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Santa In Car- A Tale Of Modern Day Santa

Sailun Tire wishes you ‘Merry Christmas Philippines! Santa Claus is coming to town!

There are some conflicts regarding Santa through the ages. For some, Santa is a myth; for some Santa is a magic. But for all, it is a merry time of the year. While wishing Christmas warmly to friends and family did, you ever wonder how wonderful this entire thing is! A jolly man wearing a white beard, a pot belly, along with red and white coat comes in a flying sleigh (thanks to Rudolf and team) and carries a bag full of gifts for kids. Today, we, at Sailun Tire, present a fun version of a Modern Santa that would be in today’s world.

His Modern Vehicle Would Be Car

Santa in car

First thing first, despite the season, clearly traveling on a flying sleigh is off the list. The Civil Aviation Authority of Philippines would never approve it. And it is a crucial aspect too, in order to ensure no unpleasant collision occurs mid-air. So, our dear Santa will have to settle for a car ride itself. We, Sailun tire, would definitely offer the best heavy duty tires to carry himself and all his packages. Our tires are suitable for, all terrier and would offer the smoothest journey ever, all around the world.

His Wish List Could be Submitted on Social Profile

Santa wish list on social media

The children can now directly send their longing gifting ideas to him directly on his social media page. They can also send him so, in a message, if anyone is too embarrassed to share it in public. But beware he might openly publish the Santa’s naughty list as well!

He Might Opt for Doorstep Gift Delivery

Santa at your doorstep

E-commerce is evolving and even Santa might like the idea and besides not many homes are left with chimneys nowadays, anyway. So this year, he might send them through the doorstep delivery system. And as the sender is Santa, you don’t even need to consider return policy, it is the perfect gift anyway.

So, as you can see, all these conveniences will give him plenty of time to him and his reindeer, to hang around and enjoy the season too. You can take selfies with them if you find them strolling around the city and beyond. But for that, you too have to go out for trips this Christmas. Gear all your journeys with Sailun Tire.

Disclaimer- This is just a recreational blog as a good read to the reader.

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