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5 Best Places To Visit In The Philippines This Christmas

Christmas is on its way and during the holidays we all feel like going for a short trip. While living in the Philippines there are a lot of short distance places which you can visit for small getaways. So, check your car for maintenance, make sure you have off-road tires, pack your bags, and be on your way.


Baguio is a quintessential evergreen favourite. It is said to be the Philippines’ winter wonderland, as the temperatures often drop to as low as 8 degrees in December. It’s the closest you can get to experiencing a chilly Christmas in the Philippines, even if there is no snow. So, make sure your car has off-road tires when you start your drive from home. Baguio also knows how to truly capture the Christmas spirit. Session Road, the city’s main thoroughfare, is decked out with Christmas lanterns and a giant Christmas tree.


Boracay is big of a hit in all season but it is more popular during the Christmas holiday season. Part of the reason is that religious Christmas traditions are vibrantly celebrated on the island. For Christmas Eve’s dinner, resorts and restaurants set up candlelit tables on the beach and offer special festive menus. Kids are also in for a treat. You can bring your children to the Happy Dreamland theme park which they will enjoy a lot.


It may be a small quiet city, but Dumaguete has a lot in store for those looking for a fascinating getaway. For one, it’s a great site for watching all kinds of dolphins and whales. You can also take your family on boat rides to the lovely Apo and Sumilon islands, which happen to be excellent diving spots too. You can also bring the kids to the Christmas Carnival in Freedom Park.


There is no better place to celebrate the festive season than in the Queen City of the South. With a lineup of fascinating events and a mishmash of attractions, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun exploring one of the world’s best islands. Cebu City is only a few hours away from other islands in the Philippines, such as Bohol, Bantayan Island, Carnaza Island, etc.


Looking for a sure-fire way to enjoy Christmas? Your Christmas adventure in Palawan will be surely filled with mesmerizing sights and unforgettable experiences including your travel to Coron, Puerto Princesa, or El Nido.

These are the five best places that you can go to this Christmas season. Whether you go to an island or a city in the Philippines, if you are driving do have off-road tires for your car to have a hassle-free holiday.

Winter Season Tire
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How Different Temperature Affect Tires In Different Ways

The Philippines mainly has two type of climates. In general, the weather conditions are dry or rainy all year long. Apart from the rainy season there is hot summer and cold winter. But did you know even in these weather conditions it can affect your tires in different ways? Tire Experts recommend people to use different type of tires in different weather condition. For example, you should drive with off-road tires in order to cope in the rainy season and its various road conditions that comes with the heavy rain.

Your car’s tires get affected by the outside temperature. If there is a change in the outside temperature, there will also be change in the pressure of your tire. A higher temperature will increase the pressure of your tire whereas a lower temperature will decrease the pressure of your tire. So try and keep your car tires inflated as recommended. We all know that tires are made up of rubber and synthetic. These two compounds oils that helps with elasticity. Due to the heat from the sun in summer season and the friction from the road, it tears and wear out the tires. This in turn causes the tires to split, crack, or become brittle. This is one of the main reasons of unfortunate accidents during the summer season.

As mentioned earlier the more low the temperatures the more low is the tire pressure. So, during the winter season we experience the cold weather conditions in Philippines especially during January, tires become under-inflated which also makes it dangerous for drivers. Some days even the rainy season can have cold days that can affect the tires in a similar manner. These under-inflated tires increase your fuel usage, create more wear and tear on your tires, and may lead to big blowouts. All cars nowadays have a TPMS i.e. a Tire Pressure Monitoring System which indicate the drivers that their tire pressure needs to be checked.

There are so many reasons your tire can start acting out suddenly and weather temperature is one of them. Even if they look like they are in good condition, it might not be true. Check your tire pressure on a monthly basis regardless to the temperature outside. Use off road tires if needed in such weather conditions. When needed do not delay or ignore if you have to change your tire or if the tire pressure has lessened over time.

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4 Nearby Places To Go On A Long Drive From Manila This Monsoon

Are you a monsoon lover? Some people don’t like going out in the monsoon season. But if you are a monsoon lover, going on a road trip in the monsoon will be perfect for you. Even though sometimes, it can be risky driving in the rain but it can be easily solved if your car has off-road tires. So, this monsoon we are giving you ideas of 4 places which you can go to on a long drive from Manila.


It is a 2-hour drive from Manila filled with scenic beauty. You can even go there on the weekends or a 3-4 days vacation. The most stunning view in Tagaytay is the Taal lake and volcano. Here inside the lake is the volcano, which is the second most active volcano in the Philippines and inside the volcano is another lake. This view is the most attractive spot for tourists of Tagaytay. Other than that you can visit People’s park in the sky, Sky ranch, Picnic Grove and Our Lady of Manaoag at Tierra de Maria. If the weather is breezy visiting tourist spots in Tagaytay would be a pleasant experience.


A car drive of a maximum of 3 hours Laguna is famous for beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and lakes. Several mountains like Mt. Makiing, Mt. Romelo are a very serene and good place for camping. There are a few lakes that have the most breathtaking views like Lake Caliraya, Lake Pandin, and Yambo, Lake Sampaloc, etc. You can go for bike rides or rafting in these lakes. It is also more fun if it’s raining. Apart from nature, there are other tourist spots too. The Enchanted Kingdom is an attractive spot for tourists with kids as it is an amusement park filled with roller coasters and water rides. If you like museums, you can visit Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.


This is one of the nearest spots from Manila taking only 1.5 hours to reach. It is also the perfect place for nature lovers. The province capital of Rizal, Antipolo is a popular pilgrimage site. Another tourist spot is Mt. Daraitan. It sits at the border between Tanay, Rizal and General Nakar, Quezon. If you like hiking this is the perfect place for you. There is also Daranak Falls in Tanay. Among museums, you can visit the Pinto Art Museum and Masungi reserve.


Another 2-hour road trip spot can be Batangas. If you love beaches and that too in monsoon Batangas should be your first choice. There is also a beautiful historic church called Taal Basilica. You can also go for small distance hiking and camping in Mt. Batulao and Mt. Macolod.

These are the four most beautiful tourist spots for you to travel to this monsoon. Don’t forget to pack essentials needed for monsoon season, along with spare off road tires, especially if you are planning to for hiking or camping.

Off road tire adventure
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6 Steps On How To Prepare For Off-Road Adventure

Running your vehicle on the trail is not very easy unless you are an adventurous person. It can be easy when you have the proper equipment for off-road adventure. One of the important parts is off-road tires. Today we are going to discuss how you will prepare for your off-road adventure.

1. Plan Everything Beforehand:

Set a certain journey point, from where you will start your journey. Research about the place, know the weather condition and collect the roadmap. Let someone know about the adventure for your safety and invite your friends to join you.

2. Check Your Vehicle Thoroughly:

Here comes the important part before your adventure. Visit a good tire store and buy off-road tires. Remember off-road tires are more expensive than regular tires. Consult with the tire sellers and know everything about the tires. Also follow few more steps, such as

(a) Check the air-pressure.
(b) Check your vehicle contains sufficient oil, fluids as 4×4 wheeler puts a lot of pressure on the engine and check the radiator coolant level
(c) Check the bearings, ball joints and rods end are in good condition.
(d) Check the battery power and fuel level.
(e) Make sure the windshield wiper fluid is full.
(f) Repair immediately if you found any leaks, spill or oil spot.

3. Modify The Vehicle With Off-Road Essentials:

Upgrade your vehicle with off-road accessories-

(a) Select Off-road tires, as it has the deeper treads and the best traction to the ground in any off-road condition.
(b) Select Off-road lights for the best visibility. Off-road lights will help you to see the faraway objects and blind corners.
(c) Don’t forget to attach winches and tow straps. Keep extra long nylon ropes in case if you stuck in deep mud and need to tow.
(d) Install rock-sliders as it will give your vehicle protection from rocks, logs or any unwanted objects on the trail.
(e) Make sure your vehicle has roof racks. You can load essential items such as surfboards, bags, canoes and so on.

4. Keep a shovel, seat belts cutter, glass breaker, flares, flashlight and jumper cables in the vehicle. It will help you to cope up unwanted situation.

5. Bring water bottles, GPS device, map, first-aid kit along with you.

6. Invite your friends to the adventure. Do not go alone and make sure you are familiar with the trail. If you want to try a new trail, get to know the place before starting your journey.

Always wear seat belts wherever you go. Do not speed up while driving on the trail and stay in a safe position.

Have fun!

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Top 4 Car Movies Every Car Lover Must Watch

While enjoying exotic rides, backed up by off-road tires, did you ever notice that the car has been an integrated part of our on-screen entertainment as well?

Car movies have won our hearts since the ’70s. Especially for car lovers, they will never hesitate to watch the same movie many times. Whether it’s only a cool car related movie or an action and racing packed movie with a great high speed case, these movies will always inspire the youth to love their four-wheeler!

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite car movies-

1. The Fast And The Furious:

The most popular action-based car movie all time, where Paul Walker (Brian) played a cop and got involved with the underground street race to the bottom of the crime. He stayed loyal to his new friend, an honest cop Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto). Paul has been sent as an undercover to destroy the street racing. Will his loyalty ever win? This movie taught us about how to have a real race on the street!

2. Gone In 60 Seconds:

Automobile lover will love this movie! As the movie features many vintage cars (Mustang, Ferraris, Lamborghinis). The movie is about a retired car thief (Nicholas Cage) who need to steal 48 luxury cars to pay off his brother’s debt. It includes an epic car race with the cops across Southern California.h

3. The Transporter Series:

Pure action based and much like the The Fast And The Furious one, this series features Jason Statham. The car chases, in the beginning, left our heart racing like cars! We are sure all car lover internally screamed when Jason entered with his ‘black E38 735i’h

4. Drive:

It’s recently released film and much more independent film. Starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, and Christina Hendricks. Ryan played a mysterious Hollywood stunt driver and mechanic moonlights as a getaway driver, who found himself in trouble with his neighbour Irene (Carey) as he starts to fall for her. The movie features an exciting car race between Ford Mustang 5.0 and Chrysler 300 SRT8. Guess who was in the Mustang? The movie is worth watching if you haven’t watched it before. We are sure mysterious Ryan will take your heart forever!h

Before the movies take over you, we will notify you not to imitate the movies in real life, because you and your car tires are much more worthy than the movie tickets. For any inquiry related to tires, visit our tires store today.

road trip for girls
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Best Short Road Trip For Girls Day-Out Near Manila

Let’s skip the family tour, avoid inviting your loved one for one day. Make a girls group and plan a girls-day-out on the weekend. Those who are planning for a short girls day-out where no-boys-allowed, we found for you some best places to visit near Manila.
Get your car and tires ready with Sailun Tires for the best girls-day-out ever! Let’s see what we have found for you and your girls-

Island Cove:

The best place to escape from the caustic heat of Manila and enjoy this three-in-one park with your girls. It includes a water park, a fishing village, and a wildlife park. Water park offering best water slides, swimming pool, and fountains.

Republic Wake Park:

Be prepared with your water board for adventure! The wake park is in Laguna and the best place for learning wakes with the help of learner cables. If you are a pro ‘Waker’, take the full advantage of this wake park!

Mount Pinatubo:

Ready for trek mount Pinatubo! Mount Pinatubo is an active volcano located on the island of Luzon. Pinatubo last erupted in June 1991. But now it is a safe place to visit. Pinatubo has a beautiful lake with crystal clear water. Do not miss out the opportunity to trek the mountain.

Flying Trapeze:

Always been infatuated with circus moves? Visit flying trapeze with your girl’s group and enjoy the full size flying trapeze. It is available for all ages, skills, and weight. It’s even said that it helps to reduce weight in a challenging environment.

Ketchup Food Community:

If traveling places already tired you, we are suggesting this amazing food community fill up your tummy! It is in Baguio city. The place includes Canto (A famous for lomo ribs), Green Pepper (serves sandwiches, pasta), Rancho Norte (you will get delicious Filipino dishes), Happy Tummy (famous for Thai food).

Filling Station:

The best place to visit with your friends, also it is the place to dine out! Filling Station is the fifty styled American diners, where you could feel ‘American’! They got billiards, vinyl, telephone booth. Sit and order your favourite drinks and food!

Get ready with your girls-pals for an amazing weekend day trip. Check your car twice if you forget any essential things to pack in your car. Make sure your car is running with the best tires. Visit our Tires Store for any car service.

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Why Most Quality Tires Stores Avoid Discounts

As a vehicle owner, you must have witnessed a strange phenomenon at the service center. There happen to be two broad segments where tires are kept. The first segment shows your car tires with big discounts and the second segment shows car tires with no discount or lucrative offers. This creates a doubt in the mind of car owners as to how is it possible that one company is offering big discounts and the other is sticking to its printed price. This is where quality tires of sales come into the picture.

As an end-product user, you need to decide on the objective of purchase. Buying tires implies that you would be using them for your car. Therefore, it has to be of good quality along that can serve for a long period of time. Tires that are usually piled up for a long period in the store often come under the discount section because with time, the material starts to degrade. Tires with white spots are an indication that the quality of the material is no longer at its peak. A car with such tires run at a greater risk of facing punctures.

Tires stores in Philippines

There are numerous brands in the Philippines market that try to draw a buyer’s attention by offering big discounts, but the real impact is made by a tire’s quality. As a car owner, nothing will be more satisfying than having the luxury to use the same tire for a long period of time. Moreover, good tires also enhance a car’s mileage up to a certain extent. Professionals such as mechanics often inspect a tire’s condition by measuring its aid pressure and retention rate.

So, the next time you visit a tire store, make sure that it is not the discount that is attracting you. Inspect the quality of the tire, make it go through a series of tests right in front of you and consult a professional before making a deal. Tires for sales in Philippines are easily available, nonetheless, finding the best one need implementation of right knowledge at the right time.

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Public Transport Vs Personal Vehicle Face Off- Which One Is The Best For You

No matter what, always move on! The vehicle around us probably was the inspiration behind this positive attitude. When we think about vehicles, two kinds of them comes to our mind, the public transport and personal vehicles. Let’s have a face-off between the two and see which one wins the race.

Public Transport | Tires supplier in Philippines

1. Cost

Travelling via a transport vehicle cost very less as compared to travelling by a personal vehicle. Even if light trucks tires do a pretty good job and acts as a luggage carrier, not every individual travels with huge items of baggage. Thus, for everyday commute, public transport is a more cost-effective option.

2. Availability

Availability of transportation depends upon where you want to go to. The Philippines has a pretty good network of public transportation to every major, busy spot around the nation. But if you have to go somewhere which is somewhat away from the grid, having a personal car helps a lot.

3. Convenience

As already mentioned, the Philippines has a pretty good network of public transportation throughout the day. However, you might need to travel or reach somewhere at odd hours, due to personal and emergency reasons, and public transport is of little help. Having a personal vehicle ensures you can use it 24/7.

4. Transporting Extra Luggage

As mentioned earlier, transporting extra luggage in personal vehicles is a lot more convenient. You can rely on the mighty light truck tires to carry heavy items of baggage around the city, with a personal vehicle. As a surplus, you can even carry your pet comfortably to their vets or at a picnic spot, which is often not possible in a mode of public transport.

5. Safety

Safety has its own aspects in both these vehicle options. Traveling in public transport is a lot safer when you are returning from a party and happen to be a little tipsy. But if you own a private car, you are in-charge of its maintenance and the overall condition and as a result can be sure of the safety standard.

Personal Transport | Tires Supplier Philippines

In a nutshell, personal vehicle surpasses public transport in many aspects, but both have some features that make them special. No matter what transport you are using make sure they are all set with safety features and standards.

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A Checklist Before You Visit Tires Store In Philippines

Tires are an integral part of your vehicle. Irrespective of whether is new or old, you would always need a good set of tires to ensure that your journey remains comfortable. With growing competition in the tire industry, there are numerous brands in the market that are currently trying to capture the Philippines tire market. Therefore, here is a checklist that you must consider before visiting any tires store in Philippines-

Tires Stores Philippines

Brands Available – It is always quality over quantity. When visiting a tire store, always look for the range of brands available in the store. If there are none, then it is better to avoid the store because the quality of the tires may not be as good as the branded products.

Facility For Inspection – The next area of concern is transparency in operation. As a buyer, always inspect the quality of tire before buying them. The seller must run a series of tests right in front of you to ensure that there are no damages or defects at the time of selling the tires. If the seller refuses to demonstrate, then ask for warranty/ guarantee.

Post-Sale Service – It is not about only selling the tire. Many tires store in Philippines also offers quality post-sale service to their customers. For an instance, they regularly inspect the tires and also offer free service for tires purchased previously from their shop. In this way, the buyers also have a hassle-free experience.

Market Review – Opinions of others is always handy. Seek advice from friends, colleagues and family members. Ask them where they get their tires from, ask about their experiences with any shop that you are looking forward to visiting, ask them about the places that they wish to avoid. These opinions will give you an overview of tire stores. It will narrow down your choices and help you find an ideal store where a better experience can be expected.

Finding the right tire for your car is very important. In the absence of good tires, even the best of vehicles can face trouble in giving the best performance. Moreover, in Philippines there are roads where heavy-duty tires are required. The absence of quality under such cases can prove to be very costly for the car owners. Avoid acting on instinct and research for the best tires store in Philippines.

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4 Car Mistakes You Need To Drop Of This New Year

Having a personal vehicle has many advantages attached to it. Convenience, extra leg space, 24/7 commute availability, are just a few to name! However, while enjoying these benefits, we should also pay attention to its needs, which often we don’t. This new year get rid off all these car mistakes you have been making for so long. Let’s check them out one by one-

1. You Are Looking For Cheap Fuel

Cheap Car Fuel | Tires Store Philippines

Buying a car itself is a big investment, but it is not an excuse to look for cheap fuel. It has often been found that people go for the cheaper alternative fuel, assuming them all to be the same. However, it is not the case. The cheaper fuel options are often adulterated with some poor quality substitute. Not only can they hamper the overall riding experience, but in a rare case, it can also lead to an explosion, particularly in harsh terrains vehicles, no matter how good off-road tires you have got.

2. You Are Falling For Cheap Tires Sales

Cheap Tires Sale | Tires Stores Philippines

Just like the previous point, it is also very common to find trends of cheap tire sales. These tires are either second hand, or comprised of poor quality rubber, or made with no standard guidelines. No matter what the case is, going for cheap tires is an unwise decision that can end up pretty badly.

3. You Are NOT Analysing Your Car’s Need

Tires Store Philippines

For driving in different terrains, cars have its special needs, especially the tires. For instance, using light truck tires as a substitute for off-road tires is a bad idea. Changing the normal tires frequently is not an option, the only feasible solution is to change into suitable tires.

4. You Are NOT Hearing Your Car Out

Car analysing | Tires Store Philippines

Yes, you read it right! Cars do speak to us. Your rides in a perfectly well car will be soundless as it would not be complaining about it. As it would start to have any trouble, like a loose gear or a faulty brake system, you are ought to hear some malfunctioning sound while riding it. So, turn off your favourite tune at stereo for a while, and hear the health of your car.

In case you are not making any such silly mistake, kudos to you. In case you have been making any or more of these, shoo them out this new year.