The S828 is good for highway, common road, long-distance transport, as well
as all wheel axles. Three longitudinal grooves and horizontal shallow sipes
provide the tyres with both good maneuverability and drivability. High-intensity
crown and carcass design improves tire resistance to bursting and ensure
driving safely.

  • The tiny cutter grooves near the edge of grooves can enhance the heat
    radiation of pattern treads and reduce the irregular wear and tear of the
  • The winding design for the central zigzag sipes and the bottom of two
    gutters can effectively provide the tyre with excellent maneuverability and
    at the same time prevent stone trapping.
  • Tiny streamlined horizontal cutter grooves on the treads can provide good
    drainage properties and excellent wet-skid resistance capability.
  • The optimized tread arc design produces low rolling resistance and
    enhances fuel-saving performance.


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