Know When It’s Time To Visit The Tire Store To Change Tires

Tires are the least complicated part of your car, yet when anything happens to your tires, you can’t move your car even an inch. So it is necessary that you keep a regular check on your car’s tires so that it is not too late before you to visit the tire store. But how will you decide that it is time to change your car’s tires. Unless and until your tire burst out or it gets punctured, there are no obvious ways to know that the tires need to be changed. Here are some ways on how to find out.

Inspect Your Tires

If it’s been a few couples of years, especially 5 years after you have bought new tires or a new car, it is better to keep a regular check on the tires. You can either do it by yourself or take it to a car or tire service place. They will let you know if your tires need replacement. If not checked within a proper time you might end up stranded somewhere.

Low Tread

Tires that have low or no tread are very dangerous. They are unable to grab the traction on the road. They are more prone to burst than normal tires while you’re driving. Save yourself from such a mess, and keep track of your tire tread. You can keep track by doing a penny test.

Bad Mileage

Many people don’t know that worn-out tires can cost them in mileages. A car that gives 16 kmpl normally you would get 10 kmpl due to worn-out tires. You might not even notice your tires are low on air unless you regularly check them with a gauge.

Tire Bumps

Sometimes your tire might have bulges or bumps in them. In that case, it is more likely that the belt inside them has been broken or become warped. They are not life-threatening in most cases, and many drivers have succeeded in driving thousands of miles on them without any problems. But when you are out on long drives, it is best to not take these risks.


As your tires get older and more worn out, they will develop cracks all around. The most obvious places you’ll notice this happening is in the sidewall of the tire. At first, they’ll probably be small cracks which are nothing to be bothered about. But after a while, they’ll stretch and start to cover every surface of the tire. You should replace your tires before it gets that bad and reaches the point where it bursts.

If you notice these conditions, then don’t procrastinate and go to your nearest tire store to change your tire.

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