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5 Best Romantic Places You Can Drive To On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is almost here. Are you worried sick about what to get for your partner this valentine’s day? Well, how about a surprise road trip? The Philippines is full of beautiful places with a lot of sceneries and romantic getaways. All you need is to look for accommodation, your bags packed, and a well-maintained car with off-road tires. We are here to give you ideas on the best places for you and your partner to visit in the Philippines.


Are you and your partner are a fan of architectural views and Spain? Well, then Vigan is the perfect place for both of you. It looks as much as like Spain and is filled with Spanish architecture. There is a Syquia Mansion Museum, Vigan Heritage Village, a couple other churches and Plazas. You may not be able to visit if you are going for only a day but plan the trip carefully based on the number of days you are going for. You can drive around your car and get the full Spanish/European feel of the place.

Batanes Islands

Islands can give you a cosy feeling. On top of that, if you want to get away from crowds, Batanes Islands will be perfect for you. It is the least populated places in the Philippines. You can see Basco lighthouse, Mount Iraya which is an active volcano with dramatic views, Rakuh a Payaman and Vayang Rolling Hills.

El Nido

If you want to spend your day in a romantic resort, then El Nido is the place for you. There are several resorts that offer the most exquisite views of El Nido. Miniloc, Tapik beach park resort, El Nido Mahogany Beach Resort are some of the most popular resorts. You can also go to the beaches and lagoons if you want to.

Iloilo City

The “city of love”, Iloilo city is another option for you to consider on this day. If you want to wine and dine and pamper your partner, this city is the best option for you. Iloilo River Esplanade is well known for riverfront dining. Other than that, Smallville has a lot of good restaurants, live music too. Spend the day right next to the sea while eating, drinking, and enjoying the music.

Hidden Valley Springs

Do you live in Manila? Then you can head to Hidden Valley Springs which is only two and a half hours away from Manila. If you love hiking in the jungle, this place has it all along with waterfalls and other scenic beauty. It is another place that you can go and visit, in one day.

So, which destination did you like the best? Decide and plan today and surprise your partner. Also, don’t forget to keep a spare off-road tire in your car. You do not want to spoil the day with your car breaking down.

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Different Types Of Light Truck Tires Available In Sailun Tires

Light trucks are quite popular for business purposes and sometimes for even personal purposes. But do you know the different types of light truck tires that are available? Before you buy a light truck tire in the Philippines, you should know which type of tire is most suitable for your purposes. Sailun Tires provide four different types of light truck tires in the Philippines.

All-Season Luxury Crossover Tire

This type is considered as the jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Its full depth tread siping and material endurance will offer the driver a smooth and stable long ride all around the year. They are quite comfortable to drive in changing temperatures, whether it’s a plain road or wet and snowy road. It will generally feature a symmetrical tread pattern and circumferential grooves.

All-Terrain Light Truck Tires

This type is the most popular one amongst all. They provide the perfect balance on an uneven or tangential surface or skimpy roads. The sidewalls are extra strong that prevent punctures. The increased tread in light truck tires keeps the mud and sand out of it. They generally have a more aggressive tread pattern than highway or trail tires. Most all-terrain tires are easy to drive with little to no on-road discomfort and help to achieve this off-road traction. Many people enjoy all-terrain tires because they have little or a minimal sacrifice in noise, comfort, or longevity and a more aggressive look.

Highway-Terrain Light Truck Tires

Highway tires have the kind of tread patterns that are designed to handle the heavier loads of a truck or SUV. They are engineered to be very comfortable on the pavement. Most highway-terrain light truck tires have durable compounds and tread patterns. This helps resist uneven wear and gives long-lasting tread life. They generally feature siping for enhanced all-season traction.

Mud-Terrain Light Truck Tires

These tires fit perfectly for those drivers who regularly drive through mud, sand, and rocks rather than smooth roads. Addition of silica stiffens the block and reduces the noise while driving. It works best for the soiled and muddy path. Often, the sidewalls will be reinforced to resist punctures, abrasions, and tears that commonly occur when driving off-road. One disadvantage of these tires is that they tend to be noisier than the less aggressive tire options.

First, get to know the difference between all types of light truck tires and then buy them according to your purposes. Sailun Tires will help you buy any of the type of tire you need.

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What To Do If Your Car Doesn’t Have A Spare Tire In Emergency?

When you buy a new car you would, of course, look for all kinds of features you are getting in the car. Most people tend to compare all the features of all the cars in the same range of price. But yet, often we don’t even give a second thought to what type of passenger car tires is being used in the car.

In the recent models of cars, it has also been observed that the spare tire is not even there. On top of that, some cars are even missing the space for spare tire. Sure, there has been a lot of advancement in technology that removes the possibility of situations where you don’t get stranded on the road due to punctured tires. But there are still cases of emergency where you might need to use other ways to repair passenger car tires.

Consider buying run-flat tires. When you do get a puncture in your passenger car tire, you can use a run-flat-tire. They are equipped to travel a limited distance mostly under the speed of 50 mph. It will provide stability to your car in case of a tire blowout. The only disadvantage is that you need to keep a check on the air pressure as it can be hard to tell when run-flat tires are low on air.

These cars come equipped with an inflation kit and/or a can of sealant. It is a substance in a can that can be used to seal the puncture by coating the inside of the tire due to centrifugal force once you get rolling again. These products tend to work pretty well on a minor puncture and have been on the market for decades. However, they’re not a permanent fix. Your speed should be limited after using a sealant, and you should get your passenger car tire repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Another alternative for new cars is an onboard compressor that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter. These little compressors work quite well by refilling a tire within a few minutes, getting you back on your way again.

Of course, any of these methods are not for long term. Sooner or later you will need to change your passenger car tire. So, the best alternative is to keep a spare passenger car tire in your car or if you are buying a new car check whether it comes with a spare tire or not.


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5 Best Places To Visit In The Philippines This Christmas

Christmas is on its way and during the holidays we all feel like going for a short trip. While living in the Philippines there are a lot of short distance places which you can visit for small getaways. So, check your car for maintenance, make sure you have off-road tires, pack your bags, and be on your way.


Baguio is a quintessential evergreen favourite. It is said to be the Philippines’ winter wonderland, as the temperatures often drop to as low as 8 degrees in December. It’s the closest you can get to experiencing a chilly Christmas in the Philippines, even if there is no snow. So, make sure your car has off-road tires when you start your drive from home. Baguio also knows how to truly capture the Christmas spirit. Session Road, the city’s main thoroughfare, is decked out with Christmas lanterns and a giant Christmas tree.


Boracay is big of a hit in all season but it is more popular during the Christmas holiday season. Part of the reason is that religious Christmas traditions are vibrantly celebrated on the island. For Christmas Eve’s dinner, resorts and restaurants set up candlelit tables on the beach and offer special festive menus. Kids are also in for a treat. You can bring your children to the Happy Dreamland theme park which they will enjoy a lot.


It may be a small quiet city, but Dumaguete has a lot in store for those looking for a fascinating getaway. For one, it’s a great site for watching all kinds of dolphins and whales. You can also take your family on boat rides to the lovely Apo and Sumilon islands, which happen to be excellent diving spots too. You can also bring the kids to the Christmas Carnival in Freedom Park.


There is no better place to celebrate the festive season than in the Queen City of the South. With a lineup of fascinating events and a mishmash of attractions, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun exploring one of the world’s best islands. Cebu City is only a few hours away from other islands in the Philippines, such as Bohol, Bantayan Island, Carnaza Island, etc.


Looking for a sure-fire way to enjoy Christmas? Your Christmas adventure in Palawan will be surely filled with mesmerizing sights and unforgettable experiences including your travel to Coron, Puerto Princesa, or El Nido.

These are the five best places that you can go to this Christmas season. Whether you go to an island or a city in the Philippines, if you are driving do have off-road tires for your car to have a hassle-free holiday.

Tire Store In Philippines
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Look For Quality Tire Store In Philippines

Philippines is one of the fastest developing nations in the world. Given the fact that Philippines has a high number of vehicles on road, it is obvious that demand for vehicle tire will also be high. A quality tire store in Philippines is the ideal solution for such requirement. There is a basic rule for every vehicle – never compromise of tires and this holds in every city around the world.

How to locate a good tire store in Philippines?

There are several ways to locate an ideal tire store. Here are some of the best ways to find them:

  • Consult your friend – References do wonders! It is common to ask friends about their experience in a certain store. If the experience is good, it already creates a confidence in the mind of the buyer. On the other hand, if the experience is poor then one is certain that the particular store needs to be avoided.
  • Review on Google – Google MyBusiness allows businesses to list themselves and be visible on Google Maps. Since most of the people around the world use Google, information with respect to tire stores is readily available. All that one has to do is search “tire store near me” and Google will automatically fetch the list of tires store near the location. Browse the stores in terms of their rating to find the best one.
  • Verify the store physically – The traditional way still continues to be one of the best ways to locate a tire store in Philippines. As a user, visit the stores physically and inspect the collection. Speak to the owner and verify the price on the internet as well. However, make sure that price doesn’t dominates the preference for quality. The best part of personal verification is that there is no biasness towards the tire store. The experience is totally based on the interaction and available collection at the store.

Buying the right tire can be a challenge for many as dealers often hype the quality in such a manner that it appears to be the best. An ideal way to find the best tire is to pass them through a series of tests to ensure that the promise stays and one is not duped with a poor quality tire. Regular maintenance of tire is also an important aspect of maintaining tire quality.

Cheap tire store Philippines
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Cheap Tire Shop Philippines Helps You Make The Right Choice

There is a famous proverb that says, “All that glitters is not gold”. When it comes to tires, cheap tire shop in Philippines can not only save you a lot of money but can also helps you choose from a wide range of options. It is obvious that big tire manufacturing companies always insist upon buying best quality tires. The intent is not to offer the best, but to add greater amount of revenue to their wallet.

Many people are of the opinion that cheap tire stores are not ideal. They somehow do not trust the shop just because the price is not as per their expectation. Form the perspective of quality, cheap tires are not poor. They are just not marketed as much prominent brands are. The impact of this event results in cost differences. Major tire brands believe in marketing their product. Marketing results in an additional cost that the company has to recover through sale of its product. Hence, branded tires have an added cost.

Cheap tires are usually considered as poor in quality, but in reality, cheap tires are mostly tires with decent quality and lesser marketing cost. This makes their selling price lower than their competitors. This is where dealers also play a part by suggesting the expensive brand as the commission is relatively higher on every sale.

With Cheap Tire shop in Philippines, there is no misleading the buyers. Tires are offered at a price that is easily affordable by the car owners. The objective is to offer quality product at a cheaper price along with serving more and more customers. Why pay more for a product that is well branded but doesn’t have a quality advantage? Why choose a brand that over charges you? Why choose something that is well packages, but lacks longevity? The best deal is when one gets quality product at a reasonable price.

Finding the best quality tires require right knowledge and understanding in material. Even if one is new and doesn’t possess any knowledge of tires, consulting an expert is always an available option. Usually shop owners do suggest the type of tires that suits the requirement of a car owner. Nonetheless, taking a mechanic or car expert can be of great help. There is nothing better than getting the best deal.

light truck tire
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Driver’s Guide- 6 Steps To Maintain A Light Truck

Light trucks are very popular trucks nowadays because of its performance and durability. Starting from personal use to making it your one and only source of income, Light trucks are the best in every use. Hence, it needs to be maintained every day to make it more workable. Proper maintenance is important to excel its performance, safety and extend its lifespan.

Light trucks are very popular trucks nowadays because of its performance and durability. Starting from personal use to making it your one and only source of income, Light trucks are the best in every use. Hence, it needed to be maintained every day to make it more workable. Proper maintenance is important to excel its performance, safety and extend its lifespan.

If you are a light truck owner, maintaining your truck is an essential task for you everyday. Today we are jotting down 6 maintaining tips for light trucks.

1. Clean Your Truck Regularly:

Cleaning is most important for your truck. You need to clean both the interior and exterior parts. Wash the exterior portion of your truck with a hose and car cleaner. After cleaning, dry out the truck with a dry cloth.

  • Use cleaning products, which are only made for cars.

2. Check The Tires:

This must be at the top of your list. Check both front and rear tires are properly inflated. Always buy tires from a good tire store, where you can find the best light truck tires for your truck. Change the worn out tires immediately and double check the tire pressure before setting for your journey or load items.

  • Do not over inflate your tires as it can cause flat tires.

3. Change Engine Oil And Fluids:

Changing the engine oil and fluids are important for vehicles too. Lubricating oil will help to operate the vehicle parts properly and will give you a smooth ride.

  • Always use good quality, recommended lubricating oil for the valve, windshields, bearings, and brakes.

4. Check The Battery:

Replace the battery before it looses power. Check the alternator if it’s working or not. Keep jumper cables in your truck. It will come handy when the battery won’t work.

  • Always check the battery before driving.

5. Replace The Air And Oil Filter:

A cleaner air filter will help the engine work properly and change the oil filter with every oil change as well. It will increase the engine’s performance and efficiency.

6. Check On The Accessories:

Check the brakes, steering, belts, and timing belts regularly. If you notice any dispute, call the mechanic and have them check out.

  • Do not drive with any worn out parts. Regularly checking on car parts will keep both you and your truck safe.

Besides maintaining your truck, it is important to keep emergency kits to avoid any unwanted situation. Make sure your tires are not worn out. Visit the best tires store to get the best tire for your truck. Sailun tires, a leading tire store in the Philippines, provides the best tire to their customers. Visit us for info.

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mobile apps for driving
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6 Best Apps Will Keep You Safe While Driving

Does your friends or family refer you as a distracted driver? You need to pay a lot of attention while driving from now on. Safety while driving is very important for all drivers out there. A great tire supplier can assure you of the safety of your vehicle. But what about your safety?

We are living with the upgrading technology and it keeps us alive day by day. Though using a mobile phone can distract anybody on the road and put them into danger, It can also contribute towards ensuring safety while driving. That’s why we are suggesting you some apps, which are made for keeping you safe on the road while driving-

1. Drive

Best Features: When you activate this app, will read your texts and emails loudly in real time and will eliminate your ‘need’ to text while driving, without touching your phone
It Can read the shorthand text (lol, ttyl)

Support Device: Android, Blackberry
Price: Free

2. Zoomsafer:

Best Feature: Will eliminate your texting, emailing, browsing and calling while driving.
#This is the best application for teenagers. It restricts the teenager’s activity on the phone while driving.

Compatible Device: Blackberry, Android, Ios.

3. True Motion Family:

Best Feature: This is the most helpful app made for every family member to see where your family member is and how they got there.
# It Will detect where your teen driver is.
# It Will see how they are driving and if they are using their mobile or not.

Compatible device: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone.

4. Drive Smart :

Best Feature: It allows the incoming calls into voice mails and automatic response that you are unavailable at the moment.
# It automatically turn on while your vehicle is on go. (Available on the Paid version)

Price: Free and paid.

5. Text Arrest:

Feature: #Eliminates Texting and emailing while driving.
#Locks the screen automatically to stop the driver from sending text and emails.

Platform: Android
Price: Free and for the advanced feature it starts from $7.99/month.

6. Safe Driver:

Best Feature: The app stops the teenagers from reckless driving, speeding and lets the parents keep track of the same via text and emails.

Platform: iPhone, iPod, iPad.
Price: Free. For the premium version, you need to pay $4.99.

These apps are helpful when it comes to driving safety. But you need to be careful too while driving. Do not drink and drive. Sometimes accidents can happen due to the car faults as well. Make sure your car is perfectly okay before preparing yourself for a drive. Visit us for more information about your car safety.

summer essentials
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9 Summer Emergency Kits You Must Keep In Your Car

Winter has gone and summer almost came. And this is the ideal time for a short trip with your family. Not only for a short trip but if you are a regular visitor of any place or if you spend a lot of time on the road in your car, ensuring about car safety is quite crucial. Visiting best Tire Suppliers can ensure with a lot of safety and stability of the vehicle on road, but to avoid any unwanted situation, it is best to keep an emergency kit in your car for summer. (and Preferably also for all season).

Here we listed down 9 summer emergency kits for your car safety-

1. Tire Sealant And Tire Gauge:

A bottle of tire sealant can save from small leaks. This is a temporary repair for a small leak but is a great help during a trip.
A tire gauge will also help you to check, if or not your tires are properly inflated. Do not just forget to keep these two things in your car while outing.

2. Jumper Cables:

Make sure you know how to use jumper cables. It is very handy and keeps you out of any unwanted situation.

3. Sunscreen :

Keep sunscreen in your car to protect your skin from the dangerous UV rays. Drive comfortably.

4. Spare Tire:

This is the most important thing to keep. Due to the summer heat, a flat tire can happen anytime. Make sure you have a spare tire to replace it. Visit the best Tire Suppliers to bring more safety for your tires.

5. Small Tool Kit:

Keep a Wrench, screwdriver, duct tape, flare, booster cable, pocket knife, gloves, flashlight, wires, all in a toolbox, as your car safety tools.

6. Water:

Do not forget to keep water bottles during summer days. Your body needs to be hydrated all the time because of the heat and your car might need it sometime, due to overheating.

7. First-Aid-Kit:

First aid kits are important to keep in the car. Try to keep cotton, gauge, band-aid, ointment, painkillers, spray, ORS ) caches, wet tissues.

8. Phone Charger:

Do not let your phone battery die at any moment. Always keep a charger in your car so that your phone can bring you out from any unfavorable situation.

9. Road Map:

It will come in use when the internet connection will not work, in remote locations. Learn how to navigate though road-maps as they come handy in short, remote tours.

Prepare yourself for your summer outing with every small thing! Happy summer!

evolution of tires
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A Brief Introduction To The Evolution Of Tires

Starting from cycle tires to truck tires, and race car tires, tires got a huge history. We buy tires from Tire Suppliers, we use it and when it loses its longevity, we replace it. All of this is normal for us. But at the first making of tires wasn’t normal. We are not going to write a history paper, we are just pointing out the facts, how tires had come.

Before tires came into our life, the wheel was first invented. Let’s take a look-


The wheel was first invented in 3500BC before the bronze age in the Neolithic era. Who came up with the idea first? Okay, we can never know that. We know, it Started from stone, then came wooden ones and then came metal wheels.

The First Tire As Vulcanized Rubber:

At the very first, without any strong support, wheels were uneasy and uncomfortable to roll on the street because of the metal base. A man named Charles Goodyear invented the first vulcanized tire in 1839. It’s made of rubber and sulfur. The vulcanized rubber was very strong, durable and easily formed into different shapes. There were also cons of the vulcanized tire. The tires were very heavy and hard to roll on the street. But it contributed towards the future models of tires.

Pneumatic Tires:

In 1888, a man named John Dunlop first invented the air-holding tires called Pneumatic tires. He did this for his young son, who particularly loved his bicycle. Around the 1880s, European started to progress with the bike tires, which gained popularity. But the bike wheels were made of wood and it wasn’t good for a smoother ride. However, there were solid rubber tires in mid-1860, which also wasn’t smooth because of the rubber material.

Radial Tires:

Edouard Michelin created a huge development in the tire industry by inventing his first patented radial tires after WW2. Around 1948 the Michelin company first produced steel-belted radial tires, which was commercially popular. The tire cords were placed radially (90-degree angle) to the wheel, that’s why it’s named radial tires.

Retreads Tire:

Retread tires were very popular and dominated the tire industry until the modern tires came. In 1912 Marion Oliver first developed retread tire. It followed almost the modern retreads method. Between 1942 and 1944, retreads tire industry developed greatly. Retread is getting better and safer with the growing technology and method.

No one will ever deny each of this model’s contribution, throughout history. Nowadays, the tires are being manufactured and produced with modern technology and supervision. It is important to visit the best Tire Supplier in town to get the best tire for your vehicle.