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5 Best Romantic Places You Can Drive To On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is almost here. Are you worried sick about what to get for your partner this valentine’s day? Well, how about a surprise road trip? The Philippines is full of beautiful places with a lot of sceneries and romantic getaways. All you need is to look for accommodation, your bags packed, and a well-maintained car with off-road tires. We are here to give you ideas on the best places for you and your partner to visit in the Philippines.


Are you and your partner are a fan of architectural views and Spain? Well, then Vigan is the perfect place for both of you. It looks as much as like Spain and is filled with Spanish architecture. There is a Syquia Mansion Museum, Vigan Heritage Village, a couple other churches and Plazas. You may not be able to visit if you are going for only a day but plan the trip carefully based on the number of days you are going for. You can drive around your car and get the full Spanish/European feel of the place.

Batanes Islands

Islands can give you a cosy feeling. On top of that, if you want to get away from crowds, Batanes Islands will be perfect for you. It is the least populated places in the Philippines. You can see Basco lighthouse, Mount Iraya which is an active volcano with dramatic views, Rakuh a Payaman and Vayang Rolling Hills.

El Nido

If you want to spend your day in a romantic resort, then El Nido is the place for you. There are several resorts that offer the most exquisite views of El Nido. Miniloc, Tapik beach park resort, El Nido Mahogany Beach Resort are some of the most popular resorts. You can also go to the beaches and lagoons if you want to.

Iloilo City

The “city of love”, Iloilo city is another option for you to consider on this day. If you want to wine and dine and pamper your partner, this city is the best option for you. Iloilo River Esplanade is well known for riverfront dining. Other than that, Smallville has a lot of good restaurants, live music too. Spend the day right next to the sea while eating, drinking, and enjoying the music.

Hidden Valley Springs

Do you live in Manila? Then you can head to Hidden Valley Springs which is only two and a half hours away from Manila. If you love hiking in the jungle, this place has it all along with waterfalls and other scenic beauty. It is another place that you can go and visit, in one day.

So, which destination did you like the best? Decide and plan today and surprise your partner. Also, don’t forget to keep a spare off-road tire in your car. You do not want to spoil the day with your car breaking down.

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5 Major Causes Of Road Accidents To Watch Out For

Dean Winchester said “accidents happen accidentally” in the famous supernatural fantasy drama named supernatural. It is true in many aspects when it comes to road accidents, but it is not often true to the core. Mechanical engineers associated with car and tire stores point out several mechanically faulty parts that cause many accidents around the year. Here we list them out one by one-

1. Tires


About 4 in 10 car crashes is due to faulty tires. Tires ideally need to be manufactured as per standard guidelines and after the point of purchase, its proper maintenance plays a crucial role as well. Having the proper threads, right pressure, correct alignment and regular maintenance are crucial to avoid mishaps on the road. Using second hand or worn out tires are two worst tires mistake one can make.

Needless to say, purchasing a good quality product from a reliable tires store is a crucial step to ensure its overall safety.

2. Brakes

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It is no surprise that the ability to control the motion of the vehicle is as crucial as its brakes. A malfunctioning brake can have a catastrophic result, often worse than faulty tires. Having a hand-brake somewhat comes handy in case pedal brake fails. It is important to look for worn out pads, leakage in the brake line or other trouble with the brake mechanism from time to time. Letting a mechanic do the same is an even wiser decision.

3. Accelerator Gear Mechanism

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The accelerator gears come in 4-6 slots, each for a specific range of speed of the vehicle. In case the gear mechanism fails to engage the right groove in time, it can lead to accidents. Both type of changes, as in Sudden enhancing of speed or even decreasing can lead to a car crash in respectively front and rear side.

4. Steering

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Even though the steering is often overlooked, a malfunctioning steering can also prompt many accidents, as it can cause clashing into any nearby vehicle and other obstrucles. Regular maintenance can often ensure it stays in good shape.

5. Indicators

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Having malfunctioning lights can also cause accidents, particularly during changing lanes on highways. However, statistically, the counts are not very concerning. Timely checking usually can resolve the same.

Faulty wipers have been found to cause few accidents, but that happens only during heavy rains and stormy weathers. In a nutshell, it is safe to conclude that getting good tires from authenticated tire stores and keeping a regular check on brakes itself can reduce the risks of road accidents by more than 60 percent. So, make wise choices to ensure a safer ride.

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Know The Different Types Of Truck Tires For Different Terrains

No vehicle including a truck can do without tires. A trucker should always be prepared with the right kind of tire before getting started. The road conditions and the terrain is not the same everywhere. It becomes very important to understand the different types of tires for a smooth and safe drive in different situations. Let’s get started.

Summer Tires:

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Summer tires as the name says is meant for the summer season. This type works best in both dry and wet weather conditions during the summer season. Some of its main features include high durability, fantastic grip with a good balance of water channeling grooves and road hugging rubber.

Winter Tires:

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Driving in snowy regions is the most difficult task. Winter tires ease up this task of driving in snow and ice for the truckers. These tires are made with special tread compounds that are apt for cold weather and guard them against snow, ice, slush, or freezing rain. They work best in dry climatic conditions too.

All-Season Tires:

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This type is considered as the jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Its full depth tread siping and material endurance will offer the trucker a smooth and stable long ride all around the year. They are quite comfortable in changing temperatures, whether weathered or plain road.

Mud Terrain Tires:

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These tires fit perfectly for truckers who have to regularly pass through mud, sand, and rocks. An addition of silica stiffens the block and reduces the noise while driving. It works best for the soiled and muddy path.

All Terrain Tires:

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This type is the most popular one amongst all. They provide the perfect balance on an uneven or tangential surface or skimpy roads. The sidewalls are extra strong that prevent punctures. The increased tread and SUV fittings keep the mud and sand out of it.

Sports Truck Tires:

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Sports truck tire is perfect for hilly or zigzag roads. They save you from experiencing the roller coaster ride and help to climb tricky rocks with ease. They provide a perfect road grip, street handling, and traction throughout the year.

We are sure all truckers would now pay extra attention while selecting the tire. Ask for the most suitable one as per the road and weather conditions you are heading to. Do check the tire at Sailun Tires, a tire store in Philippines. Get Set Go!

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Take a Note Of This Checklist Before Considering Second-hand Tires For Sales in Philippines

One would have definitely realized that the cost of vehicle maintenance certainly makes a big hole in the pocket. With this feeling comes the need for adjustments. Though vehicle owners cannot cut down all the expenses, they sometimes tend to compromise on some areas – tires are the most common. Not all vehicle owners look for brand new tires, instead they prefer a second-hand tire that is in decent condition and comes with a verbal warranty from the seller. However, if you are looking for second-hand tires for sales in Philippines, then you must consider this checklist.


1. Condition Of The Tire –

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Firstly take a look at the condition of the tire. Make sure that the rim doesn’t have rust on it and the overall appearance looks fresh. Tires that look old may not have been used in a while and with time the quality of rubber could have worsened. Press the surface of the tire slightly to get a feel of the rubber’s freshness.

2. Check For Punctures And Damages, If Any –

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Take a close look at the surface of the tire and look for any cuts or damages that have been repaired previously. If you find any punctures or major cuts, then it is advised to avoid the tire as the surface has already been tampered once. Cars with repaired tires are more prone to punctures than in case of a new one.

3. Past Record –

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Ask the seller about the previous record of the tire. The model of the vehicle is important as it determines the amount of wear and tear the tire has already faced. Tires from SUV vehicles are subject to severe wear and tear.

4. Consult A Mechanic –

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Mechanics are the best people to tell you about a tire. Since they deal with different types of vehicles throughout the day, they have can offer the best advice. Any shortcoming or defect in the tire will be easily detected by them.

5. Price –

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Last, but the most important factor is the price. Used tires are usually priced around 40% to 60% of the cost of new tires. Any seller who wants more than the market rate should be avoided.

So, the next time one goes for second-hand tires for sales in Philippines the above-mentioned checklist can help get the best deals and avoid getting trapped in fake offers.

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3 Things That Determines Your Choice For Tires Stores In Philippines

With growing market for vehicles, Philippines certainly has a huge demand for tires. Irrespective of whether it is a car or a truck, each vehicle owner needs a tire from time to time. The pressing question that needs to be answered is how to choose the best tires stores in Philippines? From the perspective of a buyer, make sure you check for these three elements:

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1. Range of Tires

Buyers should always look for a complete tire shop. This means irrespective of whether it’s a car or a truck, they should get it under a single roof. Additionally, stores must have a wide range of available options. Buyers should have the liberty to choose from various brands and price range. Visiting a store with limited option will only restrict the choice of buyer and ultimately, will lead to compromise.

2. Post-sale Service

The responsibility of a tire store is not only restricted till the time of sale, but also post-sale. Most of the tire stores often consider after-sale service to be a responsibility of the company. However, in reality it is the duty of the tire store to guide customers toward the respective service centre. Failure to offer after-sale service creates a bitter experience for the customers. Forget about the next purchase, a disappointed customer will never recommend a store with such poor after-sale service.

3. Available Offers

A recent trend in the market is to attract customers with offers. Often many customers gain by purchasing multiple tires. Discounts, free after-sale service, etc., are some of the offers that attract customer. Nonetheless, it is important to ensure that customers are not blinded by offers that are not realistic. One of the common examples is “buy one get one free” offer. It is very difficult for a company to offer two tires at the price of one. Moreover, the tire store will also need to have some profits before selling the tires to the final customer.

Keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind, it becomes easier for people to choose the best tire stores Philippines. Look for range of available options, compare price with other retail stores and on the websites and finally ask your friends for references. To get the best, always make sure that you choose on the basis of facts, rather than on someone’s judgement.

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Finding The Right Tires Store In Philippines

Tires are the unsung heroes for your car. No matter how good your car looks or performs, it mainly depends on tires for movement. In such a context, it is important for a vehicle owner to locate the right tires store in Philippines. Though there are more than a thousand tire shops in the market, the best need to be distinguished from the ordinary ones.

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Quality tires are not cheap

The foremost concern for any vehicle owner should be the quality of the tire. There is no point investing in a cheap tire and then getting it replaced every alternate month. This will only add hamper your smooth flow of work along with creating a constant expense. A good quality tire may be a little expensive, but then the quality will serve you for a long period of time.

Advice matters

For a new vehicle owner, it is not possible to have in-depth knowledge about tires and its quality. This is where the store owners come in with quality guidance. Right knowledge and guidance from tire shop owners not only save money, but also adds to the life of the vehicle.

On the other hand, research and market analysis is also an important part. Consulting 2-3 shops before buying a tire gives you a basic idea of the market price. For instance, if Tire A from brand XYZ is available in the market, the vehicle owner must consult with 2-3 owners before buying the same. This will give the vehicle owner 2 critical insights – firstly, about the quality and brand value of the tire and secondly, about the prevailing market price of the tire.

Tires store in Philippines also serves additional services such as tire check-up. The condition of the tire should be checked on a regular basis in order to avoid issues such as fire damage. Cases where the vehicle passes through irregular surfaces (bumpy roads), the owners should consider going for off-road tires as they are more durable as compared to the ordinary ones.

Additionally, the air pressure in tires also plays an important role. A tire that has a low pressure will put greater pressure on the fuel, whereas a tire that has been stuffed tight is more likely to get punctured even on the slightest of bumps. Therefore, always keep your tires in good shape and condition.

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Five Features Of Best Quality Heavy Duty Tires

It is a known fact that tires, which are developed for light travel or city travels will not function properly when it comes to long travels as well as heavy workloads. For these purposes, the best options are heavy duty tires, which are engineered with the objective of providing smooth road trips which are long and difficult and are smarter across any road. Here are five major features to consider before choosing the best quality heavy duty tires.

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Better Road Handling

One of the biggest benefits provided by heavy duty tires is better handling of roads. The increased diameter of wheels, the overall tire height, and a decrease in tire sidewalls help in less roll or sway of tires, helping in difficult or uneven roads. The overall stability is increased.

Carrying Capacity

One of the biggest advantages of having these tires is increasing the overall carrying capacity of the tires without changing the wheel size. Heavy-duty tires have thicker thread-wheels which can carry 25 percent more capacity than normal tires. Thus, one can expect more capacity which is needed for long adventures

Greater Wearability & Durability

Another feature which makes these tires more preferable for long journeys and higher weight vehicles is their greater wearability and durability. These are high-profile tires which have a low heat-generation curve and therefore less failure

Sound Deadening

One of the biggest issues which many customers face is the sound of the tires, especially after a while. This issue is reduced when using heavy-duty tires as there is lesser deadening. The raw materials utilized in these types of tires help in decreasing the noise significantly.

Better Traction & Adhesion Properties

The tire has a greater rigidity which ensures stability and better transmission of vehicle’s power across the road surface. It also helps in better handling of corners as well as faster and more efficient reaction to stiff turns. The overall resistance towards additional forces and loads is also greater.

Heavy Duty Tires Philippines

While an understanding the above features is essential when purchasing heavy duty tires in Philippines, it is also necessary to have knowledge of other features. For instance, a little research on the brands available and their online or offline reviews will throw light on their quality and durability. Similarly, it is essential to have knowledge of the prices and the corresponding quality of these tires. While a customer is ready to negotiate on prices, negotiating on quality of heavy duty tires should never be an option because of the safety and security concerns.

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Get The Best Deals On Tires For Sales In Philippines

It is well-known fact that a vehicle without a tire is useless. For every vehicle owner, may it be a car or a bus or a tractor, it is mandatory to check the quality of tire from time to time. This is why our tire for sales in Philippines captures a big share of the market. An exclusive knowledge in the type of tires with a blend of competitive pricing allows us to be one of the best in the industry. For getting the best deals on tires, make sure that you take a note of the following:

Tire for Sales in Philippines

Not Everything Is Cheap

One of the most common perceptions that exist within vehicle owners is that the cheapest price gets you the best deal. However, in reality, cheaper deals can prove to be costlier for you. Random punctures, poor road grip, and frequent servicing requirement are some of the most common problems faced by vehicle owners who bet everything on price. So, the next time you go to purchase a set of tires for your vehicle, remember that cheaper products have greater consequences.

Quality Over Quantity

The impact of tires is also felt on the life of a vehicle. Tires that are well-built may cost you a little more than the market price, but its performance keeps your vehicle in good shape. There is no point saving a buck on your tires and then spending heavily on your vehicle’s engine and suspension. Rather prefer to spend some extra bucks on your tires to keep your vehicle in good condition.

Used Tires Are A Gamble

Some of your friends may have also advised you to go for used tires as they are cheaper. Even branded tires are available for almost half of their original price, but the gamble you play is within the condition of the tire and its past. No dealer is going to tell you whether the tire was from a car that met an accident, or the tire had a series of punctures in the past. You have to trust your luck under such condition. Worst case scenario: you go in for a long drive and find one of your second-hand tires to be punctured within the first few miles.

Tire sale in Philippines

Considering the above-mentioned factors, one can easily find a guide towards availing the best deals on tires for sales in Philippines. Always remember, not all that shine is gold and go for quality over everything else.

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4 Tips To Choose Off-Road Tires

Off road is an open challenge to tire manufacturers across the world. No matter how big a company is, it is always concerned about the quality of its tires and carries out necessary wear and tear tests before presenting it to the customers. Off-road tires are ideal for people who love adventure or have a business situation at remote locations. Here are 4 exclusive tips that will help to handpick the best off-road tires in Philippines.

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Tip 1 – Check For Durability

Tires are meant to last through tough situations. As a purchaser, make sure that the tire is highly durable. If required, seek assistance from peer, friends, and colleagues to get an overview of the brand. Many companies also execute tire durability test right in front of their customers.

Tip 2 – Tire Should Not Too Soft Or Too Hard

Often it has been witnessed that customers prefer soft tires as they assume that it will have better flexibility. However, if the tire is too soft, then it may not be ideal for off-road as mud can have the tire trapped. A tire, which is too hard can easily get punctured, so it is better to avoid the extreme cases and choose something which is in between them – neither too hard, nor too soft.

Tip 3 – Warranty & Guarantee

With a view to enhancing customer experience, many off-road tire companies in Philippines offer warranty and guarantee on their products. Even if a certain product is defective and has been unintentionally passed on to the customer, they can always have the same replaced or repaired through warranty.

Tip 4 – Brand

Branded products always have a greater value. Given the brand name, the company puts in every bit of extra effort to ensure that their products stand out from the rest. Buying an off-road tire from a local tire dealer can result in disappointment as they don’t promise on quality. However, with branded products, there is always an assurance of quality.

Thus, we find that selecting the right off-road tires is all about making a choice based on various aspects such as durability of the product, quality of the product, after-sale service of the product and most importantly, a brand of the product. As a customer, never compromise on quality over a small difference in price. Think from the perspective of utility rather than monetary value.

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