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Take a Note Of This Checklist Before Considering Second-hand Tires For Sales in Philippines

One would have definitely realized that the cost of vehicle maintenance certainly makes a big hole in the pocket. With this feeling comes the need for adjustments. Though vehicle owners cannot cut down all the expenses, they sometimes tend to compromise on some areas – tires are the most common. Not all vehicle owners look for brand new tires, instead they prefer a second-hand tire that is in decent condition and comes with a verbal warranty from the seller. However, if you are looking for second-hand tires for sales in Philippines, then you must consider this checklist.


1. Condition Of The Tire –

tires for sales philippines

Firstly take a look at the condition of the tire. Make sure that the rim doesn’t have rust on it and the overall appearance looks fresh. Tires that look old may not have been used in a while and with time the quality of rubber could have worsened. Press the surface of the tire slightly to get a feel of the rubber’s freshness.

2. Check For Punctures And Damages, If Any –

tires for sales in philippines

Take a close look at the surface of the tire and look for any cuts or damages that have been repaired previously. If you find any punctures or major cuts, then it is advised to avoid the tire as the surface has already been tampered once. Cars with repaired tires are more prone to punctures than in case of a new one.

3. Past Record –

tires for sales in philippines

Ask the seller about the previous record of the tire. The model of the vehicle is important as it determines the amount of wear and tear the tire has already faced. Tires from SUV vehicles are subject to severe wear and tear.

4. Consult A Mechanic –

tires for sales in philippines

Mechanics are the best people to tell you about a tire. Since they deal with different types of vehicles throughout the day, they have can offer the best advice. Any shortcoming or defect in the tire will be easily detected by them.

5. Price –

tires for sales in philippines

Last, but the most important factor is the price. Used tires are usually priced around 40% to 60% of the cost of new tires. Any seller who wants more than the market rate should be avoided.

So, the next time one goes for second-hand tires for sales in Philippines the above-mentioned checklist can help get the best deals and avoid getting trapped in fake offers.

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