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5 Best Romantic Places You Can Drive To On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is almost here. Are you worried sick about what to get for your partner this valentine’s day? Well, how about a surprise road trip? The Philippines is full of beautiful places with a lot of sceneries and romantic getaways. All you need is to look for accommodation, your bags packed, and a well-maintained car with off-road tires. We are here to give you ideas on the best places for you and your partner to visit in the Philippines.


Are you and your partner are a fan of architectural views and Spain? Well, then Vigan is the perfect place for both of you. It looks as much as like Spain and is filled with Spanish architecture. There is a Syquia Mansion Museum, Vigan Heritage Village, a couple other churches and Plazas. You may not be able to visit if you are going for only a day but plan the trip carefully based on the number of days you are going for. You can drive around your car and get the full Spanish/European feel of the place.

Batanes Islands

Islands can give you a cosy feeling. On top of that, if you want to get away from crowds, Batanes Islands will be perfect for you. It is the least populated places in the Philippines. You can see Basco lighthouse, Mount Iraya which is an active volcano with dramatic views, Rakuh a Payaman and Vayang Rolling Hills.

El Nido

If you want to spend your day in a romantic resort, then El Nido is the place for you. There are several resorts that offer the most exquisite views of El Nido. Miniloc, Tapik beach park resort, El Nido Mahogany Beach Resort are some of the most popular resorts. You can also go to the beaches and lagoons if you want to.

Iloilo City

The “city of love”, Iloilo city is another option for you to consider on this day. If you want to wine and dine and pamper your partner, this city is the best option for you. Iloilo River Esplanade is well known for riverfront dining. Other than that, Smallville has a lot of good restaurants, live music too. Spend the day right next to the sea while eating, drinking, and enjoying the music.

Hidden Valley Springs

Do you live in Manila? Then you can head to Hidden Valley Springs which is only two and a half hours away from Manila. If you love hiking in the jungle, this place has it all along with waterfalls and other scenic beauty. It is another place that you can go and visit, in one day.

So, which destination did you like the best? Decide and plan today and surprise your partner. Also, don’t forget to keep a spare off-road tire in your car. You do not want to spoil the day with your car breaking down.

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5 Best Places To Visit In The Philippines This Christmas

Christmas is on its way and during the holidays we all feel like going for a short trip. While living in the Philippines there are a lot of short distance places which you can visit for small getaways. So, check your car for maintenance, make sure you have off-road tires, pack your bags, and be on your way.


Baguio is a quintessential evergreen favourite. It is said to be the Philippines’ winter wonderland, as the temperatures often drop to as low as 8 degrees in December. It’s the closest you can get to experiencing a chilly Christmas in the Philippines, even if there is no snow. So, make sure your car has off-road tires when you start your drive from home. Baguio also knows how to truly capture the Christmas spirit. Session Road, the city’s main thoroughfare, is decked out with Christmas lanterns and a giant Christmas tree.


Boracay is big of a hit in all season but it is more popular during the Christmas holiday season. Part of the reason is that religious Christmas traditions are vibrantly celebrated on the island. For Christmas Eve’s dinner, resorts and restaurants set up candlelit tables on the beach and offer special festive menus. Kids are also in for a treat. You can bring your children to the Happy Dreamland theme park which they will enjoy a lot.


It may be a small quiet city, but Dumaguete has a lot in store for those looking for a fascinating getaway. For one, it’s a great site for watching all kinds of dolphins and whales. You can also take your family on boat rides to the lovely Apo and Sumilon islands, which happen to be excellent diving spots too. You can also bring the kids to the Christmas Carnival in Freedom Park.


There is no better place to celebrate the festive season than in the Queen City of the South. With a lineup of fascinating events and a mishmash of attractions, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun exploring one of the world’s best islands. Cebu City is only a few hours away from other islands in the Philippines, such as Bohol, Bantayan Island, Carnaza Island, etc.


Looking for a sure-fire way to enjoy Christmas? Your Christmas adventure in Palawan will be surely filled with mesmerizing sights and unforgettable experiences including your travel to Coron, Puerto Princesa, or El Nido.

These are the five best places that you can go to this Christmas season. Whether you go to an island or a city in the Philippines, if you are driving do have off-road tires for your car to have a hassle-free holiday.

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5 Benefits Of Having Your Personal Car

Owning a car has become very common these days in most parts of the world. Some people even have more than one car. Some might say it has become a status quotient. Are you still deciding whether or not to buy a car? We, at Sailun Tires, a leading tire supplier in the Philippines will tell you about the benefits of having a personal car of your own.


If you still rely on others to travel or use public vehicles having a personal car can cure this problem. If you have your own car you don’t have to adjust your schedule according to others. If you are using public vehicles there is always tension in your mind whether you will reach on time or you might miss your public transport. You will be independent to travel using your car as you please even if it is simply to travel from work to home.

Beneficial During Emergency

Your personal vehicle can be very beneficial in case of emergencies. Many a time, it so happens that someone in your family falls sick or gets injured in an accident and the hospital is far away from your place. Also, sometimes when you call the ambulance it might take time to reach your place. In such cases, your personal car can be very helpful and you won’t have to wait for a public vehicle or an ambulance.

Convenient and Save Time

The capacity to work individually implies that you need to stress only about your timetable and frenzied life. Having your very own vehicle makes life considerably more helpful. Having the option to cross town in only in minutes spares you a great deal of time on your day by day drive, on your shopping trips, or visiting your relatives. With the bustling lives that we lead, it is hard to make time. Having a vehicle saves that extra time.

Long Drives

One of the biggest advantages of having your own car is planning a trip or sometimes even going on an unplanned trip or long drive. Having a car at such times is more practical. You can also explore the roads off-the-grid more in your own car. Just remember to equip yourself with off-road tires and keep a lookout for danger signs on these roads. Also, some public vehicles don’t allow pets. So if you want your furry babies to accompany you, having your own car will solve that problem.

Big Families

Do you have a big family? Then buying a big car to accommodate your whole family would be a great idea. If you have a big family who wants to travel during the holidays, you will understand the significance of having your own vehicle. During this time, public transports turn out to be increasingly costly, compelling some people to stop traveling. Those with personal vehicles will have nothing to worry about.

So, don’t think much and invest in your own vehicle today.

Off road tire adventure
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6 Steps On How To Prepare For Off-Road Adventure

Running your vehicle on the trail is not very easy unless you are an adventurous person. It can be easy when you have the proper equipment for off-road adventure. One of the important parts is off-road tires. Today we are going to discuss how you will prepare for your off-road adventure.

1. Plan Everything Beforehand:

Set a certain journey point, from where you will start your journey. Research about the place, know the weather condition and collect the roadmap. Let someone know about the adventure for your safety and invite your friends to join you.

2. Check Your Vehicle Thoroughly:

Here comes the important part before your adventure. Visit a good tire store and buy off-road tires. Remember off-road tires are more expensive than regular tires. Consult with the tire sellers and know everything about the tires. Also follow few more steps, such as

(a) Check the air-pressure.
(b) Check your vehicle contains sufficient oil, fluids as 4×4 wheeler puts a lot of pressure on the engine and check the radiator coolant level
(c) Check the bearings, ball joints and rods end are in good condition.
(d) Check the battery power and fuel level.
(e) Make sure the windshield wiper fluid is full.
(f) Repair immediately if you found any leaks, spill or oil spot.

3. Modify The Vehicle With Off-Road Essentials:

Upgrade your vehicle with off-road accessories-

(a) Select Off-road tires, as it has the deeper treads and the best traction to the ground in any off-road condition.
(b) Select Off-road lights for the best visibility. Off-road lights will help you to see the faraway objects and blind corners.
(c) Don’t forget to attach winches and tow straps. Keep extra long nylon ropes in case if you stuck in deep mud and need to tow.
(d) Install rock-sliders as it will give your vehicle protection from rocks, logs or any unwanted objects on the trail.
(e) Make sure your vehicle has roof racks. You can load essential items such as surfboards, bags, canoes and so on.

4. Keep a shovel, seat belts cutter, glass breaker, flares, flashlight and jumper cables in the vehicle. It will help you to cope up unwanted situation.

5. Bring water bottles, GPS device, map, first-aid kit along with you.

6. Invite your friends to the adventure. Do not go alone and make sure you are familiar with the trail. If you want to try a new trail, get to know the place before starting your journey.

Always wear seat belts wherever you go. Do not speed up while driving on the trail and stay in a safe position.

Have fun!

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6 Reasons Why Light Trucks Are The Best

The fancy, shiny cars are good for people going in and out of air-conditioned rooms and office spaces, but let’s be honest, pickup and light trucks are of so much better usage. In fact, as per statistics, more young people prefer these miniature giants nowadays. No doubt, the sales of light truck tires are on a steady high as well. Here we list out a few reasons why light trucks are the best possible vehicles unless you can afford to buy and maintain personal jets, perhaps.

1. It Is Cost Effective

Light TRuck

The light trucks are quite cheap if compared to other the fancy car options. Moreover, a personal vehicle is not just a ‘one-time investment’. Thus, the low maintenance cost of the light truck makes it an even more cost-effective option.

2. It Is Great For Pick Up/Drop

Light Truck Tire

Light truck comes handy whenever you have to pick up a cousin for her weekend off or going to drop a friend to the airport. It can accommodate plenty of belongings and luggage for a family of at least 4-5 people.

3. It Is Quite Fuel Efficient

Light TRuck

Despite being used as a cargo carrier, it does not consume that much fuel. It gives excellent mileage and overall performance. In fact, a single trip in a light truck is equivalent 2 to 3 trips in a normal passenger car. Thereby, it saves a lot of fuel.

4. It Is Good For Both Personal And Professional Use

Light Truck


Its range of usage is highly diversified. You can use it for your daily trips, occasional heavy work or also work as a professional packer and mover. This vehicle is ‘one moving solution’ for all your transporting need.

5. It Is Great For Families With Pets



No matter how much you love your pets, moving them inside the closed car is not often convenient for them or you, if they end up peeing or pooping on your rich, leather seat-covers. An open carrier is a much better option both their comfort and cleaning afterward, if needed.

6. It Can A Much Cheaper Substitute For An RV

Light Truck

Well, of course, you cannot get an inbuilt designed bathroom or TV, but you can easily make many weekend trips on it. You can go camping and biking and pretty much everything. You can simply pile up everything you need on its back and get set go.

So, get your own personalized cargo and always keep a couple of spare light truck tires for convenience.