Tire Buying Checklist
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5 Guidelines To Follow When Buying New Passenger Car Tires

If you are an owner of a passenger car then, you might know how much care and maintenance one needs to take, and that includes buying new passenger car tires when needed. But you should follow some guidelines when you are buying new tires. See what those guidelines are.

Read Reviews

Reading reviews beforehand should be one of the things on your to-do list before buying these tires. Look on the internet, newspapers, etc to find out what other people using passenger car tires have to say about them. Take into account the reviews of people who have driven less than 25% of the tire’s lifespan. A new tire will always perform well and up to the mark. The real test comes when it has been used for some years and whether they are still performing well or not. For that look for reviews of people who have already used the tires for a couple of years.

Be on the Lookout for Tires for Sale

When you know the life of your tires is coming to an end and it is time to change your tires start looking for manufacturer providing tires for sales. There are some manufacturers that frequently offer significant discounts on their tires, and it pays to exchange your tires when you find a good deal.

Make Sure You Have The Right Tire For Your Car

Choosing the correct tire is very important. When replacing your passenger car tires, if you don’t pick the exact model and exact size, it will be damaging for your car. Check the sidewall of your tire, where you will find a code telling you the tire’s size and capabilities.

Make Sure Your Tires Are Actually New

Sometimes even new tires might not be technically new. They could be sitting in the back of a warehouse for a few months. If it has been exposed to extreme heat and cold, it can take the life out of tires before they ever hit the asphalt. So, remember to check the four-digit number on the side of the tire to see when the tires were manufactured.

Buy the Best You Can Afford

Once you have determined which type of tires you will need, buy the highest quality tire you can afford in that category. Don’t compromise on quality in order to save money. Instead, if you buy higher-quality tires it will save your money in the long run because they will last longer and perform better for longer.

Keep these guidelines in mind the next time you are in the market for new passenger car tires, and you will get the perfect tires.

Tire Playground
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Why Are Used Car Tires Great For Building Children’s Playgrounds

Ever seen those kids playing with a thrown out tire or using them as a swing to swing on. Imagine the joy on kids’ faces if you build a backyard playground for them using old tires. You can use cheap tires that are for sales or you can use old, second-hand tires that no one would use otherwise. There are some reasons as to why used car tires would be a great material to build children’s playgrounds.

Used Tire


Tires are found nearly everywhere in the world. Even if you don’t buy used tires from a cheap tire shop, you will get plenty from other places. They’re not easier to find if you don’t have a car of your own, but if you look for used tires, you will get a lot of them from your junkyard for free or local garage at a cheap price.

Easy to build with

Building a playground with car tires doesn’t take any special skills. All you need to have are- tires, electric drill, a knife, some bolts, and a shovel, and you can build unlimited possibilities playground rides. You can hang one of them from a tree using a rope, and kids can sit on them and swing. But while building them do make sure that there is no steel sticking out of the tires or anything that might cause injury to the kids. Check the tire quality and make sure they are sturdy.


Most of the children’s playgrounds everywhere are built from steel and sometimes woods, which can pose safety hazards. During the hot summers, the steel in direct sunlight can get extremely hot and even harm children. They can also get hurt if they slip and fall. Tires, on the other hand, do not get as hot as steel in sunlight especially, if painted. Also they are also much safer if you fall and hit your head on them.


Tires are made in such ways that they can carry thousands of pounds of machinery and metals down bumpy roads. They can last for a long time. They’re also not prone to common environmental risks like termites eating wood or weather rusting metal. Truck tires or van tires are especially durable and are more useful for building such playgrounds.


In a lot of places used tires are such a waste problem that they are often burned to dispose of them. This is a huge environmental problem as they release toxic fumes. Reusing them for a good cause will make both you and the kids happy.

If you like doing special things for kids in your neighborhoods, this is a great way to keep both you and the kids entertained during summer. You can engage them in helping you make the playground rides too, especially if they have a vacation going on. A lot of mothers will also thank you.