Why December is the best time to buy a new car in the Philippines?

A new year is going to be here soon and everyone wants to buy something new for themselves or their family. Buying a car is both a huge expenditure and an investment. So, you would need to give a lot of thought about which car you are going to buy. But did you know along with that you should also give thought to when you are going to buy the car? We, at Sailun Tires, a tire store in the Philippines is going to tell you why buying a car in December is the best decision for you.

Excess Inventory

In the month of October new models of cars start coming into the market. During this time there is a pressure on sales staff to sell both the new and the old models. So during the festive season in order to sell the old models first, their prices start dropping. If you are comfortable buying only a year-old model, you should have plenty of bargaining power.

It’s Bonus Time

The salespeople mainly work based on commission. But during the holidays everyone mostly gets bonuses from their bosses which can work as an added incentive for the salespeople to sell a car. It is done based on how much inventory has been sold off before the new year. This means the sales people would want to sale more cars as soon as possible. So, you would able to get a better bargain in the month of December as they will be willing to sell in order to increase their bonus.

Competition From Other Retailers

Throughout the year, different car sellers compete with each other. But in the holidays, they tend to compete with other retailers in deals, sales, discounts, etc. Car sellers also offer the lowest price in December for those people who are more attracted to the advertisements and get pulled in many different directions during the holidays in December during the festive season.

January And February Are Slow Sales Months

After Christmas, most people are broke and trying to pay off their credit cards. This, along with the cold winter climate, prevents people from going to car dealers in January and February. This makes the start of the year the slowest season in terms of car sales which in turn can increase the price of cars.

Keep these facts in mind when buying a car, truck, or SUV this December. Having this knowledge will help you in the negotiation while buying a new car. Also, make sure you buy good tires from a tire store for your new car.

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  1. Daniel Ocampo says:

    I bought a new car in the month month of December and it’s true that it’s the best time to buy it. My friend suggested me few months back to buy a car.

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