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Passenger Car Tires and Light Truck Tires: A Difference Explained

Passenger car tires and light truck tires are different from each other. Both the vehicles are differently constructed from each other and have a distinguished design as per the purpose and use. It is important to know all about LT and PT vehicles before differentiating between their turns.

Light Truck tires (LT-metric) are built for heavy vehicles, heavy loads and harsh roads. They are tough with rigid sidewalls. Large vehicles such as ¾ ton or larger trucks or vans that regularly carry heavy loads or pull heavy trailers require Light Truck (LT) tires. These tires are designed and constructed in a way so that they can easily carry such load including the vehicle’s weight. They can easily control the vehicle even under heavy load. They are considered as commercial tires and serve the same purpose. They are highly durable and stronger than P tires because they are made of more aggressive treads. It may have 20/32nds of tread or more. They have a load range of 10 ply and comes with maximum inflation and stiffness.

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Passenger tires (P-metric) are designed for a personal use and are meant to give the passengers a quiet, safe, comfortable and an enjoyable ride. The best examples are a family sedan, SUV, minivan etc. Many vehicles under ¾ ton can use a passenger rated tires. They are built with more material and have sturdier sidewalls to handle the weight of the vehicle. It is strictly not meant to carry heavy loads. It is best suitable if you just want to ride on highways without carrying much load. These tires are more flexible in comparison to LT tires. They have a load range of 4 ply. Therefore, they are lighter with lower pressure and maximize handling and fuel economy. LT tires cannot be used for P tires under any condition as it will give a harsh vehicle ride.

tires for sales philippines

Therefore, it is absolutely clear that the two tires are different from each other. Contact Sailun Tires to find out more about the different tire types. Check out a wide range of variety of both LT and P tires. You never know that you can get a good variety of tire for sale Philippines. Whether you are planning a family trip or a professional trucker, we have all the variety to offer. Make your ride smoother with the best quality tires available with us.

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