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Passenger Car Tires

3 Reasons Why You Should Rotate Your Passenger Car Tires

Ever heard the term tire rotation? It is basically when the front tires are swapped with the rear tires, as they are in better condition. Most car owners tend to ignore having their passenger car tires rotated. Yet it is an important part of car servicing. If you think you are better off without it, here are three reasons that will definitely convince you to go for tire rotation.

Equalize Tread Wear

The main reason for tire rotation is to make sure the tire is worn out equally. When you take a turn on the road, it puts more pressure on the outer edges of the front tires than on the rear tires. Whenever you do parallel parking, U-turns or three-point turns, all of these tend to put pressure on them. This means that your front tires get worn out a lot more quickly than rear tires. This is why you should get your passenger car tires rotated.

Preserve Balance

Tire rotation is done in a lot of ways. There is modified cross rotation, straight rotation, five-tire rotation, and six tire rotation (which is mainly done in trucks). All these types of rotation are done in order to preserve the balance of the car. If the passenger car tires and wheels are not in balance they will keep vibrating. Your tire will keep on wearing, making your car uncomfortable and unbalanced. In the end, you will end up changing all the tires before time, which will cost you a lot more.

Increase The Lifetime Of Tires

Although this is not strictly true, but many consumers have reported that if you get your passenger car tires rotated it will give a prolonged lifetime to tires. Granted, many of them think it’s better to change passenger car tires rather than rotating them. But if you are on a budget rotating the tires rather than changing all of them will cost you a lot less. Not only that, but you will also be saving yourself from letting the not worn out tires getting wasted.

These are the three main reasons why you should consider having your passenger car tires. In short, you will be saving money and save yourself from catastrophic road accidents. So, if you notice your front tires have become worn out, the next time you give your car for servicing ask them to get your passenger car tires rotated.

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5 Pre-Travel Tire Maintenance Tips You Must Always Remember

Everyone likes to take a small trip outside the city every now and then. Taking small trips with your car can give us a break from our busy life. But while planning for these type of trips you should make sure that you take everything necessary for an emergency and your car including your passenger car tires are maintained properly.

For optimum tire performance, tires must have accurate and proper air pressure, tread depth, balance, and wheel alignment. Before you hit the road and go off on your road trip, there are important things you need to take care of regarding your passenger car tires. Take a look at them.

1. If you rotate your tires regularly it will make tread wear even and improve the tire performance. So, it will be better if you go for tire rotation before the trip.

2. Checking the tire pressure is necessary anyway once a week and if you are going on a trip you should definitely check the tire pressure as you will also be carrying extra load than normal. If your tire inflation is improper then driving can cause tire damage which can be very dangerous. It can also lead to unsafe handling of the car and poor fuel economy.

3. Every car and its tires have a maximum weight recommendation. It can be found in the owner’s manual and the tire’s sidewall. Make sure that you carry the extra loads according to the recommendation given. An excessive load makes a bad impact on tires and affect driving. It will cost you more in the long run as the heavier the car becomes, the worse your fuel economy will be.

4. The tread depth of a tire should be more than 2/32 inch. Make sure to measure the tread depth before on a road trip. You can do it with the help of the penny test. Do not use the same tires for your trip if they are worn out or uneven. Replace your passenger car tires before going on the trip.

5. Closely inspect splits, bumps, and bulges of your passenger car tires. Bumps and bulges can mean separation within the tire. If you do find such things before the trip it would be best to get it checked out or change the tire.

So, next time you go on a road trip make sure your passenger car tires are well maintained and in case they are not, get new tires immediately.

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What To Do If Your Car Doesn’t Have A Spare Tire In Emergency?

When you buy a new car you would, of course, look for all kinds of features you are getting in the car. Most people tend to compare all the features of all the cars in the same range of price. But yet, often we don’t even give a second thought to what type of passenger car tires is being used in the car.

In the recent models of cars, it has also been observed that the spare tire is not even there. On top of that, some cars are even missing the space for spare tire. Sure, there has been a lot of advancement in technology that removes the possibility of situations where you don’t get stranded on the road due to punctured tires. But there are still cases of emergency where you might need to use other ways to repair passenger car tires.

Consider buying run-flat tires. When you do get a puncture in your passenger car tire, you can use a run-flat-tire. They are equipped to travel a limited distance mostly under the speed of 50 mph. It will provide stability to your car in case of a tire blowout. The only disadvantage is that you need to keep a check on the air pressure as it can be hard to tell when run-flat tires are low on air.

These cars come equipped with an inflation kit and/or a can of sealant. It is a substance in a can that can be used to seal the puncture by coating the inside of the tire due to centrifugal force once you get rolling again. These products tend to work pretty well on a minor puncture and have been on the market for decades. However, they’re not a permanent fix. Your speed should be limited after using a sealant, and you should get your passenger car tire repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Another alternative for new cars is an onboard compressor that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter. These little compressors work quite well by refilling a tire within a few minutes, getting you back on your way again.

Of course, any of these methods are not for long term. Sooner or later you will need to change your passenger car tire. So, the best alternative is to keep a spare passenger car tire in your car or if you are buying a new car check whether it comes with a spare tire or not.


Tire Buying Checklist
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5 Guidelines To Follow When Buying New Passenger Car Tires

If you are an owner of a passenger car then, you might know how much care and maintenance one needs to take, and that includes buying new passenger car tires when needed. But you should follow some guidelines when you are buying new tires. See what those guidelines are.

Read Reviews

Reading reviews beforehand should be one of the things on your to-do list before buying these tires. Look on the internet, newspapers, etc to find out what other people using passenger car tires have to say about them. Take into account the reviews of people who have driven less than 25% of the tire’s lifespan. A new tire will always perform well and up to the mark. The real test comes when it has been used for some years and whether they are still performing well or not. For that look for reviews of people who have already used the tires for a couple of years.

Be on the Lookout for Tires for Sale

When you know the life of your tires is coming to an end and it is time to change your tires start looking for manufacturer providing tires for sales. There are some manufacturers that frequently offer significant discounts on their tires, and it pays to exchange your tires when you find a good deal.

Make Sure You Have The Right Tire For Your Car

Choosing the correct tire is very important. When replacing your passenger car tires, if you don’t pick the exact model and exact size, it will be damaging for your car. Check the sidewall of your tire, where you will find a code telling you the tire’s size and capabilities.

Make Sure Your Tires Are Actually New

Sometimes even new tires might not be technically new. They could be sitting in the back of a warehouse for a few months. If it has been exposed to extreme heat and cold, it can take the life out of tires before they ever hit the asphalt. So, remember to check the four-digit number on the side of the tire to see when the tires were manufactured.

Buy the Best You Can Afford

Once you have determined which type of tires you will need, buy the highest quality tire you can afford in that category. Don’t compromise on quality in order to save money. Instead, if you buy higher-quality tires it will save your money in the long run because they will last longer and perform better for longer.

Keep these guidelines in mind the next time you are in the market for new passenger car tires, and you will get the perfect tires.

Passenger car tires in Philippines
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Keep the Comfort Intact With Passenger Car Tires in The Philippines

The commercial transport industry of Philippines is growing at a rapid pace. As more people are now making use of passenger cars, car owners are required to ensure that their journey needs to be uninterrupted and comfortable. The impact of this development has made an instant market for passenger car tires in Philippines.

As we are all aware of the fact that car tires play an important role in a vehicle’s performance, there is no scope for compromise. Earlier, car owners used to resort to other means such as using spare tires from an old vehicle, not opting for regular maintenance, running the vehicle in low air pressure on tire, etc. Now a day, the phenomenon has changes completely as people are now obsessed with quality experience. With stiff competition in the market, if the travelling experience is not good in one passenger car, the traveller immediately starts to look for another one with better facilities.

There are numerous factors that one must keep in mind while buying passenger car tires in Philippines-

  • The quality has to be the best in the industry. Commercial vehicles are subject to severe wear and tear. Any compromise on the quality can result in poor performance of the vehicle.
  • Tire type should exactly be as required. Often dealers try to offer substitutes, if a certain tire brand is not available. This situation should be avoided at call cost as different brands deviate in tire sizes and have their own specific measurement.
  • Tires that are used for commercial purpose are always priced higher than normal ones. This is because of the quality. Any surprising deal with big discounts should immediately be ignored as there is no scope for compromise on quality.
  • After sale service is an important aspect. Make sure the dealer has provisions for after-sale service. Under any case, if the tire becomes unusable within months (except for accident and misuse), necessary action needs to be taken from the dealer.

Passenger car tires in Philippines are readily available in the market. From the perspective of a buyer, it is always advised to analyse the market first and form a general perception of the average price of tire. Once market survey is complete, choose the best on the basis of balance between price and quality.

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Top 4 Car Movies Every Car Lover Must Watch

While enjoying exotic rides, backed up by off-road tires, did you ever notice that the car has been an integrated part of our on-screen entertainment as well?

Car movies have won our hearts since the ’70s. Especially for car lovers, they will never hesitate to watch the same movie many times. Whether it’s only a cool car related movie or an action and racing packed movie with a great high speed case, these movies will always inspire the youth to love their four-wheeler!

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite car movies-

1. The Fast And The Furious:

The most popular action-based car movie all time, where Paul Walker (Brian) played a cop and got involved with the underground street race to the bottom of the crime. He stayed loyal to his new friend, an honest cop Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto). Paul has been sent as an undercover to destroy the street racing. Will his loyalty ever win? This movie taught us about how to have a real race on the street!

2. Gone In 60 Seconds:

Automobile lover will love this movie! As the movie features many vintage cars (Mustang, Ferraris, Lamborghinis). The movie is about a retired car thief (Nicholas Cage) who need to steal 48 luxury cars to pay off his brother’s debt. It includes an epic car race with the cops across Southern California.h

3. The Transporter Series:

Pure action based and much like the The Fast And The Furious one, this series features Jason Statham. The car chases, in the beginning, left our heart racing like cars! We are sure all car lover internally screamed when Jason entered with his ‘black E38 735i’h

4. Drive:

It’s recently released film and much more independent film. Starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, and Christina Hendricks. Ryan played a mysterious Hollywood stunt driver and mechanic moonlights as a getaway driver, who found himself in trouble with his neighbour Irene (Carey) as he starts to fall for her. The movie features an exciting car race between Ford Mustang 5.0 and Chrysler 300 SRT8. Guess who was in the Mustang? The movie is worth watching if you haven’t watched it before. We are sure mysterious Ryan will take your heart forever!h

Before the movies take over you, we will notify you not to imitate the movies in real life, because you and your car tires are much more worthy than the movie tickets. For any inquiry related to tires, visit our tires store today.

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Santa In Car- A Tale Of Modern Day Santa

Sailun Tire wishes you ‘Merry Christmas Philippines! Santa Claus is coming to town!

There are some conflicts regarding Santa through the ages. For some, Santa is a myth; for some Santa is a magic. But for all, it is a merry time of the year. While wishing Christmas warmly to friends and family did, you ever wonder how wonderful this entire thing is! A jolly man wearing a white beard, a pot belly, along with red and white coat comes in a flying sleigh (thanks to Rudolf and team) and carries a bag full of gifts for kids. Today, we, at Sailun Tire, present a fun version of a Modern Santa that would be in today’s world.

His Modern Vehicle Would Be Car

Santa in car

First thing first, despite the season, clearly traveling on a flying sleigh is off the list. The Civil Aviation Authority of Philippines would never approve it. And it is a crucial aspect too, in order to ensure no unpleasant collision occurs mid-air. So, our dear Santa will have to settle for a car ride itself. We, Sailun tire, would definitely offer the best heavy duty tires to carry himself and all his packages. Our tires are suitable for, all terrier and would offer the smoothest journey ever, all around the world.

His Wish List Could be Submitted on Social Profile

Santa wish list on social media

The children can now directly send their longing gifting ideas to him directly on his social media page. They can also send him so, in a message, if anyone is too embarrassed to share it in public. But beware he might openly publish the Santa’s naughty list as well!

He Might Opt for Doorstep Gift Delivery

Santa at your doorstep

E-commerce is evolving and even Santa might like the idea and besides not many homes are left with chimneys nowadays, anyway. So this year, he might send them through the doorstep delivery system. And as the sender is Santa, you don’t even need to consider return policy, it is the perfect gift anyway.

So, as you can see, all these conveniences will give him plenty of time to him and his reindeer, to hang around and enjoy the season too. You can take selfies with them if you find them strolling around the city and beyond. But for that, you too have to go out for trips this Christmas. Gear all your journeys with Sailun Tire.

Disclaimer- This is just a recreational blog as a good read to the reader.

Tires for sales Philippines

Passenger Car Tires and Light Truck Tires: A Difference Explained

Passenger car tires and light truck tires are different from each other. Both the vehicles are differently constructed from each other and have a distinguished design as per the purpose and use. It is important to know all about LT and PT vehicles before differentiating between their turns.

Light Truck tires (LT-metric) are built for heavy vehicles, heavy loads and harsh roads. They are tough with rigid sidewalls. Large vehicles such as ¾ ton or larger trucks or vans that regularly carry heavy loads or pull heavy trailers require Light Truck (LT) tires. These tires are designed and constructed in a way so that they can easily carry such load including the vehicle’s weight. They can easily control the vehicle even under heavy load. They are considered as commercial tires and serve the same purpose. They are highly durable and stronger than P tires because they are made of more aggressive treads. It may have 20/32nds of tread or more. They have a load range of 10 ply and comes with maximum inflation and stiffness.

tires for sales philippines

Passenger tires (P-metric) are designed for a personal use and are meant to give the passengers a quiet, safe, comfortable and an enjoyable ride. The best examples are a family sedan, SUV, minivan etc. Many vehicles under ¾ ton can use a passenger rated tires. They are built with more material and have sturdier sidewalls to handle the weight of the vehicle. It is strictly not meant to carry heavy loads. It is best suitable if you just want to ride on highways without carrying much load. These tires are more flexible in comparison to LT tires. They have a load range of 4 ply. Therefore, they are lighter with lower pressure and maximize handling and fuel economy. LT tires cannot be used for P tires under any condition as it will give a harsh vehicle ride.

tires for sales philippines

Therefore, it is absolutely clear that the two tires are different from each other. Contact Sailun Tires to find out more about the different tire types. Check out a wide range of variety of both LT and P tires. You never know that you can get a good variety of tire for sale Philippines. Whether you are planning a family trip or a professional trucker, we have all the variety to offer. Make your ride smoother with the best quality tires available with us.

tires store philippines
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The Step-By-Step Manufacturing Process Of Tires

Tires are the important part of a vehicle. These are the only parts that literally touches the road, and goes over the bumps and potholes on the road. While buying tires from a tires store, have you ever thought how these are made? Or, how the makers ensure that the tires will give us the comfort we want when we ride the vehicles?

The answer might be no. So here, we quench your thirst and provide the step by step process of tire making.

tire store philippines

The Ingredients:

About 200 materials are needed to make a single tire. These ensure the environmental safety, performance, and efficiency of it. However, out of 200, there are main ingredients as they are:

Carbon black and silica, synthetic rubber, natural rubber, several chemicals, metal and textile cables.

The Blend:

30 kinds of rubbers are used to make tires. These are blended into a huge blender, which forms a black gummy substance. The colour black is for the carbon black. After the blending, it’s sent to the mill.

The Mill:

In here the hot melted rubber is cooled and is cut into the shape of the tires. Here some other parts are also separated from it, these are later coated with a different type of rubber.

The Build:

After the blending and milling, it’s time to build the tire. Tread, steel belts, ply, beads with other ingredients are finally placed in a tire builder. The colour it shows is green.

The Cure:

In a curing machine, these tires are vulcanized. It compresses all the parts together to give it the final shape. It also includes the manufacturer’s markings and tread pattern.

Final Touch:

Tire experts then check the tires for any fault or blemish in them, and after the test is done, it gets packed and becomes ready for shipping. The experts check the tires thoroughly to avoid any mistakes. Because one mistake can become fatal.

Tires ensure a safe ride in vehicles. That’s why it’s always important to buy the best tires from tires store.

tires store philippines

tire supplier philippines
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6 Myths And Facts About Tires

The most underrated topic always gets misplaced like tires. It’s not talked about much, that’s why we tend to ignore the subject. However, just because it’s an underrated issue, it’s not free from myths. Myths that people have believed for a long time about tires. To come clean from this false information, you must contact a tires supplier to get the facts.

tire supplier philippines

Also, you can read this 6 myths and facts about tires and expand your knowledge about tires.

Myth 1. Front Tires Are Important:

Fact- All tires are important. When you go for a service, you must change all four tires for a more safe and comfortable ride.

Myth 2. New Tires For The Front:

Fact- Rear tires gives stability to the vehicle. So while you’re changing two tires into new ones, it’s not necessary to change the front ones. Take care of the rear ones, because the stability it provides keeps wheels from spinning.

Myth 3. Follow The Number For Air Pumping:

Fact- If you don’t know how much air to pump into the tires, it’s not right to check the numbers on tires. Check the tire manual, or ask a mechanic for proper advice.

Myth 4. Air Pressure At The Tire Sidewall:

Fact- It’s fine for some specific tires, not necessarily for your car tires. Take help from the guide listed on the driver’s side door, or follow the manual.

Myth 5. Vehicle Vibration:

Fact- It’s not entirely true. It might happen because of a damaged brake, an old wheel bearing, and so many other reasons can be responsible for it.

Myth 6. Too Much Air Pressure:

Fact- Too much air pressure will never make the tires burst. It can only happen when you are driving your car over a bumpy and potholes filled road.

All of these myths are best to ignore while you are all set to keep a good care of your vehicle. Also, buying tires from a good tires supplier will let you do that.

tire supplier philippines