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Mixing Tires: Is It A Good Idea Or Bad Idea For Your Car?

When it comes to tires, people can get easily confused. Should I change one tire at a time or all at the same time? Should I wait before all the tires are worn out? Should I buy my tires from a cheap tire shop or an expensive one? All of these questions leads to another question, if you do want to change the tires, is mixing tires a bad idea or a good idea. One solution everyone would really like is to change all four tires at the same time, but that can turn out to be quite expensive and pointless if all the tires are not equally worn out.

So, most of the time it is recommended to replace the tire as you need to and as much you can afford to. You can either change one at a time or two at a time. This is when the mistake of mixing tires come into play. If you changing one or two tires it is important that you replace them with the exact same ones as the remaining tires.

The internal construction, design, size and tread design of the new tires, all should be exactly the same way as remaining tires. Also, you should not mix two different types of tires like winter tire and all-season tires. This is because every tire has a different set of design with a different traction and handling properties. When you start mismatching them with size, design or tread patterns, they tend to become unpredictable. It can become very dangerous as the car will now have jittery braking, handling and grip on the road. Many accidents tend to occur due to mixing tires.

If you do need to replace tires, buy from the same brand and model, but replace them with the rear tires. Otherwise, if you replace the front tires and you hit a wet road suddenly the front tires will disperse the water while the rear tires will easily hydroplane, resulting in your car to crash.

If you don’t find the exact ones, then at least try to buy the tire with equivalent tread characteristics, load ratings, handling, speed ratings, with the same performance as the existing tires.

In case, you don’t find the new tires matching with the remaining tires, then during an emergency, you can mix tires. But remember to swap out your tires with matching tires as soon as possible. If you don’t or ignore it, you will end up in an even bigger disaster. Find a cheap tire shop where you will get good quality matching tires within your budget.

Cheap tire store Philippines
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Cheap Tire Shop Philippines Helps You Make The Right Choice

There is a famous proverb that says, “All that glitters is not gold”. When it comes to tires, cheap tire shop in Philippines can not only save you a lot of money but can also helps you choose from a wide range of options. It is obvious that big tire manufacturing companies always insist upon buying best quality tires. The intent is not to offer the best, but to add greater amount of revenue to their wallet.

Many people are of the opinion that cheap tire stores are not ideal. They somehow do not trust the shop just because the price is not as per their expectation. Form the perspective of quality, cheap tires are not poor. They are just not marketed as much prominent brands are. The impact of this event results in cost differences. Major tire brands believe in marketing their product. Marketing results in an additional cost that the company has to recover through sale of its product. Hence, branded tires have an added cost.

Cheap tires are usually considered as poor in quality, but in reality, cheap tires are mostly tires with decent quality and lesser marketing cost. This makes their selling price lower than their competitors. This is where dealers also play a part by suggesting the expensive brand as the commission is relatively higher on every sale.

With Cheap Tire shop in Philippines, there is no misleading the buyers. Tires are offered at a price that is easily affordable by the car owners. The objective is to offer quality product at a cheaper price along with serving more and more customers. Why pay more for a product that is well branded but doesn’t have a quality advantage? Why choose a brand that over charges you? Why choose something that is well packages, but lacks longevity? The best deal is when one gets quality product at a reasonable price.

Finding the best quality tires require right knowledge and understanding in material. Even if one is new and doesn’t possess any knowledge of tires, consulting an expert is always an available option. Usually shop owners do suggest the type of tires that suits the requirement of a car owner. Nonetheless, taking a mechanic or car expert can be of great help. There is nothing better than getting the best deal.

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5 Tips To Consider To Extend Your Tire Life

Tires are costly and when it comes to replacing, we all hesitate and try to run our vehicles with the old tires. Running your vehicle with old worn-out tires can be dangerous and cause an accident on the road. However, what if there is a way to extend the lifespan of the tires? Yes, it’s possible.

If you are looking for second-hand tire, a cheap tire shop can be the best option for you. However, you can get the best quality tire at a minimum price too, at Sailun Tire. There are some simple ways you need to follow to increase the tire’s longevity. But before getting into anything, let’s learn how to extend your tire life.

1. Rely On A Good Tires Store:

This is the first and foremost important thing to follow. Always rely on a good tire store for quality tires. Because a good quality tire store can assure you with its best service as well as the lifespan of the tires.

2. Check Tire Pressure:

Make this as a weekly task. Check the tire pressure by using a tire pressure gauge. Unscrew the air intake cap and hold the gauge against it. When the air will flow out of the tire into the gauge, take the readings. Make sure you know the process, otherwise you need to check the guidebook you provided.

3. Rotate Your Tires:

Rotate your tires as much as possible. Rotating tires will improve the tread wear. Rotate it in the backward and forward position. Though it will take time and efforts. You can inform a mechanic to do the job or you can also do it by yourself.

4. Avoid Speeding:

Running your tires at a high speed will reduce the tire mileage and produce heat, which can cause tread wear on the tires. Do not speed up too much, too frequently while driving. Also, speeding can decrease fuel efficiency. So, try for driving at an optimized speed.

5. Get Your Tires Properly Aligned:

Keep your tires in the hands of the professionals. They will align tires to make sure each tire are parallel to each other and remain straight to the ground.

If you have poor vehicle alignment, your vehicle will not run straight on the road and it can cause an accident.

A good tires store will ensure you with the best tire. Besides mounting the best tire, you need to follow these steps to extend tires life. Visit us for more information.

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road trip for girls
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Best Short Road Trip For Girls Day-Out Near Manila

Let’s skip the family tour, avoid inviting your loved one for one day. Make a girls group and plan a girls-day-out on the weekend. Those who are planning for a short girls day-out where no-boys-allowed, we found for you some best places to visit near Manila.
Get your car and tires ready with Sailun Tires for the best girls-day-out ever! Let’s see what we have found for you and your girls-

Island Cove:

The best place to escape from the caustic heat of Manila and enjoy this three-in-one park with your girls. It includes a water park, a fishing village, and a wildlife park. Water park offering best water slides, swimming pool, and fountains.

Republic Wake Park:

Be prepared with your water board for adventure! The wake park is in Laguna and the best place for learning wakes with the help of learner cables. If you are a pro ‘Waker’, take the full advantage of this wake park!

Mount Pinatubo:

Ready for trek mount Pinatubo! Mount Pinatubo is an active volcano located on the island of Luzon. Pinatubo last erupted in June 1991. But now it is a safe place to visit. Pinatubo has a beautiful lake with crystal clear water. Do not miss out the opportunity to trek the mountain.

Flying Trapeze:

Always been infatuated with circus moves? Visit flying trapeze with your girl’s group and enjoy the full size flying trapeze. It is available for all ages, skills, and weight. It’s even said that it helps to reduce weight in a challenging environment.

Ketchup Food Community:

If traveling places already tired you, we are suggesting this amazing food community fill up your tummy! It is in Baguio city. The place includes Canto (A famous for lomo ribs), Green Pepper (serves sandwiches, pasta), Rancho Norte (you will get delicious Filipino dishes), Happy Tummy (famous for Thai food).

Filling Station:

The best place to visit with your friends, also it is the place to dine out! Filling Station is the fifty styled American diners, where you could feel ‘American’! They got billiards, vinyl, telephone booth. Sit and order your favourite drinks and food!

Get ready with your girls-pals for an amazing weekend day trip. Check your car twice if you forget any essential things to pack in your car. Make sure your car is running with the best tires. Visit our Tires Store for any car service.

Tires Balancing | Tires Store Philippines
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No matter what kind of vehicle( Car, light truck or heavy truck) you drive, your tires need to be balanced correctly and periodically. A decent tire store takes care of the same on thier own. But lets understned about it a little, in details.


Tire balancing is often called wheel balancing. It is different from wheel alignment. Tire balancing is the measurement of each tire. Generally, mechanics put the tires on the centre of the balancer machine and spins it to check the weight. This procedure will ensure you if all of your tires are balanced with the wheel weights. you’ll know more about this from your owner guide book.

Tire Balancing | Tire Stores Philippines


Tire balancing is necessary for any vehicle. It protects the tires from uneven wear and protects you from unsafe driving. Consult with your nearest tire Store to know if your vehicle tires need to be balanced or not.

It offers the following benefits-

1. It will save you from an unsafe drive.

2. You can run your car very smoothly.

3. It will protect your tires from disengage.

4. It removes the vibration on the steering wheel.

5. It brings comfort and stability while driving.

Indications of imbalanced tires-

You may receive noticeable indications if your tires are imbalanced. When you are going on a certain speed, (any) and if your steering is vibrating excessively, then there’s a possibility of unbalance of front tires. About the rear tires, you can feel the vibration generally sitting on your driver’s seat.

It can get worse if you do not rotate your tires timely.


If you are using the new tires on your vehicle, then it would be the perfect time for check balance of your tires. Tire wears everytime you drive. If you select an uneven and tricky road then the chances of wear will be higher in a short period of time.

Tire balancing needs to be done if you rotated your vehicle over 10000 km. If you rotated your vehicle below the kilometers and getting your steering wheel vibrated each time, you need to visit your tire service.

Do you often visit tires service store? Do not forget to check your tire balance next time. We Sailun Tires, assuring you to keep you and your vehicle safe and sound from any imbalance by providing our best mechanics.

Tires Balancing | Tires Store Philippines

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Surprise Your Valentine With Perfect Car Accessories

Valentine’s day is approaching faster than your car! Yes! You got it right. If you are already got bored with typical gifts, then you must try with this car accessories for your “caroholic” valentine! We found some car accessories idea to gift your valentine on Valentine’s day.


Liquid Proof Car Mat

Don’t let the latte sabotage your car anymore! Go for car mats which will protect the car floor from spilled liquid and keep on the mat until you wash them off. We are sure your car lover will love it.


Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator

Want to make the journey more easy and safe for him/her? Then, a cordless tire inflator will be a perfect gift for your valentine. It’s also important to keep your tire inflated from time to time. Tire inflators are very handy in use and also run with rechargeable batteries. Consult more about this with your nearby Tires Store.


Spare Tire | Sailun Tire

Keeping a spare tire in the car for your car lover will be romantic. If you both are making a plan on a road trip then it would be great. Choose the best quality tire and put it in the car’s trunk. You can easily get it in any decent tire store. Now surprise your valentine with this, before starting the journey on the next day.


Be your driver for one day

Always on passenger seat? No, not this time. Surprise your valentine with your driving skills by going on a road trip. Be their driver for one day.


Blind Spot Mirror

A new car owner? Or a new driver? Set a blind spot rear view mirror in the car to drive more safely and freely. Sometimes a blind spot mirror gets very tricky on road. You can get a full view of your rear portion while driving or parking, but other vehicles may seem small by this one. We are advising, before taking any turn, glance over your shoulder once.

Got the idea? don’t wait too long and start planning for the perfect gift for your valentine. If you got any tires related issues, don’t forget to visit Sailun Tire Store for more information. On this Valentine’s day, we have got your back!

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Why Most Quality Tires Stores Avoid Discounts

As a vehicle owner, you must have witnessed a strange phenomenon at the service center. There happen to be two broad segments where tires are kept. The first segment shows your car tires with big discounts and the second segment shows car tires with no discount or lucrative offers. This creates a doubt in the mind of car owners as to how is it possible that one company is offering big discounts and the other is sticking to its printed price. This is where quality tires of sales come into the picture.

As an end-product user, you need to decide on the objective of purchase. Buying tires implies that you would be using them for your car. Therefore, it has to be of good quality along that can serve for a long period of time. Tires that are usually piled up for a long period in the store often come under the discount section because with time, the material starts to degrade. Tires with white spots are an indication that the quality of the material is no longer at its peak. A car with such tires run at a greater risk of facing punctures.

Tires stores in Philippines

There are numerous brands in the Philippines market that try to draw a buyer’s attention by offering big discounts, but the real impact is made by a tire’s quality. As a car owner, nothing will be more satisfying than having the luxury to use the same tire for a long period of time. Moreover, good tires also enhance a car’s mileage up to a certain extent. Professionals such as mechanics often inspect a tire’s condition by measuring its aid pressure and retention rate.

So, the next time you visit a tire store, make sure that it is not the discount that is attracting you. Inspect the quality of the tire, make it go through a series of tests right in front of you and consult a professional before making a deal. Tires for sales in Philippines are easily available, nonetheless, finding the best one need implementation of right knowledge at the right time.

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Public Transport Vs Personal Vehicle Face Off- Which One Is The Best For You

No matter what, always move on! The vehicle around us probably was the inspiration behind this positive attitude. When we think about vehicles, two kinds of them comes to our mind, the public transport and personal vehicles. Let’s have a face-off between the two and see which one wins the race.

Public Transport | Tires supplier in Philippines

1. Cost

Travelling via a transport vehicle cost very less as compared to travelling by a personal vehicle. Even if light trucks tires do a pretty good job and acts as a luggage carrier, not every individual travels with huge items of baggage. Thus, for everyday commute, public transport is a more cost-effective option.

2. Availability

Availability of transportation depends upon where you want to go to. The Philippines has a pretty good network of public transportation to every major, busy spot around the nation. But if you have to go somewhere which is somewhat away from the grid, having a personal car helps a lot.

3. Convenience

As already mentioned, the Philippines has a pretty good network of public transportation throughout the day. However, you might need to travel or reach somewhere at odd hours, due to personal and emergency reasons, and public transport is of little help. Having a personal vehicle ensures you can use it 24/7.

4. Transporting Extra Luggage

As mentioned earlier, transporting extra luggage in personal vehicles is a lot more convenient. You can rely on the mighty light truck tires to carry heavy items of baggage around the city, with a personal vehicle. As a surplus, you can even carry your pet comfortably to their vets or at a picnic spot, which is often not possible in a mode of public transport.

5. Safety

Safety has its own aspects in both these vehicle options. Traveling in public transport is a lot safer when you are returning from a party and happen to be a little tipsy. But if you own a private car, you are in-charge of its maintenance and the overall condition and as a result can be sure of the safety standard.

Personal Transport | Tires Supplier Philippines

In a nutshell, personal vehicle surpasses public transport in many aspects, but both have some features that make them special. No matter what transport you are using make sure they are all set with safety features and standards.

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A Checklist Before You Visit Tires Store In Philippines

Tires are an integral part of your vehicle. Irrespective of whether is new or old, you would always need a good set of tires to ensure that your journey remains comfortable. With growing competition in the tire industry, there are numerous brands in the market that are currently trying to capture the Philippines tire market. Therefore, here is a checklist that you must consider before visiting any tires store in Philippines-

Tires Stores Philippines

Brands Available – It is always quality over quantity. When visiting a tire store, always look for the range of brands available in the store. If there are none, then it is better to avoid the store because the quality of the tires may not be as good as the branded products.

Facility For Inspection – The next area of concern is transparency in operation. As a buyer, always inspect the quality of tire before buying them. The seller must run a series of tests right in front of you to ensure that there are no damages or defects at the time of selling the tires. If the seller refuses to demonstrate, then ask for warranty/ guarantee.

Post-Sale Service – It is not about only selling the tire. Many tires store in Philippines also offers quality post-sale service to their customers. For an instance, they regularly inspect the tires and also offer free service for tires purchased previously from their shop. In this way, the buyers also have a hassle-free experience.

Market Review – Opinions of others is always handy. Seek advice from friends, colleagues and family members. Ask them where they get their tires from, ask about their experiences with any shop that you are looking forward to visiting, ask them about the places that they wish to avoid. These opinions will give you an overview of tire stores. It will narrow down your choices and help you find an ideal store where a better experience can be expected.

Finding the right tire for your car is very important. In the absence of good tires, even the best of vehicles can face trouble in giving the best performance. Moreover, in Philippines there are roads where heavy-duty tires are required. The absence of quality under such cases can prove to be very costly for the car owners. Avoid acting on instinct and research for the best tires store in Philippines.

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4 Car Mistakes You Need To Drop Of This New Year

Having a personal vehicle has many advantages attached to it. Convenience, extra leg space, 24/7 commute availability, are just a few to name! However, while enjoying these benefits, we should also pay attention to its needs, which often we don’t. This new year get rid off all these car mistakes you have been making for so long. Let’s check them out one by one-

1. You Are Looking For Cheap Fuel

Cheap Car Fuel | Tires Store Philippines

Buying a car itself is a big investment, but it is not an excuse to look for cheap fuel. It has often been found that people go for the cheaper alternative fuel, assuming them all to be the same. However, it is not the case. The cheaper fuel options are often adulterated with some poor quality substitute. Not only can they hamper the overall riding experience, but in a rare case, it can also lead to an explosion, particularly in harsh terrains vehicles, no matter how good off-road tires you have got.

2. You Are Falling For Cheap Tires Sales

Cheap Tires Sale | Tires Stores Philippines

Just like the previous point, it is also very common to find trends of cheap tire sales. These tires are either second hand, or comprised of poor quality rubber, or made with no standard guidelines. No matter what the case is, going for cheap tires is an unwise decision that can end up pretty badly.

3. You Are NOT Analysing Your Car’s Need

Tires Store Philippines

For driving in different terrains, cars have its special needs, especially the tires. For instance, using light truck tires as a substitute for off-road tires is a bad idea. Changing the normal tires frequently is not an option, the only feasible solution is to change into suitable tires.

4. You Are NOT Hearing Your Car Out

Car analysing | Tires Store Philippines

Yes, you read it right! Cars do speak to us. Your rides in a perfectly well car will be soundless as it would not be complaining about it. As it would start to have any trouble, like a loose gear or a faulty brake system, you are ought to hear some malfunctioning sound while riding it. So, turn off your favourite tune at stereo for a while, and hear the health of your car.

In case you are not making any such silly mistake, kudos to you. In case you have been making any or more of these, shoo them out this new year.