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The Step-By-Step Manufacturing Process Of Tires

Tires are the important part of a vehicle. These are the only parts that literally touches the road, and goes over the bumps and potholes on the road. While buying tires from a tires store, have you ever thought how these are made? Or, how the makers ensure that the tires will give us the comfort we want when we ride the vehicles?

The answer might be no. So here, we quench your thirst and provide the step by step process of tire making.

tire store philippines

The Ingredients:

About 200 materials are needed to make a single tire. These ensure the environmental safety, performance, and efficiency of it. However, out of 200, there are main ingredients as they are:

Carbon black and silica, synthetic rubber, natural rubber, several chemicals, metal and textile cables.

The Blend:

30 kinds of rubbers are used to make tires. These are blended into a huge blender, which forms a black gummy substance. The colour black is for the carbon black. After the blending, it’s sent to the mill.

The Mill:

In here the hot melted rubber is cooled and is cut into the shape of the tires. Here some other parts are also separated from it, these are later coated with a different type of rubber.

The Build:

After the blending and milling, it’s time to build the tire. Tread, steel belts, ply, beads with other ingredients are finally placed in a tire builder. The colour it shows is green.

The Cure:

In a curing machine, these tires are vulcanized. It compresses all the parts together to give it the final shape. It also includes the manufacturer’s markings and tread pattern.

Final Touch:

Tire experts then check the tires for any fault or blemish in them, and after the test is done, it gets packed and becomes ready for shipping. The experts check the tires thoroughly to avoid any mistakes. Because one mistake can become fatal.

Tires ensure a safe ride in vehicles. That’s why it’s always important to buy the best tires from tires store.

tires store philippines

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