What To Do When You Have Got A Flat Tire During Your Journey?

A flat tire is a very annoying yet an inevitable thing that could happen to your car. If you don’t take care of your car or its tires, you might end up with a flat tire sooner than predicted. Sailun tire, a leading cheap tire store, in the Philippines is going to tell you how to fix your flat tire yourself.

Man With Puncture Tire

  • Park the car safely and set the emergency brake. Keep the car in 1st gear or reverse if you have a manual transmission.

  • The first thing to do would be to remove the tire. You will have to loosen the lug nuts. As the first turn is the most difficult one it should be done before you jack up the vehicle. Loosen the lug nuts in a star pattern.

  • Do not remove the lug nuts at once and use the jack after loosening them. Use the jack to lever the car up on the side where the tire needs to be changed. This is the reason why you would need level ground. You can not jack the car on an incline.

  • After jacking the car you can take out the lug nuts altogether. Remove the tire slowly and carefully as it can be heavy after removing the nuts.

  • Make sure the spare tire you have in your car is the same as the one you have taken out and matches with other tires. You don’t want to drive with three passenger car tires and one off-road tire.

  • Now replace the spare tire onto the screw prongs. Line up the screws with the holes in the tire and keep the air valve facing out.

  • Reattach the lug nuts in place using your hand at first and tighten them gradually but not fully. Lower the jack and bring your car back on the ground. Now you can tighten the bolts tightly using your tools.

At last the spare tire in place you can drive your car again. But remember to go to your tire store and get your flat tire fixed as soon as possible.

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