The S606 EFT is Sailun’s premium steer tire, providing superior service for both Metro/Urban deliveries. This tire features extra wide shoulders with built-in sipes for excellent stability and traction under all weather conditions. An extra deep 21/32″ tread depth ensures the S606 delivers exceptional mileage, while an interlocking symmetrical tread block design promotes even wear and a square footprint.


Features & Benefits:

  • Wide footprint and square shoulder design for improved stability and mileage.
  • Extra deep tread pattern (21/32″) with special compound for extended tread life.
  • Multi-sipes improve traction in wet conditions and dissipate heat for prolonged tread life.
  • Unique tread wall grooves help reduce irregular wear and improve traction.
  • Stone ejectors protect tire from stone drilling.
  • Smartway Verified for lower rolling resistance and excellent fuel efficiency on highways.



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