other ingredients are finally placed in a tire builder. The colour it shows is green.

The Cure:

In a curing machine, these tires are vulcanized. It compresses all the parts together to give it the final shape. It also includes the manufacturer’s markings and tread pattern.

Final Touch:

Tire experts then check the tires for any fault or blemish in them, and after the test is done, it gets packed and becomes ready for shipping. The experts check the tires thoroughly to avoid any mistakes. Because one mistake can become fatal.

Tires ensure a safe ride in vehicles. That’s why it’s always important to buy the best tires from tires store.

tires store philippines

tire supplier philippines
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6 Myths And Facts About Tires

The most underrated topic always gets misplaced like tires. It’s not talked about much, that’s why we tend to ignore the subject. However, just because it’s an underrated issue, it’s not free from myths. Myths that people have believed for a long time about tires. To come clean from this false information, you must contact a tires supplier to get the facts.

tire supplier philippines

Also, you can read this 6 myths and facts about tires and expand your knowledge about tires.

Myth 1. Front Tires Are Important:

Fact- All tires are important. When you go for a service, you must change all four tires for a more safe and comfortable ride.

Myth 2. New Tires For The Front:

Fact- Rear tires gives stability to the vehicle. So while you’re changing two tires into new ones, it’s not necessary to change the front ones. Take care of the rear ones, because the stability it provides keeps wheels from spinning.

Myth 3. Follow The Number For Air Pumping:

Fact- If you don’t know how much air to pump into the tires, it’s not right to check the numbers on tires. Check the tire manual, or ask a mechanic for proper advice.

Myth 4. Air Pressure At The Tire Sidewall:

Fact- It’s fine for some specific tires, not necessarily for your car tires. Take help from the guide listed on the driver’s side door, or follow the manual.

Myth 5. Vehicle Vibration:

Fact- It’s not entirely true. It might happen because of a damaged brake, an old wheel bearing, and so many other reasons can be responsible for it.

Myth 6. Too Much Air Pressure:

Fact- Too much air pressure will never make the tires burst. It can only happen when you are driving your car over a bumpy and potholes filled road.

All of these myths are best to ignore while you are all set to keep a good care of your vehicle. Also, buying tires from a good tires supplier will let you do that.

tire supplier philippines

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History Of Tires Till Date

Daenerys Targaryen: Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon, Stark, Tyrell they’re all just spokes on a wheel. This ones on top, then that ones on top and on and on it spins crushing those on the ground.

Tyrion Lannister: It’s a beautiful dream, stopping the wheel. You’re not the first person who’s ever dreamt it.

Daenerys Targaryen: I’m not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel.” – As stated in The Game of Thrones.

If you have watched this famous TV series you must know that this whole conversation of Game of Thrones, is a remarkable example of wheels. Also, proves that wheels are not just historic but maybe prehistoric!

Tires Supplier Philippines

After all this time, the wheels have come to such fashion, that isn’t secluded with pottery or water fetching from a well. It’s much more active and are capable of giving people the smoothest rides ever, and is available at best tires store.

As we must know, the first wheel was simple and made of wood. After that, leather was added to that wood to make a smooth and soft ride. Starting from that, rubber has taken its place, which is used in today’s world.

The wood and metal as the ingredient of tire didn’t make it very strong or long-lasting, nor it made riding comfortable. The invention of the metal hoop was closer in the making of the first tire.

The making of actual passenger tire started with vulcanized rubber. Here, we present the brief history of the tire to date.

Vulcanized rubber:

Rubber is a very useful ingredient. However, it wasn’t this used before. It was sticky and unmanageable in summer, cold and stiff in winter. Charles Goodyear in the year of 1839, made a way out of rubber, by inventing the vulcanization process. It was then possible to turn sticky, unmanagable rubber into flexible and a workable material.

Although Charles Goodyear invented all these, he couldn’t make much money out of it. Unfortunately, he became bankrupt and died. 40 years after his death, a rubber company took his work to honor his name and opened a tire company.

Solid rubber:

After the company started to work with vulcanized rubber. The tire business got a hike. More inventions were made, and the tires were made of solid rubber. This solid rubber was strong, durable and hard to cut. It might be a good invention, but it wasn’t best for a comfortable ride, and they were heavy.

Passenger Car Tires Philippines

After all these types of tires, more inventions were made like, bias ply, pneumatic tires, and radial tires. Today’s tires are capable of giving comfortable rides, and utter safety to the passengers. With that, tires store are filled with so many options, it’s recommended to buy the best one.