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Different Types Of Light Truck Tires Available In Sailun Tires

Light trucks are quite popular for business purposes and sometimes for even personal purposes. But do you know the different types of light truck tires that are available? Before you buy a light truck tire in the Philippines, you should know which type of tire is most suitable for your purposes. Sailun Tires provide four different types of light truck tires in the Philippines.

All-Season Luxury Crossover Tire

This type is considered as the jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Its full depth tread siping and material endurance will offer the driver a smooth and stable long ride all around the year. They are quite comfortable to drive in changing temperatures, whether it’s a plain road or wet and snowy road. It will generally feature a symmetrical tread pattern and circumferential grooves.

All-Terrain Light Truck Tires

This type is the most popular one amongst all. They provide the perfect balance on an uneven or tangential surface or skimpy roads. The sidewalls are extra strong that prevent punctures. The increased tread in light truck tires keeps the mud and sand out of it. They generally have a more aggressive tread pattern than highway or trail tires. Most all-terrain tires are easy to drive with little to no on-road discomfort and help to achieve this off-road traction. Many people enjoy all-terrain tires because they have little or a minimal sacrifice in noise, comfort, or longevity and a more aggressive look.

Highway-Terrain Light Truck Tires

Highway tires have the kind of tread patterns that are designed to handle the heavier loads of a truck or SUV. They are engineered to be very comfortable on the pavement. Most highway-terrain light truck tires have durable compounds and tread patterns. This helps resist uneven wear and gives long-lasting tread life. They generally feature siping for enhanced all-season traction.

Mud-Terrain Light Truck Tires

These tires fit perfectly for those drivers who regularly drive through mud, sand, and rocks rather than smooth roads. Addition of silica stiffens the block and reduces the noise while driving. It works best for the soiled and muddy path. Often, the sidewalls will be reinforced to resist punctures, abrasions, and tears that commonly occur when driving off-road. One disadvantage of these tires is that they tend to be noisier than the less aggressive tire options.

First, get to know the difference between all types of light truck tires and then buy them according to your purposes. Sailun Tires will help you buy any of the type of tire you need.

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Driver’s Guide- 6 Steps To Maintain A Light Truck

Light trucks are very popular trucks nowadays because of its performance and durability. Starting from personal use to making it your one and only source of income, Light trucks are the best in every use. Hence, it needs to be maintained every day to make it more workable. Proper maintenance is important to excel its performance, safety and extend its lifespan.

Light trucks are very popular trucks nowadays because of its performance and durability. Starting from personal use to making it your one and only source of income, Light trucks are the best in every use. Hence, it needed to be maintained every day to make it more workable. Proper maintenance is important to excel its performance, safety and extend its lifespan.

If you are a light truck owner, maintaining your truck is an essential task for you everyday. Today we are jotting down 6 maintaining tips for light trucks.

1. Clean Your Truck Regularly:

Cleaning is most important for your truck. You need to clean both the interior and exterior parts. Wash the exterior portion of your truck with a hose and car cleaner. After cleaning, dry out the truck with a dry cloth.

  • Use cleaning products, which are only made for cars.

2. Check The Tires:

This must be at the top of your list. Check both front and rear tires are properly inflated. Always buy tires from a good tire store, where you can find the best light truck tires for your truck. Change the worn out tires immediately and double check the tire pressure before setting for your journey or load items.

  • Do not over inflate your tires as it can cause flat tires.

3. Change Engine Oil And Fluids:

Changing the engine oil and fluids are important for vehicles too. Lubricating oil will help to operate the vehicle parts properly and will give you a smooth ride.

  • Always use good quality, recommended lubricating oil for the valve, windshields, bearings, and brakes.

4. Check The Battery:

Replace the battery before it looses power. Check the alternator if it’s working or not. Keep jumper cables in your truck. It will come handy when the battery won’t work.

  • Always check the battery before driving.

5. Replace The Air And Oil Filter:

A cleaner air filter will help the engine work properly and change the oil filter with every oil change as well. It will increase the engine’s performance and efficiency.

6. Check On The Accessories:

Check the brakes, steering, belts, and timing belts regularly. If you notice any dispute, call the mechanic and have them check out.

  • Do not drive with any worn out parts. Regularly checking on car parts will keep both you and your truck safe.

Besides maintaining your truck, it is important to keep emergency kits to avoid any unwanted situation. Make sure your tires are not worn out. Visit the best tires store to get the best tire for your truck. Sailun tires, a leading tire store in the Philippines, provides the best tire to their customers. Visit us for info.

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Surprise Your Valentine With Perfect Car Accessories

Valentine’s day is approaching faster than your car! Yes! You got it right. If you are already got bored with typical gifts, then you must try with this car accessories for your “caroholic” valentine! We found some car accessories idea to gift your valentine on Valentine’s day.


Liquid Proof Car Mat

Don’t let the latte sabotage your car anymore! Go for car mats which will protect the car floor from spilled liquid and keep on the mat until you wash them off. We are sure your car lover will love it.


Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator

Want to make the journey more easy and safe for him/her? Then, a cordless tire inflator will be a perfect gift for your valentine. It’s also important to keep your tire inflated from time to time. Tire inflators are very handy in use and also run with rechargeable batteries. Consult more about this with your nearby Tires Store.


Spare Tire | Sailun Tire

Keeping a spare tire in the car for your car lover will be romantic. If you both are making a plan on a road trip then it would be great. Choose the best quality tire and put it in the car’s trunk. You can easily get it in any decent tire store. Now surprise your valentine with this, before starting the journey on the next day.


Be your driver for one day

Always on passenger seat? No, not this time. Surprise your valentine with your driving skills by going on a road trip. Be their driver for one day.


Blind Spot Mirror

A new car owner? Or a new driver? Set a blind spot rear view mirror in the car to drive more safely and freely. Sometimes a blind spot mirror gets very tricky on road. You can get a full view of your rear portion while driving or parking, but other vehicles may seem small by this one. We are advising, before taking any turn, glance over your shoulder once.

Got the idea? don’t wait too long and start planning for the perfect gift for your valentine. If you got any tires related issues, don’t forget to visit Sailun Tire Store for more information. On this Valentine’s day, we have got your back!

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Why Most Quality Tires Stores Avoid Discounts

As a vehicle owner, you must have witnessed a strange phenomenon at the service center. There happen to be two broad segments where tires are kept. The first segment shows your car tires with big discounts and the second segment shows car tires with no discount or lucrative offers. This creates a doubt in the mind of car owners as to how is it possible that one company is offering big discounts and the other is sticking to its printed price. This is where quality tires of sales come into the picture.

As an end-product user, you need to decide on the objective of purchase. Buying tires implies that you would be using them for your car. Therefore, it has to be of good quality along that can serve for a long period of time. Tires that are usually piled up for a long period in the store often come under the discount section because with time, the material starts to degrade. Tires with white spots are an indication that the quality of the material is no longer at its peak. A car with such tires run at a greater risk of facing punctures.

Tires stores in Philippines

There are numerous brands in the Philippines market that try to draw a buyer’s attention by offering big discounts, but the real impact is made by a tire’s quality. As a car owner, nothing will be more satisfying than having the luxury to use the same tire for a long period of time. Moreover, good tires also enhance a car’s mileage up to a certain extent. Professionals such as mechanics often inspect a tire’s condition by measuring its aid pressure and retention rate.

So, the next time you visit a tire store, make sure that it is not the discount that is attracting you. Inspect the quality of the tire, make it go through a series of tests right in front of you and consult a professional before making a deal. Tires for sales in Philippines are easily available, nonetheless, finding the best one need implementation of right knowledge at the right time.

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Public Transport Vs Personal Vehicle Face Off- Which One Is The Best For You

No matter what, always move on! The vehicle around us probably was the inspiration behind this positive attitude. When we think about vehicles, two kinds of them comes to our mind, the public transport and personal vehicles. Let’s have a face-off between the two and see which one wins the race.

Public Transport | Tires supplier in Philippines

1. Cost

Travelling via a transport vehicle cost very less as compared to travelling by a personal vehicle. Even if light trucks tires do a pretty good job and acts as a luggage carrier, not every individual travels with huge items of baggage. Thus, for everyday commute, public transport is a more cost-effective option.

2. Availability

Availability of transportation depends upon where you want to go to. The Philippines has a pretty good network of public transportation to every major, busy spot around the nation. But if you have to go somewhere which is somewhat away from the grid, having a personal car helps a lot.

3. Convenience

As already mentioned, the Philippines has a pretty good network of public transportation throughout the day. However, you might need to travel or reach somewhere at odd hours, due to personal and emergency reasons, and public transport is of little help. Having a personal vehicle ensures you can use it 24/7.

4. Transporting Extra Luggage

As mentioned earlier, transporting extra luggage in personal vehicles is a lot more convenient. You can rely on the mighty light truck tires to carry heavy items of baggage around the city, with a personal vehicle. As a surplus, you can even carry your pet comfortably to their vets or at a picnic spot, which is often not possible in a mode of public transport.

5. Safety

Safety has its own aspects in both these vehicle options. Traveling in public transport is a lot safer when you are returning from a party and happen to be a little tipsy. But if you own a private car, you are in-charge of its maintenance and the overall condition and as a result can be sure of the safety standard.

Personal Transport | Tires Supplier Philippines

In a nutshell, personal vehicle surpasses public transport in many aspects, but both have some features that make them special. No matter what transport you are using make sure they are all set with safety features and standards.

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A Checklist Before You Visit Tires Store In Philippines

Tires are an integral part of your vehicle. Irrespective of whether is new or old, you would always need a good set of tires to ensure that your journey remains comfortable. With growing competition in the tire industry, there are numerous brands in the market that are currently trying to capture the Philippines tire market. Therefore, here is a checklist that you must consider before visiting any tires store in Philippines-

Tires Stores Philippines

Brands Available – It is always quality over quantity. When visiting a tire store, always look for the range of brands available in the store. If there are none, then it is better to avoid the store because the quality of the tires may not be as good as the branded products.

Facility For Inspection – The next area of concern is transparency in operation. As a buyer, always inspect the quality of tire before buying them. The seller must run a series of tests right in front of you to ensure that there are no damages or defects at the time of selling the tires. If the seller refuses to demonstrate, then ask for warranty/ guarantee.

Post-Sale Service – It is not about only selling the tire. Many tires store in Philippines also offers quality post-sale service to their customers. For an instance, they regularly inspect the tires and also offer free service for tires purchased previously from their shop. In this way, the buyers also have a hassle-free experience.

Market Review – Opinions of others is always handy. Seek advice from friends, colleagues and family members. Ask them where they get their tires from, ask about their experiences with any shop that you are looking forward to visiting, ask them about the places that they wish to avoid. These opinions will give you an overview of tire stores. It will narrow down your choices and help you find an ideal store where a better experience can be expected.

Finding the right tire for your car is very important. In the absence of good tires, even the best of vehicles can face trouble in giving the best performance. Moreover, in Philippines there are roads where heavy-duty tires are required. The absence of quality under such cases can prove to be very costly for the car owners. Avoid acting on instinct and research for the best tires store in Philippines.

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4 Car Mistakes You Need To Drop Of This New Year

Having a personal vehicle has many advantages attached to it. Convenience, extra leg space, 24/7 commute availability, are just a few to name! However, while enjoying these benefits, we should also pay attention to its needs, which often we don’t. This new year get rid off all these car mistakes you have been making for so long. Let’s check them out one by one-

1. You Are Looking For Cheap Fuel

Cheap Car Fuel | Tires Store Philippines

Buying a car itself is a big investment, but it is not an excuse to look for cheap fuel. It has often been found that people go for the cheaper alternative fuel, assuming them all to be the same. However, it is not the case. The cheaper fuel options are often adulterated with some poor quality substitute. Not only can they hamper the overall riding experience, but in a rare case, it can also lead to an explosion, particularly in harsh terrains vehicles, no matter how good off-road tires you have got.

2. You Are Falling For Cheap Tires Sales

Cheap Tires Sale | Tires Stores Philippines

Just like the previous point, it is also very common to find trends of cheap tire sales. These tires are either second hand, or comprised of poor quality rubber, or made with no standard guidelines. No matter what the case is, going for cheap tires is an unwise decision that can end up pretty badly.

3. You Are NOT Analysing Your Car’s Need

Tires Store Philippines

For driving in different terrains, cars have its special needs, especially the tires. For instance, using light truck tires as a substitute for off-road tires is a bad idea. Changing the normal tires frequently is not an option, the only feasible solution is to change into suitable tires.

4. You Are NOT Hearing Your Car Out

Car analysing | Tires Store Philippines

Yes, you read it right! Cars do speak to us. Your rides in a perfectly well car will be soundless as it would not be complaining about it. As it would start to have any trouble, like a loose gear or a faulty brake system, you are ought to hear some malfunctioning sound while riding it. So, turn off your favourite tune at stereo for a while, and hear the health of your car.

In case you are not making any such silly mistake, kudos to you. In case you have been making any or more of these, shoo them out this new year.

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5 Major Causes Of Road Accidents To Watch Out For

Dean Winchester said “accidents happen accidentally” in the famous supernatural fantasy drama named supernatural. It is true in many aspects when it comes to road accidents, but it is not often true to the core. Mechanical engineers associated with car and tire stores point out several mechanically faulty parts that cause many accidents around the year. Here we list them out one by one-

1. Tires


About 4 in 10 car crashes is due to faulty tires. Tires ideally need to be manufactured as per standard guidelines and after the point of purchase, its proper maintenance plays a crucial role as well. Having the proper threads, right pressure, correct alignment and regular maintenance are crucial to avoid mishaps on the road. Using second hand or worn out tires are two worst tires mistake one can make.

Needless to say, purchasing a good quality product from a reliable tires store is a crucial step to ensure its overall safety.

2. Brakes

tires store philippines

It is no surprise that the ability to control the motion of the vehicle is as crucial as its brakes. A malfunctioning brake can have a catastrophic result, often worse than faulty tires. Having a hand-brake somewhat comes handy in case pedal brake fails. It is important to look for worn out pads, leakage in the brake line or other trouble with the brake mechanism from time to time. Letting a mechanic do the same is an even wiser decision.

3. Accelerator Gear Mechanism

Tires store philippines

The accelerator gears come in 4-6 slots, each for a specific range of speed of the vehicle. In case the gear mechanism fails to engage the right groove in time, it can lead to accidents. Both type of changes, as in Sudden enhancing of speed or even decreasing can lead to a car crash in respectively front and rear side.

4. Steering

Tires store philippines

Even though the steering is often overlooked, a malfunctioning steering can also prompt many accidents, as it can cause clashing into any nearby vehicle and other obstrucles. Regular maintenance can often ensure it stays in good shape.

5. Indicators

tires store philippines

Having malfunctioning lights can also cause accidents, particularly during changing lanes on highways. However, statistically, the counts are not very concerning. Timely checking usually can resolve the same.

Faulty wipers have been found to cause few accidents, but that happens only during heavy rains and stormy weathers. In a nutshell, it is safe to conclude that getting good tires from authenticated tire stores and keeping a regular check on brakes itself can reduce the risks of road accidents by more than 60 percent. So, make wise choices to ensure a safer ride.

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Passenger Car Tires and Light Truck Tires: A Difference Explained

Passenger car tires and light truck tires are different from each other. Both the vehicles are differently constructed from each other and have a distinguished design as per the purpose and use. It is important to know all about LT and PT vehicles before differentiating between their turns.

Light Truck tires (LT-metric) are built for heavy vehicles, heavy loads and harsh roads. They are tough with rigid sidewalls. Large vehicles such as ¾ ton or larger trucks or vans that regularly carry heavy loads or pull heavy trailers require Light Truck (LT) tires. These tires are designed and constructed in a way so that they can easily carry such load including the vehicle’s weight. They can easily control the vehicle even under heavy load. They are considered as commercial tires and serve the same purpose. They are highly durable and stronger than P tires because they are made of more aggressive treads. It may have 20/32nds of tread or more. They have a load range of 10 ply and comes with maximum inflation and stiffness.

tires for sales philippines

Passenger tires (P-metric) are designed for a personal use and are meant to give the passengers a quiet, safe, comfortable and an enjoyable ride. The best examples are a family sedan, SUV, minivan etc. Many vehicles under ¾ ton can use a passenger rated tires. They are built with more material and have sturdier sidewalls to handle the weight of the vehicle. It is strictly not meant to carry heavy loads. It is best suitable if you just want to ride on highways without carrying much load. These tires are more flexible in comparison to LT tires. They have a load range of 4 ply. Therefore, they are lighter with lower pressure and maximize handling and fuel economy. LT tires cannot be used for P tires under any condition as it will give a harsh vehicle ride.

tires for sales philippines

Therefore, it is absolutely clear that the two tires are different from each other. Contact Sailun Tires to find out more about the different tire types. Check out a wide range of variety of both LT and P tires. You never know that you can get a good variety of tire for sale Philippines. Whether you are planning a family trip or a professional trucker, we have all the variety to offer. Make your ride smoother with the best quality tires available with us.

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Know The Different Types Of Truck Tires For Different Terrains

No vehicle including a truck can do without tires. A trucker should always be prepared with the right kind of tire before getting started. The road conditions and the terrain is not the same everywhere. It becomes very important to understand the different types of tires for a smooth and safe drive in different situations. Let’s get started.

Summer Tires:

tires store philippines

Summer tires as the name says is meant for the summer season. This type works best in both dry and wet weather conditions during the summer season. Some of its main features include high durability, fantastic grip with a good balance of water channeling grooves and road hugging rubber.

Winter Tires:

tires store philippines

Driving in snowy regions is the most difficult task. Winter tires ease up this task of driving in snow and ice for the truckers. These tires are made with special tread compounds that are apt for cold weather and guard them against snow, ice, slush, or freezing rain. They work best in dry climatic conditions too.

All-Season Tires:

tires store philippines

This type is considered as the jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Its full depth tread siping and material endurance will offer the trucker a smooth and stable long ride all around the year. They are quite comfortable in changing temperatures, whether weathered or plain road.

Mud Terrain Tires:

tires store philippines

These tires fit perfectly for truckers who have to regularly pass through mud, sand, and rocks. An addition of silica stiffens the block and reduces the noise while driving. It works best for the soiled and muddy path.

All Terrain Tires:

tires store philippines

This type is the most popular one amongst all. They provide the perfect balance on an uneven or tangential surface or skimpy roads. The sidewalls are extra strong that prevent punctures. The increased tread and SUV fittings keep the mud and sand out of it.

Sports Truck Tires:

tires store philippines

Sports truck tire is perfect for hilly or zigzag roads. They save you from experiencing the roller coaster ride and help to climb tricky rocks with ease. They provide a perfect road grip, street handling, and traction throughout the year.

We are sure all truckers would now pay extra attention while selecting the tire. Ask for the most suitable one as per the road and weather conditions you are heading to. Do check the tire at Sailun Tires, a tire store in Philippines. Get Set Go!