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Know The Different Types Of Truck Tires For Different Terrains

No vehicle including a truck can do without tires. A trucker should always be prepared with the right kind of tire before getting started. The road conditions and the terrain is not the same everywhere. It becomes very important to understand the different types of tires for a smooth and safe drive in different situations. Let’s get started.

Summer Tires:

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Summer tires as the name says is meant for the summer season. This type works best in both dry and wet weather conditions during the summer season. Some of its main features include high durability, fantastic grip with a good balance of water channeling grooves and road hugging rubber.

Winter Tires:

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Driving in snowy regions is the most difficult task. Winter tires ease up this task of driving in snow and ice for the truckers. These tires are made with special tread compounds that are apt for cold weather and guard them against snow, ice, slush, or freezing rain. They work best in dry climatic conditions too.

All-Season Tires:

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This type is considered as the jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Its full depth tread siping and material endurance will offer the trucker a smooth and stable long ride all around the year. They are quite comfortable in changing temperatures, whether weathered or plain road.

Mud Terrain Tires:

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These tires fit perfectly for truckers who have to regularly pass through mud, sand, and rocks. An addition of silica stiffens the block and reduces the noise while driving. It works best for the soiled and muddy path.

All Terrain Tires:

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This type is the most popular one amongst all. They provide the perfect balance on an uneven or tangential surface or skimpy roads. The sidewalls are extra strong that prevent punctures. The increased tread and SUV fittings keep the mud and sand out of it.

Sports Truck Tires:

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Sports truck tire is perfect for hilly or zigzag roads. They save you from experiencing the roller coaster ride and help to climb tricky rocks with ease. They provide a perfect road grip, street handling, and traction throughout the year.

We are sure all truckers would now pay extra attention while selecting the tire. Ask for the most suitable one as per the road and weather conditions you are heading to. Do check the tire at Sailun Tires, a tire store in Philippines. Get Set Go!

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